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Kila Zamana  - musher - explorer and traveler - outdoor and nature - paraglide pilot - creative Director - sirius Patrol - grave keeper and owner of a ghost dog👻

Drink water, it's healthy lol.

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Got a privilege to attend on professional utility/military dog training this weekend.
It was extremely interesting experience and learnt so much, not only raising awareness about dogs but it was so aidful for our personal growth and understanding...about us, how we work.
I've strong belief that working with animals helps us to understand better ourselves. Mistakes that appear in dogs behavior, is always our fault, never dogs - they are like a mirror of our weakness. The most important rule is that dog should do what it wants, not what we want. It's all about intellectual growth.

Despise of lacking trees, flora, animals in Iceland, thus the biggest beauty, sexy and eyecandy thing to enjoy were massive rocky formations. It's Earth Shell.
We aren't aware of naked, raw beauty of out Earth planet since we are too distracted by living fauna. When it's gone, titans are alive.
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Glacier motherfucker.
Glaciers are absolutely fascinating yet terrifrying when exploring through them. They are alive, fragile and enormous at sizes and its easy to fall into fissure between them and often, there is no rescue from bottom.

What a photogenic country!
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What a true spirit of Iceland! It was very inspiring day to explore its desolated, barren sacred grounds. These lands were once covered in lava.
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New FR Polar expedition uniforms.
Yay or nay?
I am digging in their well designed logos, beautiful elegant composition. 😜 (photo not by me, by official FR Polar Press)

I always wanted to give some different colours interpretations for that beast but @sushiartstudio did fantastic job with colouring that beastie. With coloured pencils. Can you believe how talented my friend is? Go and follow her Instagram.
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