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Kila Zamana  - arctic adventurer - creative concept artist - explorer - outdoor, nature - paraglide pilot - dogsledding - grave keeper and owner of a ghost dog👻


"Silly Kila"
Just a throwback of old but really nice memory of times with my special friend I've had.
Its kind of a reminder to myself that the good times will come.

Force 8-9 gale.
It was horrible (and amazing for 10min) to be stuck in hostile gale for 15h.
#sailing #yacht #ocean #expedition #sea #violent #gale

Another life.

Sacrifice for love.
Original is for sale ~

#sketch #wolves #wolf #ocean #pencil #drawing #art #love

Sea wolf. Inspired by looking at the stormy sea, having my head looking down into water and wanting to throw up. I felt sick by that time that I wanted to jump into water and do some diving.
I cant believe how much I used to hate water for entire life. Now I am passionate with scuba diving and sailing across hostile seas.
#wolf #sketch #sketchbook #seawolf #ocean #sea #scubadiving #art #sailing #pencil #diving

Night watch at gale - 05:00am.

Its cold and dark.
Gale wind.
Fatigue, hunger and little of sleep.
Indeed it's somehow a romantic vision to look at the stars and raw nature and feel adrenaline on galloping powerful vessel, but it reality basically its all about watching on screens, numbers and controlling if everything is OK. Eyes hurt after that.

During the storm all simple things such like using toilet or boiling water became challenging tasks. It feels like off gravity. Using the toilet was very hectic... #sailing
#sea #storm

One of most magical moments ♥
When you wake up after night watch in the morning, finally see the sun yet sea is stormy and control the numbers if autopilot works ok... That's such a totally different world..!

Woman on sailing expedition.
I already feel awfully sick.
Gotta overcome this.
I didn't realize how it is really until I've got inside into expedition yacht. It's a truly unbelieveable experience, like setting on a space mission. Very much like. However got to overcome the worst...
Its going to be a test for myself, how far I can go. It's been too long time since I have been on any expedition the last time....
Let's get ready for little sleep. And no internet for a while. Hello to vomiting.
But maybe Northern Lights will show up on my night watch if KP is enough strong.

My lifestyle is like a ride on the black stallion amongst flames and collapsing ground. Without shoes.
#sketchbook #sketch

As we drift.
Smart shooting training is a very useful skill to stay calm, relaxed and control your own physical body connected with emotions. A (positive) opposite to what many people think.
#woman #wolfspirit #strongwoman #rifle #shooting #sniper

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