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Memes, Memes, And More Memes  😩 Memeilicous Admins: Nav 👌🏻, Arty 👳🏾, Felix😘, Ranger 🤠 and Creamy💀? (Flex😘) (Nav is the boss now 😧) (Arty is dank) Face Reveals: Flex-🔓Arty- 1000🔒


When u chilling in the chat and ppl roasting u smh -Felix

Who else hyped as hell for New Colossus? -Felix


Thanks a ton you guys for the love in the other post. For those who asked, they are with their grandparents and are staying strong for the most part. Anyways, back to your regularly scheduled program-Felix

So yesterday, my friends mom was killed in a murder-suicide. Yea. Her boyfriend who was a police chief shot her then himself, with no motive. She had 3 kids. Anyways, keep them in ure prayers, sorry for sounding sappy -Felix

I love BF1 smh -Felix

oof. -Felix

Yall gay ass nibbas can release that inner Weeb. Comment ure perfect creation-Felix

I can be ure angel, or ure deval-Felix

Sorry for not posting, I'm Farquaad in shrek the musical and I've been a bit busy~Nav

Who else watches this show! I love it, but been traveling recently so need to catch up😫 -Felix

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