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My three boys! All cuddled up and watching Friends reruns together. #sograteful #somuchlove

The baby's "room" is finally complete! .
We could've lived without the final touches had babe shown up on time or even late-but-not-quite-this-late but oh well! We're done now and maybe this will entice him/her to come meet us.

Pregnant mama's workstation!
I've discovered you can get a lot accomplished when you're anxiously waiting for a baby.

Working on a little art project for the baby area this afternoon! Does anyone recognize the design????

Cupcakes and present are ready and waiting!
If only the birthday boy @sev_photography would stop working for five minutes to celebrate a bit........

Our Pacific Boarder family provided some excellent fun last night (not to mention the distraction from waiting for baby!) .
We enjoyed a beach BBQ and some paddleboard shenanigans followed by s'mores and day 2 of the fireworks! #somuchfun

#dewdewkittens is still providing the entertainment while we wait and wait for baby to arrive. Snuggle. Play. Snuggle. Play. Naaaaaaaaaap.

Shark Attack!!!!!!! Fun fun times at my in-laws' yesterday and today. We got to cool off in the pool and play with the kiddos before heading back to the city for the serious business of prepping for our own kid.

One week left!!!!!!!!! Of course I know this babe is going to show up on his/her own schedule, but since we've been counting down for this long...... ONE WEEK LEFT!!!!!!!

Never a dull moment! #dewdewkittens heroic attempt to protect us from the villainous flashing light of fire detector.

@sev_photography and I went out last night. We could barely make out the Aurora Borealis but it was there!! Of course Sev's amazing gear was able to capture it, so now I can't wait to see the photos.

Had a GREAT afternoon watching the Vancouver Canadians baseball with my other Keggers yesterday. What a way to finish my last week at work before baby comes!!! #keggerforlife

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