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Our team in Gothenburg showing how three of a kind can look like if you're patient. #nudiejeans #njrepairshop #selvage

Our new friend August wearing a hemmed pair of Lean Dean/ Dry Japan Selvage and our Ronny jacket in a black selvage. #nudiejeansSP17 #selvage

Handing down or getting the young ones their own denim jacket? Both available online and in any #njrepairshop .

Vladimir/ Mixed Knit and Dude Dan/ Orange Soul worn by Ellinor. #NudieJeansSP17

All our denim comes with a promise of free repairs in any #njrepairshop . If you’re tired of your jeans you can trade them in and get 20% off a new pair. The gems we get in we wash, fix up and re-sell. Visit your nearest repair shop for a closer look #nudiejeans

Torsten/ Ribstop Jacket and Lean Dean/ Mirror Patch Surface worn by Love. Available online and at your closest Nudie Jeans dealer. #NudieJeansSP17

Nathaniel wearing our Oliver anorak #NudieJeansSP17

Christine in Folke - Waxed Parka #NudieJeansSP17

We only transform the best worn-in jeans to replicas. This is Kent Replica in Loose Leif. Indulge in some ready to wear selvage. #NudieJeansSP17 #LooseLeif

Our repair shop at Citadium in Paris is open. Don't miss your chance to get a free repair. #NudieJeansSP17

Tilted Tor is (according to at least half of HQ in Gothenburg) at its best in our 12.5 oz Japanese comfort stretch selvage. The stretch makes it softer and has a more worn in feeling from day one and for those who’d love to break in a pair of dry selvage but also love to be comfy at all times – here’s your friend. (link in bio) #NudieJeansSP17 #TiltedTor

Our Pop-up store in Citadium, Paris is now open for business. Bring your worn out Nudie's and we'll fix them up for you free of charge, and make sure to browse through the spring collection. Open until march 25th. #njrepairshop #NudieJeansSP17

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