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nora  real human | austin, tx fashion page | @norarosenberg reclaim the skin you're in

by @garfro + @heyjinnij for a music video for @monte_wilkins | we say that emotion is felt; you can be touched with emotion. however, this is meant in an intangible sense. I argue emotion can be felt with a fingertip.

@laurakaysaucedo x @girlsinrealife | we are taught to keep menstruation a secret from those around us, but I'm gonna talk about it. what you don't see in this photo is the completely unexpected flow of menstrual blood that immediately stained @laurakaysaucedo's lovely bloomers mid shoot (which she had purchased for a different shoot entirely but was completely gracious about losing). my reaction was to feel shame and embarrassment...why? this is not something I have any control over. I would not feel this way about a nosebleed. I have been conditioned by societal pressures to feel this way about my biology. humans who menstruate: you are powerful and your menstrual cycle is a biological miracle. feel no shame about this. let it empower you because it brings forth life. HUMAN LIFE.

this is what skin is. the color of it does not determine worth. showing it does not justify sexual assault. the amount of it does not allude to weakness of character. it is just this. | self

humans will disappoint you but the moon always returns | self

closing your eyes to something you don't want to see only gives it strength | self wearing @isadoreintimates

expand your horizons; find one person who is different than you to follow today | @roegcohen

get urself a girl gang | @eyesofjune with @scarlett.lillia

you will always fall short of perfection, but this is not a worthy pursuit | self

the world primes us to compete with one another but, fuck that, together we are stronger | @16days_photography ft @normomio

the earth is scorched but not all is lost | @mich.dawn

sweetest sadness. my body hair is natural and healthy. I refuse to listen to the insults and comments of disgust. body hair exists for a reason and marks me as a woman. I am not a prepubescent girl and do not wish to be sexualized as one. if you have a problem with body hair on a woman, it is your problem, not hers. don't try to make it hers. | self-portrait

keep your hands to yourself | self

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