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nora  real human, not prop | austin, tx but what was she wearing? fashion page @norarosenberg


right side of face censored for Instagram // photo by @stellina_stampouli

when you cut my head off two grow back and likewise this photo will multiply. Sorry to @eyesofjune @alovestorybyjuliet @larydm for harassing you with tags

shot by @chariskm with @scarlett.lillia // “feminism is not a stick with which to hit other women.” - @emmawatson. my friend @heavenstarr talked about how she is put into a “feminism box” by other women and how this is missing the point of feminism. to me, the idea of feminism is that any woman can be whatever type of woman she wants and should not be told it’s wrong or right by others. you don’t have to like what other women do, but allow them to make decisions for themselves. so lucky to be surrounded by women that will cheer me on regardless of what they think about how I live my life (3 of them mentioned in this caption).

@16days_photography // things are so backwards that somehow being called sexy, being flat out called an object of sexual desire, is supposed to be a compliment? like it’s some once-in-a-lifetime honor to have aroused you, a stranger. I die a little inside like this tree when this happens. not really, because I have self respect and healthy self esteem, but seriously this is not a fucking compliment. I’m a living, breathing, thinking, earning my second doctoral degree-ing, empathetic, loving human being NOT YOUR OUTLET FOR SEXUAL DESIRES. human, not object. human, not object. it’s so easy to keep it to yourself. easier than sharing, actually. if you wouldn’t say it to your daughter/mother don’t say it to me.

Obscene // by @helenjadephotography // wearing @isadoreintimates

THA BITCH IS BACK. // self portrait from my show, Nudity is Normal. Limited quantity of prints available on my site now ❤️

repost from @cheadsmagazine: "Get to know @nudenora on www.c-heads.com
Your thoughts on nudity?
"We all have the same parts; it’s biology. It’s absolutely ludicrous for the nude body to be considered obscene. Nudity and sex have become so (falsely) ingrained in one other that the words are almost interchangeable. I seek to unpair these concepts."
Full post on #cheadsmagazine
Photography by @ramon_jamar"

photo by @candiceghaiphotography | assistance by @benton_sienna | HMUA @christytagatac | thank you to everyone I met in LA this past weekend. you all offered support when you didn't have to, whether it was in the form of networking, a place to stay, industry advice, words of encouragement, examples of role models to follow, projects to be a part of, etc. I have never felt so supported and inspired and I cannot wait to return and pay back all of the good vibes I undeservingly received

self 09.2017 | "the doing of the thing is the thing" - amy poehler; I went to the white sands to try to get some cool photos but it turns out the trip was more about going on a roadtrip by myself, spending a day in silent nature by myself rather than the photos. what an emotionally healing experience

gone feral with @depaolapictures and @sage_backstrom | makeup by @khaile.van | assistance by @newedge12345

@eyesofjune | some place long and forgotten by everyone except the 🌱🌿🍃

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