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Nude Yoga Girl  Model | Photographer | Yoga | Art | Travel You are beautiful exactly the way you are. Everything by me. ❤ Fine Art Prints

"There is peaceful. There is wild. I am both at the same time." ❤

#NudeYogaGirlAlphabet E= Enthusiasm, eBooks and Energy.
In the alphabet of my life E would be Enthusiasm. That's the almost best feeling that I know. I want to be a person who is enthusiastic because that affects others and I think it's a big power of life. I'm happy that I've found many things which make me enthusiastic and that I can follow a path and dreams which make me excited about the future!
E would be also eBooks. I found them just about a year ago, but nowadays I like to listen books when I clean up or do other homework. Also when I'm travelling. Mainly I listen different biographies and nonfiction books.

And E would be Energy. That's the biggest motivation to me for a healthy lifestyle and eat well. I want to have energy to chase my dreams and do things which make me happy. ❤

"She wore a thousand faces all to hide her own." ❤

Someone who is struggling with overweight asked me a few days ago assuming... "It takes a lot of work to stay in the condition that you are, right?" I was thinking right away, no! 😊
I'm not in any fitness condition at all or even in fashion model measures anymore (and it doesn´t bother me, I wouldn't be willing to sacrifice what it requires) but I'm feeling that I'm in the best condition of my life. I may not be just today, but generally in the last 2 years. I'm feeling good, I sleep well, my metabolism works, I'm not stressed by weight, my weight stays about the same, even though I haven't been weighing myself for years or restricting my eating almost at all. I'm happy with myself and I can enjoy the food and the life I love.
Of course, all of those go hand by hand, but the point is that I've put the least effort in staying in shape during the last couple of years. I haven't performed health at all, I haven't been hungry, I haven't felt bad because of anything I've eaten, I haven't forced myself to train if I'm tired.
When you find balance, treasure it. It took many years for me to find it, because I tried all different kinds of strict diets. They mixed my metabolism and hormone functions. If you eat too long too little and irregularly, it can slow down your metabolism. And I've been in that vicious circle. I can't recommend it. So forget diets and choose a permanently healthy and flexible lifestyle! ❤️😘

Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life.❤

Thank you @lifestyleretreats for the beautiful stay. #PassionforLife #TheBaléNusaDua

My life in numbers, because some of you have asked me this questions... 😉
1. I'm 176cm tall.
2. My "lucky number" is 9.
3. I speak 2 languages well, but I have studied 4 overall. And I've learned 1 more a little bit by living in the country.
4. I have 4 siblings.
5. We've been together with "Him" (my boyfriend, who is the one who takes all the photos) 3 years.
6. I was a professional model for 10 years and worked in 6 different countries.
7. I've studied 3 different subjects in university.
8. I've travelled in 22 countries.
9. I have and I am currently running 2 companies.
10. I have 574K sweetest and wisest followers, thank you. 😘

The scars you can't see are the hardest to heal.❤

Which one of these photos do you like the most? 😊 (1-top left and 9-bottom right)

Middle split exercise collection.❤

I'm used to live in uncertainty. I think many of us do because of different reasons: money situations, diseases, temporary work, no work... I mainly because of places where I'm living/working and traveling. For the last ten years I've lived month by month almost all the time - many times day by day too. People may think how exciting when your future is so open, when anything can happen. Yes, I like it mostly too and it was my choice.

But I can tell it's also annoying and worrying sometimes because you never know where you're going to be and it's hard to plan anything with others. It's also always packing, actually many times I'm unpacking and packing again at the same time. And it's not easy to make a home and routines and friends when you don't spend enough time for that.

I try to enjoy situations and mostly I think "It's not like this for an eternity." I guess?! But today I got reminded that sometimes I just have to make decisions, like in the morning when I booked flight tickets for this weekend. I thought about this already for weeks: Where I'm going and when, for how long I'm going to stay etc.. This takes a lot of energy and time especially because I change my mind all the time.

Making decisions is a good skill. I think things happen when the time is right and we can trust also the unknow. But I can't be passive. Usually I listen to my intuition and trust what it says. But sometimes it says nothing, like today. I don't know if I made a good decision but I think the main thing was to make one. Now I feel good because I don't have to think anymore about what to do. Maybe we just have to make decisions even if we aren't 100% sure?!

One question once a week... How old are you? ❤ I'm 27.😊 I would like to know you better.❤

What skills do I want to improve? Today I've thought about that and what I can do more... It feels so good when hard work pays off. I don't want to go the easiest way in life, I want to learn all the time. So here are my 3 most important skills which I'm going to improve at.

1. English. Absolutely! There are still lot of things to do to get my English more fluent. (keeping my account has improved my writing skills a lot.) I also want to learn one more language so I want to improve and get more courage to speak different languages.

2. Yoga and meditation. You can't really get ready with them... And I want to improve my skills with these two through my whole life with! For example I want to get better in bringing deep breaths and presence to my everyday life I want also to get better at all arm balance asanas.

3. Photographing and especially finding my own strong style. Of course, I feel that I own a style already and have found it but as an artist I always question it. I doubt my choiches and try different things because there are so many ways to do photos. I want to improve my eye, skills and view endlessly. I still think I'm in the beginning even if I trust myself more than ever when photographing.

What skills do you want to improve?😊

Thank you @lifestyleretreats for the beautiful stay.

... Because your Body is unique and that's beautiful.❤ #NudeYogaGirlAlphabet

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