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Nude Yoga Girl  Model | Photographer | Yoga | Art | Travel You are beautiful exactly the way you are. Everything by me. ❀ Fine Art Prints


I enjoy the company of people who ask questions - especially a bit philosopical and spiritual questions. People, who make me think and wonder a bit more about this world and our place on it. I like also questions which make me think about who I am and that's why I have my weekly question concept.
Today I saw a question "Which two or three colours reflect you and with which do you feel comfortable". I've studied the meaning of colors so maybe it affects my answer... But I would say green, white and blue. My intuition say so... What about you? Which colors would reflect you? ❀

I don't want life to be a straight road, balanced line, stable or predictable. I prefer bends and waves, peaks and valleys. I prefer seeing and searching, turning around and finding. I'm not afraid of taking it all... sadness and joy, uncertainty and surprises, the unknown and new, challenges and successes. Because then I think life is an adventure. And a journey which is an adventure is always worthwhile itself.❀

Happy #internationalyogaday ❀ Which one of these photos do you like the most? 😊 (1-top left and 9-bottom right)

Give away everything you know and share skills you can do to others. I think more you give away, more will come back to you. There aren't competitors, there are friends in the same school and workplaces. If you tell your ideas, others might one day share their ideas with you and then you both are wiser. ❀

It has been an amazing honour that you have wanted to order my art and support what I do. I'm very grateful. I love to see pictures that you post or send me about my work on your home wall or yoga studio etc. Actually it's a bit of an unrealistic thing that my art it's spread around the world. πŸ™ˆ Thank you so much!!
This photo is a repost from @medina.decor (thank you ❀).
All my black and white photos are available as Fine Art Prints (link in bio).

Today I don't know what to write...so I thought that maybe I'm not going to post a photo. But I wanted to share my photo with you and say happy weekend to everyone. So I decided to do it. If we wait things to be perfect we'll never do them and we can miss so much... So one of my life rules is: done is better than perfect. ❀️

Every rock they throw I use as a stepping stone. ❀

Handstand variations are the most difficult poses for me to do. When I have an optimistic feeling, I usually succeed in one. I focus and I tell myself, you can do it. But if I don't get it right after trying several times then I start speaking to myself in a negative way like "why can't I do it, I'm not good enough, the platform isn't flat etc." But negative thoughts affect our performance in a negative way.
I think it makes a huge difference to our self-confidence and the way we perform when we speak positively. It's important that we don't focus on our faults but what we can improve on to get it right. Like before handstands I shouldn't be saying to myself that I don't have enough strength. But instead: "Remember the core, squeeze my lower body, hands shoulder width, fingers spread apart, breathe..." And so on. (Now I will go and practice more. πŸ˜‰)

"Lovely thing to learn from water: Adjust yourself in every situation and in any shape. But most importantly, find your own way to flow." ❀

#NudeYogaGirlAlphabet in the making. My first 9 letters. 😊 Which one is your favorite? (1-top left and 9-bottom right)

One question once a week... What are your favorite moments in a day? ❀

When I was in university I enjoyed my studies a lot... I liked to think that I was doing what others expected of me and what in general was "appreciated". I thought I would like to finish my masters because it's cool and proof of my qualifications. But I was mainly motivated from the outside.
There were other things I was doing all of my free time. There were things that even when I was facing challenges in them, I continued trying and I never gave up. I loved everything related to photography, writing and yoga. I loved just doing those things because of them itself even if they wouldn't bring me any fame, glory or money. I was (and I'm still) internally motivated.
Then I stared to read books where I found many stories and examples about how you can make a career from your passions. If you have inner motivation, you are ready to use endless time for something and that starts to bring results. With a reward or not, I want to use as much time as possible with the things I love doing - not just all of my free time. I took a risk and quit university and started to work 24/7 with my dreams and I knew immediately that it was the best decision ever.
If you find your passion, you have to feed it, give a chance for it to grow and improve. Without using a huge amount of time and energy, it's hard to succeed and transform a hobby to a job. But when you once give all your time for it, you will get it back. It's amazing when you can do things you would do anyway as work.

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