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Nude Yoga Girl  Model | Photographer | Yoga | Art | Travel You are beautiful exactly the way you are. #NYGyoga ❤ Prints

#drone "I was once a lost star
Trying to find home in every galaxy that i come across
Wandering through every asterisms
Tracing the images in my mind
Making me wonder if one day 
I, too, will be part of an art in the starry night sky." ~ Jasmine

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Build a strong enough self-esteem so that others can't guide you too much. ❤
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I'm very emotonial... it's so hard for me to hide my feelings. I've been described as an open book. My boyfriend is the complete opposite! (He is the one who helps me take the photos, I get this asked a lot...😊)

Which one are you!? ❤

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When I was younger I thought that I'm not brave at all. But afterwards I've realized that I am in my own way. I think being brave means to be your authentic self unapologetically and live a life that is YOURS. Having the courage to speak up your opinion, defending the ones who are being discriminated, wearing what you like, admitting mistakes. Bravery is making choices by heart, decisions that you are also scared off. Bravery can be showing your emotions. I feel that I'm brave because I've bravely pursued my dreams and made difficult decisions to reach them.

Bravery for someone can be forgiving or letting go. For someone else saying "yes" or to others "no". We all have different things that we are afraid and nervous off. What we for sure have in common is that every single one of us has things in life that require courage.

Where do we find the courage when we need it? I personally find it from an optimistic and positive attitude: I believe in good, I trust that things will work out. I'm sure that I won't regret things that I do - but I will regret things I don't.

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I don’t have children yet but there is especially one thing that I've learned from my mother and I would like to hopefully teach to my children one day: courage. Courage to take some risks in life. Courage to listen to your own heart and follow it. Courage to change life.

My mum wrote a card to me on my 18th birthday and there were many good life rules. One was: ”...many times change hurts but that pain is the price you pay for a better life”. That thought has given me power so many times...

My life has never been that steady. Maybe mainly because of myself. I'm not scared of changes. I've learned that mostly those courageous steps will bring something really good even if it's never easy at first because of all the uncertainty. If you are in the middle of big life changes or planning them, I want to send you a virtual hug and encourage to do it. I did one big change 1,5 months ago. It made my life quite stressful for a while but now I’m really happy that I did it, it was the right decision. Just be brave to listen to your heart. ❤
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❤❤❤ #NYGyoga

Mexico/Bali collage. At the end of next week we are going on our next photography trip. ❤ This time we will stay for a shorter period and it's not such a warm place (at this time of the year) but it looks very beautiful in the photos. I've been in this country three times before but never on this particular island where we are going to travel now. Can you guess the destination!? 😘

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You are more beautiful than that mirror will ever be able to reflect.

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One question once a week... What are you grateful for right now?

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I've realised that I’m still very critical of myself... I've learned to be gentle to my body but there are still other things. I have feelings every day that I’m not enough. If how I do things is not good enough - excellent. This self-critcism is the main reason for my feelings of stress and exhaustion. Not because I have just too many things to do but I have too many things which give me pressure to perform better and better. To be worth it.

I really have empathy for others but I don’t even know why it's so hard when it comes to myself. Why I demand so much from myself all the time? I've noticed that this self-critcism regarding work and everyday life takes so much energy and joy from me, I get depressed easily. I've come to realized even more that this critical thinking towards myself is my biggest ”problem”. I should have a reminder
”You and what you do is enough”.

Yoga helps me a lot with self acceptance and trying to keep my life in balance. I've also learned that breathing deeply and meditation are the best ways for me to relax. So I'm back to my morning meditation routine... Do you have any other advices on how to reduce self-critcism ? Have you learned to be less hard on yourself? ❤

"Nobody tells you
it is okay to call yourself beautiful
it is okay to smile at mirrors
and it is perfectly fine
to say your own eyes are beautiful

it is wonderful to love your own waist and your legs
regardless of their size
and you are not conceited
if you use your fingers to list
everything you're good at
rather than point
at all your own flaws

you can acknowledge you're smart
and that you will go places
and you will be someone
greater than your mistakes

you can't always expect
other people to believe in yourself
for you." ❤
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#drone I'm not sure if you see this a little bit hilarious but I do. First I thought that I can't publish it because I look like I've been literally squashed... But then I decided that I'm just giving a hug to space. 🙊

We are planning our next photoshoot trip for this month! I would like to ask if there is something you would like to see more? Videos, drone photos, some particular asanas...? Tell me your wishes and ideas! :)

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One question once a week... Earth, water, fire or air. What is your favorite element?

I love the beauty of water but I will answer earth. 😊

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