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Gretchen & Britt  Be your best everyday ▪️Balanced and Beautiful ▪️Plant Based ▪️Healthy Eating on Stories (PODCAST: Skin Rejuvenation + Lasers)

@NissanUSA is all about the cargo space! The new #NissanKicks crossover has room for can even fit a surf board. 🏄🏼‍♀️ Just fold down the back seats. Throw in a beach bag, towels, camera, food and toys (tons of toys) and you’ve got the makings for a perfect beach day. ☀️ Starts at $17,990.  #sponsored

While we were setting up Arabella’s unicorn party yesterday, my baby belly literally popped. 👶🏼 Second time around at 14 weeks, I look like I’m about 5ish months pregnant! #babyontheway #impregnant

How often do you get out of your bubble?? @NissanUSA got us out of ours last week! (SWIPE for proof) We got to drive the new #NissanKicks crossover up and down the San Diego coast…from Little Italy to Cardiff Beach and then all the way back to Gaslamp (you may have seen on stories). Along the way, we snapped old school photos of our road trip! 📸SWIPE RIGHT and tell us which pic is the funniest 👀<3 #sponsored

The most precious flower girl I ever did see. 🎀 Give this baby a 💕💕💕if you agree!

Today Arabella wished me a Happy Mother’s Day about 10 times. “Happy Motha’s Day” - Best thing ever! Happy Mother’s Day to all the amazing mommies 💕🌸🌷😘

Interested in the arts in San Diego? Must read 👉🏻 Britt recently attended the highly anticipated Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego’s art auction, where over $840,000 was raised. Funds will be used towards upcoming museum exhibits, education programs and art acquisitions. Here’s how you can get involved with the arts in San Diego this month...
Right now, there are 3 exhibits to check out at @mcasandiego ! Britt, our art guru, has already vetted them all and promises you will love them.
MCASD exhibit details:
- Sadie Barnette: Dear 1968,... (She is collected by Beyonce and is a UCSD graduate)
- Yve Laris Cohen: Meeting Ground (Saturday performances in the space from 2-4pm. Yve has had works in the Whitney Biennale)
- Prospect 2018 (These are the works that the museum is considering acquiring for its permanent collection)
ALSO, during May 1-18: “The Big Exchange”. Enjoy reciprocal admission to 30 museums and gardens in San Diego!!! See more details at @gomuseums website.
Photo credit: @stacykeck
AND!! Congrats to our $2K @dermacaresandiego Coolsculpting giveaway winner: @jeyalltheway
AND AND!!! Congrats to our 14 @Popcorners giveaway winners:
@devyngallardo @catherinechristensen @savasanasteph @ewilhite13 @nikkim166 @hac0226 @savanadoudar @sammii_cohen @jillbroder @tiffanysusanne @jenraepoe @malina_armstrong @abbs_tara @maryannmadarang

Today was a big day. It’s the first day in over a week that I was able to leave the house without leggings and sweatshirt...for someone who never gets sick, I got hit hard! (Britt is so over bringing me @livebeaming and @juicecrafters In bed 🙎🏼‍♀️) My advice is to run when you see a sick person. Unless of course it’s your husband, which fortunately for me was my luck! 😲🤒😵🤯 @ericadler 🤧🧟‍♀️

Anyways, on a brighter note - thank you @louboutinworld and @neimanmarcus for getting me out of my bed to see the new Manilacaba bag. It’s so big and colorful and already has a spot in my luggage for summer travels 😍catch a glimpse of this highly limited edition bag on stories 🎉

After discussing the whole weaning thing, we decided not to. To be honest, it didn’t feel right taking away something that is so comforting to my baby away. And, it also made me sad. 😪 Btw I recently heard that that the worldwide weaning average age is 3-5 years old!

The original reason I thought I had to wean is so that I could get my monthly cycle back...but now that it’s been back for 2 months, the whole weaning thing isn’t important to me. At all. Not to mention, it’s hard to resist when Arabella puts “please” after boo boo...haha 😅

If you are nursing and your doctor told you that in order to get your cycle back you have to stop nursing, I am here to tell you this isn’t true! Yay! There’s a few things I added to my routine that may have jumpstarted the return of my cycle, like massage. If you’re interested, let me know and I’ll share!

Sharon’s Ride.Run.Walk 2018! Let’s go teams!! We’re so excited to be back hosting @epilepsyfoundationsd’s our 4th year, can you believe it!?!?
Tell us your team name and why you’re here today. Or, let us know how epilepsy affects you 💜💜💜come say hi 👋🏻 #epilepsyawareness

On the Nubry Nude Podcast this week, Skin rejuvenation! 👉🏻Link in profile or search Nubry on iTunes to listen in the podcast app. Comment yes if you’re going to listen And tell us the best thing you ever did for your skin. #nubrypodcast 😍
We talk to Dr. Birchall, Medical Director of @dermacaresandiego about:
- Lasers. And which one is right for your individual concern...
- Skincare.
- Dealing w/hormonal breakouts.
- Injectables.
- Conservative Lip Injections.
- Looking in the mirror and feeling happy because you don’t look angry or tired.
- and more...
Plus, we’re giving our Podcast audience an insider deal on PicoSure laser....listen to get it! Pico is the laser I’ve gotten 3 times for my pigmentation. Other benefits? Collagen restoration! And it addresses fine lines!!

These chips are baked! 🌽Giveaway🌽 Never fried. I’ve tried all 7 @popcorners flavors and the Spicy Queso flavor tastes like a Dorito. But my favorite flavor, the Sea Salt, only has 3 ingredients! THREE. It’s vegan. Non-GMO corn. So Simple. Arabella loves them too. Want to try all 7 flavors? We’re shipping out a box of @popcorners to 14 winners! Here’s how it will go. #ad
1. Follow @popcorners and @Nubry on Instagram.
2. Comment below and tag a few friends who like healthy snacks. One of the friends you tag will ALSO win.
3. Bonus entry: comment below and tell us - what’s a good, healthy snack tip?
- we will choose 7 commenters to win.
- we will also choose one of the friends you tag to win.
- 14 Winners will receive a big box of all 7 flavors from @popcorners.

OPERA BALL. Based on the poll I ran on Instagram stories, you agreed that I did a really good job folding @ericadler’s pocket square. I didn’t even have to google it 🤗

Diamonds: @cjcharlesjewelers
Spray Tan: @blushtan_lajolla
Ball: @sandiegoopera
Event Facial: @dermacaresandiego
Car (7series seen on stories): @bmwencinitas

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