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Ziggy  I own #bunnytaxi🐰🚖 & tell #ziggyJokes. I'm a big brother to Eleanor🐼 & Henry🐻. My sister Tinsley🐶 is my best friend.

i said grain alcohol not grains in an alcohol glass🙄

do you want fries with that?

💋merry kiss-moose from my family to yours!
hi everybunny!! i have missed you guys sooo much! i have lots to tell you but for now i’ll say i love you & hope you have a wonderful holiday!🎄💝🎄 xoxo, ziggy, eleanor, henry & natalie

What a strange trip this has been. So I had stopped visiting Eleanor and was spending all my time in another room, hanging out in Tinsley's bed all day (I started looking for her again😥.) So last night humom decided to move all my stuff right next to Eleanor (who misses me like crazy.) I'm trapped here for now bc humom hopes being by Eleanor will cheer me up. And she wants to see if Eleanor will still use her litter box if she puts us together again. Oh yeah, and silly Henry is still here and is still trying to be my BFF. #goodLuckKid ...I'm sorry we haven't been around. I miss everyone so much.❤

Everybunny wants to be ME.🙄 #ofCourse #niceTail

I'm helping Henry take the #HowManyToiletPaperRollsHeavyIsYourDogChallenge. He's 3.5 lbs of fluff. I'm 3.3 lbs of hunk.🐰🕶💪 #GTL
Thank you to my beautiful friend Hop @bckchdog for tagging me.😻 I tag my Great Dane friend Cooper @riccopaparazzi to play.😜 #jk

What do you call a clairvoyant short person who has escaped from prison? .
...A small medium at large.😬
#ziggyjokes #ziggyinjailjokes

🐰: So this is my life now. I'm in jail (send Ramen please🍜) & lucky me: my little brother Henry visits me (& pets me😒) all day long.🙄 Humom had to separate me from Eleanor🐼 for now bc I started to not use my litter box, just like her.😬 I get to visit her everyday so that's good. She misses me way more than I miss her but we'll be living together soon. (And I'm not really in jail; I have three other rooms I get to roam around, humom just has to keep Henry away from me until he learns I'm not a toy. Or food.🤔🐾🚫🐇)

🐰: We're missing Sissy a lot today. She was always next to humom when I was being filmed, waiting to take my snacks. She always got her own treats but I guess mine tasted better. Sometimes I got annoyed with her but I'd give her all my snacks forever if she could come back.

Henry is standing to #standup4shelters.🙌 Post a pic of your dog standing and @stellaandchewys will donate $1 up to $20k of their food to @greymuzzleorg to help senior dogs through March 31.

🐼: I really like the new kid. He's the only one who doesn't complain about me not using my potty box. 🐰:🙄#EleanorIsAMess🙈

🐰: I hear Henry crying.😧 Lemme outta here so I can help him!
Henry had a distemper shot this morning and isn't feeling good. The vet warned me he'd be lethargic but he's crying from the pain (at the injection site I think) I've called the vet twice (I'm his favorite client I'm sure🙄😬) and this is not necessarily an abnormal reaction. I just gave him an 1/8 of a baby aspirin & he's resting now.🙏 #ImCrazy🙈

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