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We’re so used to rinse and repeat. After all, we are very much creatures of habit. It’s crucial we break out of our norm and comfort to expand our possibilities. Sometimes you have to go against the grain and imagine the impossible to overcome the repetitive nature of this here life. #COCKCROWN

Living the life of true luxury! Having friends tending to these quarters at all hours and circumstances. Especially unannounced guests receive the preferred #VIP treatment and a welcome initiation. Their offerings don’t disappoint.

Some of the most famous and pretentious smog right there. Oh, but it’s so beautiful! A jungle of iron, cement and hybrid ideas buzzing around constantly creating but mostly recreating. I love #LA!

Looking through the glass and superimposing one reality with another. Asses sitting in multiple dimensions at various speeds all heading somewhere. This experience was far more entertaining than the #StarWars film that followed.

Does envy stem from improvement or entitlement? We should definitely strive to improve but also appreciate what you have. Practice #gratitude everyday. It’s far more rewarding than envy or scarcity.

Interstellar planets and rings, life and death, the pursuit of pleasure and globs of mangled fruit purée from a house on wheels. The world is just a bunch of fractals and metaphors.

My Instagram may have been silent but not my shutter. Currently coming out of a slow social disconnect where I’ve been brewing ideas and found true liberation. Diving deep into the human psyche through photography I’m starting to scratch passed the surface of many of my subjects. Now firing on all 1800 cubic centimeters next year will be monumental. My divine light vehicle and I will take you to places beyond the allowable confines of these social mediums. Currently setting up alternative means through #cryptography and welcome contributors.

Another chapter with my gypsy brother @kokopello written but not yet published. This time royalty will bring us back together for another adventure in a haste. I hope you find your way painlessly and my socks serve you better than that set of spectacles.

Sometimes thoughts manifest themselves into reality. I've been in a complete tailspin lately with no pause for recovery. But I'm not giving up! Not until my head falls off. #nobreakingpoint

These two are always creating together, never afraid to experiment or limit their souls. #pureinspiration

Dear Angels, the foundation is cracking beneath your feet as well as on your caked on faces. Accept change and flow with the Universe instead of masking it. #youaremuchmorebeautifulthatway

In case it's already not blatantly obvious, #LA IS the #Matrix and you are operating directly under the Architect's thumb. #youareareplaceablebattery #poweringtheuniverse

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