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NSLI for Youth  provides scholarships for HS students to learn critical langs. in overseas programs; sponsored by the U.S. Department of State. Repost≠endorse #nsliy


Want to learn more about NSLI-Y from people who've done it? Join our Facebook Live on Thursday from 6-7pm ET! Just follow us on Facebook and get those questions ready!

Did you know we have a special website full of NSLI-Y stories and videos? Check out www.nsliy-interactive.org Thanks to @nsliy_iearn_intern for the behind the scenes pic!
One of my main jobs as a NSLI-Y intern is to post on NSLI-Y Interactive, a blog containing a myriad of stories, videos, and announcements concerning NSLI-Y. I am currently working on a number of summer highlights to recount all the amazing adventures NSLI-Y participants had this summer. Check the link in my bio to check the website out! (featured in the picture is my very excited coworker)

We're so happy that you are enjoying life with your new friends in Moldova too, @ninochkabyezhit!
Один месяц уже! Я ещё не могу перевить, что мне так повезло. Мне повезло, что я приехала в Молдову и, что у меня уже хорошие друзья. Я рада и я благодарна. Слава Богу! 🇲🇩 #nsliy #moldova #russianlanguage #безфильтров

We love this quote - and the photo! Thanks for sharing @danaslayton ・・・
"people's relationship with language is the gauge of their relationship with the world" -ahmed abd el-mati hijazi's words of wisdom from my arabic homework #nsliy

Thanks for the shout out, @exchangeourworld! 🤗 ・・・
#TravelTuesday: Calling all American high school students! One of the best ways to travel and experience the world is through study abroad! Applications open for @nsliy, @yesabroad and @cieecbyx! Visit exchanges.state.gov for details. Also, do you know someone who should apply to one of these programs? Tag them in a comment below and motivate them to make it happen! We appreciate you helping us spread the word!

More great reasons to apply to NSLI-Y from @alisa.chen! ・・・
#whynsliy apply because I can’t even begin to list the ways that the program will shape your life. I found out about NSLI-Y in a really odd, easily-could’ve-not-happened way and it’s difficult to think about who I would be without the program. Apply to study your favorite subject and language, to meet some phenomenal people from all around the world, and to step outside your comfort zone and experience a culture so beautiful and so unlike the one you grew up in. Also, the nice fort-top adventures with your 同學們 don’t hurt❣️tl;dr- the deadline is in LESS THAN A MONTH so get working on the application!

We couldn't have said it better... @ammaar.for.now tells us #whynsliy changed his life ・・・ A phrase I heard so often while I was applying, reading through blogs, talking to alumni, through orientation, and all the way till the last day in Morocco was that the experience was going to be "life changing." On the program, you're having such an incredible time, you dont really get sense of that until after you come back to the states. Past learning the language or try new things in a foreign culture, the most important reason for me for "why nsliy" is the way you the program changes you. You learn to look at people and the world differently. Yes we have our differences, be it our languages, customs, background, so many. But one of the most thrilling things I’ve ever experienced is finding the similarities despite all those unique differences. Being able to thaw the ice, and find that beautiful common ground with someone from half way across the globe [who's probably never met someone like you], that's what makes this opportunity so worth it. And it doesn't all just end with NSLI-Y. As I like to tell people, this trip has been the greatest experience of my life...thus far. NSLI-Y is only the beginning, adventures of language learning and studying abroad have only just begun, inshallah! So to every highschooler out there, please please apply, yes I know the application process is a monster, take it day by day and it'll be manageable, trust me it's worth it. I challenge you to find someone who's been on this program who regrets it and wishes they hadn't gone, don't bother they don't exist. #nsliy

It's the last day of our Alumni Instagram Challenge! Thank you for all the great pictures you've shared this week to help us show everyone #whynsliy is a great program! Our last question: Why would you encourage other high school students to apply for NSLI-Y?

@justinthach we bet you're not the only one plastering your town with NSLI-Y posters 😄 Thank you to all our alums for letting the classmates, teachers, librarians, etc know all about the program!
Something I've learned is that NSLI-Y stays with you, from the time you apply. You meet people around the country and around the world in places you don't expect. You have new thought processes that never would've made sense before going abroad. New opportunities present themselves to you.
That being said, I've brought the impact of NSLI-Y with me to numerous places, including my Instagram and Facebook, and now to Oregon, where I share it with my community and school... yeah, I'm the dude who's hanging up NSLI-Y stuff in every corner of this town. Oops! 😂 #whynsliy #day4

Thank you @tayhuson and our other great panelists for presenting at our webinar last night! We rely on our alums to help spread the word about NSLI-Y. Thank you all!
This evening I had the honor of speaking on a panel with fellow State Department exchange alumni about my life in India and my experiences studying the Hindi language. The opportunities that NSLI-Y provided for me have been more than incredible- over a year living in a country I love and a family in the State Dept. exchange student community. Tonight reminded me of the most valuable lesson I learned abroad, something I think we could all be reminded of in today’s political climate: we are all the same no matter where we come from or what language we speak. #WhyNSLIY

Staying connected to the NSLI-Y community via social media is a great way to give back! @paulaglotinprogress says it best!
#WhyNSLIY Day 4: the nice thing about social media is that my community is now the world, not just my immediate surroundings. I've tried to give back to my NSLIY experience as much as possible by posting about my language learning journeys across my platforms, blogging about my studies abroad, helping applicants, and connecting with alumni across all State Dept programs. One of my favorite memories from using social media to stay involved with this community was visiting the #YESAbroad Macedonia kids in Skopje. They took me under their wing and showed me the city and language that have played such a huge role in their lives ❤ I wouldn't have otherwise initially fallen in love with Macedonia without their social media and blog posts, and I hope I can do that for others with my own content. #nsliy

Such sweet sentiments from @is_this_the_reality_you_wanted. Thank you for sharing! ・・・
"Who/what are you most grateful for from your NSLI-Y experience?" I can not articulate in words how grateful I am. The word grateful does not even begin to describe how I feel about this program. But, I can say with immense happiness that I am grateful for the sad, tear-filled goodbyes with my friends, host family, supporter, and the country of Korea itself. Those goodbyes illustrated to me exactly how much this experience impacted me. I am grateful because I now know what it means to form a bond that transcends cultural barriers. I now know that I have the confidence to tackle anything -- I just have to allow myself to make mistakes. I now know that all those small moments actually culminate to become a bigger entity -- the fact that the world is my classroom. I am grateful that NSLI-Y has instilled a mentality with in me that I will never stop learning, growing and changing. My program may be over, but it still lives on within me. {Tagged 3 Alumni: share your story}
#WhyNSLIY #nsliykorea #southkorea #studyabroad

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