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North Shore Distillery  Award-winning distillers of amazing spirits • Spirit & cocktail nerds • Midwesterners • First craft distillery in Illinois, est. 2004

Did you know that the Old Tom style of gin really is old? It pre-dates London Dry Gin, and is often considered to be the "missing link" between the original genever and today's dominant style of gin. Scofflaw Old Tom Gin is our take on this classic Old Tom style - this spirited collaboration has traditional notes of juniper, hints of spice, sweetness, and delicate fruit and floral notes. It's totally unique, both extremely sippable and mixable, like in our Drink of the Week. #drinkbetter #gin #oldtomgin #scofflawgin

Delicious cocktails with our Gin No. 6 - try the #BeesKnees at @3embers!

Our Drink of the Week is the Honeycomb - our Scofflaw Old Tom Gin, fresh lime, Beehive Curaçao and bitters all combine for layers of deliciousness! Stop by to try one with us, or find the recipe on our website (link in profile) #drinkbetter

We love to pair grapefruit with our Distiller's Gin No. 11 - the bittersweet flavor of the grapefruit plays well with the abundant juniper notes of the gin. Our Gin No. 11 is infused and distilled with real ingredients, including juniper and accents of fresh citrus and spices. This gives it a crisp, bright juniper flavor, which shines on its own as well as in cocktails, like our Drink of the Week! #drinkbetter

Did you know that grapefruit is consumed in different ways around the world? In the US it's mostly eaten fresh, or in juice, but in Costa Rica grapefruit is often cooked, which makes it sweet, and in Haiti grapefruit is used to make jam. #themoreyouknow #citrusseason

We're celebrating grapefruit this week, and our #FlightNight menu tonight has five options all featuring this delicious fruit! Stop by the distillery tonight to try three mini-sized grapefruit cocktails in a flight. #drinkbetter

Our Drink of the Week is the Grapefruit Gimlet! Fresh grapefruit juice with our Distiller's Gin No. 11 and demerara creates a deliciously wintery cocktail. Stop by to try one with us, or find the recipe on our website (link in profile) #drinkbetter #citrusseason

Did you know that caraway seeds aren't actually seeds? Although they're commonly known as seeds due to their appearance, these small crescent-shaped "seeds" are actually the dried fruit of the caraway plant. #themoreyouknow

Distilled with Midwestern grains and rich spices, Aquavit - Private Reserve is our take on a traditional Scandinavian favorite. Rich spice flavors dance on your palate with every sip, led by notes of caraway and cumin. This spirit is delightful on its own, whether straight out of the freezer or room temperature, and also mixable in a number of delicious cocktails, including our Drink of the Week. For more information or cocktail recipes, visit our website (link in profile) #aquavit #drinkbetter

Have you been struggling over "Hygge Life," the name of our Drink of the Week? Here's the correct pronunciation! Hygge is a Danish word describing an atmosphere of coziness and comfort. It's the perfect name for our Hygge Life, a cocktail that will help you chase away the post-holiday blues. #drinkbetter

Our Drink of the Week is the Hygge Life! The rich spice notes of our Aquavit play with our Beehive Curaçao and chocolate bitters to create a complex, layered sipper. Try one with us at the distillery, or make your own at home with the recipe on our website (link in profile)

Bloody Mary, Red Snapper, Caesar - whatever you call it, we love it! Did you know that January 1st is National Bloody Mary Day in the US? It's probably due to bloody marys being a popular cure for a hangover, but we love them at any time, so we're celebrating the bloody mary two days early, with our Bloody Mary Bash today from 2-7pm. #getyourtomatoon #drinkbetter #bloodymarys

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