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NRSNG 🏥 😷  It’s like an Easy Button for nursing school. The most complete nursing school study program.🎓😷 🏥. Try the NRSNG Academy for $1 ⬇️


We aren't building a test prep company . . . we are building a FAMILY.  That's what makes us different.  We give a damn!  Just like family, we've got your back.

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NCSBN update on alternate format questions.  Now allow for ONE, SOME, or ALL answers on a SATA question to be correct.  View here: https://www.ncsbn.org/9010.htm

Share with a student you love.

You are the average of the people you surround yourself with.  Lift yourself up, lift others up, and surround yourself with those who lift others.

It's not about being prideful, it's about being confident in your goals and working as hard as you can.

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I often refer to Brittney Wilson (@thenerdynurse) as the "Godmother of Nurse Blogging" . . . Brittney has been blogging about nursing before it was even cool.  When I reached out to her in 2014, I fully expected her to blow me off and not waste her time with me . . . but the EXACT opposite happened.  She caught the NRSNG vision and I've been blessed to have a close relationship with her for about 3 years now.  When people of her caliber see the NRSNG Vision, it makes me realize we are doing something right!
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“NRSNG helped me get a 3.8 GPA in nursing school” ....BOOM!!

Being a nurse educator is a difficult job.  There is SO much information that must be taught and it can be overwhelming to find exactly what you should teach.
Professor Corder has a true vision for where nursing education must go!  She has deep passion for educating new nurses and nursing students.  We've been lucky to work closely with Carmen on several projects and I am so humbled that she advocates for NRSNG . . . THANK YOU. .
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I kid you not!  This is a message we received recently.  After pulling my jaw off the floor, my response was: "Then what the hell is a TEACHERS job if it isn't to TEACH?"
Look, I am the first to admit that there are some AMAZING nursing professors out there.  At the same time, there are some that simply don't belong in education. .
In the process of gaining my BSN, I took about 220 college credits from 5 universities.  I only say that to illustrate that I've seen good and bad . . . some of the things I saw in nursing were the worst of the worst.  Some in nursing adopt the "school of hard knocks" approach, "it was hard for me, so it will be hard for you". .
I HATE the flipped classroom approach.  You don't teach someone to build an airplane by giving them a wrench.  You don't teach a surgeon by handing them a scalpel. Flipped classroom removes too much accountability from the professor.
Rather, we adopt the SODOTO Method.  SEE ONE, DO ONE, TEACH ONE. .
Before we expect our nursing students to master content and be amazing nurses we must TEACH THEM. .
Doing and Teaching are the best ways to make information stick, but SEEING must come first. .
This is exactly why the NRSNG Academy exists.  We want you to be amazing nurses with DEEP content knowledge. .
I'm sorry (not sorry), but as a TEACHER, your job is to TEACH.
Happy Nursing! -Jon Haws RN 
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We feel so deeply honored to have a network of professional nurses, nurse educators, and students around the world who love and advocate for the NRSNG Family!
One of my all-time favorite nurses is @kati_kleber .  From day one of NRSNG WAAAAAAAY back in 2014, Kati has seen the vision.  I am lucky to call her a co-worker, advocate, and friend, and I am truly humbled with the excitement she has for NRSNG.
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We've packaged together a collection of 4 of our most important books just in time for the holidays.
1️⃣ 140 Must Know Meds
2️⃣ Lab Values for Nurses
3️⃣ Nursing Mnemonics
4️⃣ N is for Nurse .
check them out at: NRSNG.com/bookpack
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If you are reading this, I can assume a couple things about you.
1️⃣ You can read (making you more fortunate than 15% of the world). 2️⃣ You are obtaining a college degree (making you more fortunate than 64% of people).
3️⃣ You have internet access (making you more fortunate than 49% of the world).
4️⃣ You have the money to afford education (whether from loans or not). 5️⃣ You have access to proper meals today (making you more fortunate than 13% of the world).
6️⃣ You have adequate housing (making you more fortunate than 20% of the world).

If you are reading this, you are one of the MOST fortunate people in the world. Don't forget that.  The coming weeks will be tough as far as finals and preparing for holidays and/or graduation, but take a second and look at the BIG PICTURE . . . just by being YOU, you've already won some of the hardest battles so many people face.
Yes, nursing school is hard . . . but you are SO LUCKY to be able to be in nursing school.
I love you guys.  At NRSNG we want to give you the peace of mind that you will reach your goals, that is the purpose of the NRSNG Academy (nrsng.com/academy). But please do not loose site of the bigger picture.  Sometimes taking a step back and realizing we are just complaining about our glass slipper being too tight can really help.
Tag a friend who could use the motivation.
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