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Nordvargr - MZ. 412  Kheberian priest. Multidisciplinary artist. Blackworker of sound and skin. Hater of social media. Not here much, so dont expect replies to PM´s.

”He who does not carry demonic seeds within him will never give birth to a magical world”. Gräfenhainichen FTW. (Photo by Alex Jung)

Proud to be part of the forthcoming debut album "Alkahest" of Oculus Vacui, coming soon on double vinyl LP from Goatowarex:

Oculus Vacui is an embodiment manifested with the explicit purpose of devotion to the Dark Divine and the divulgation of hidden energies to unify with the vestiges of an ancient dormant Spiritual whole. And by recitation of the words of invocation and the chants within the practice of the rites of the Arte of Magic we unlock the boundaries of the Physical Plane and open the gates to the Void-Abyss.

Oculus Vacui lyrical content is that of which each text is a hymn to invoke the Dark Divine which originates in a vast foundation of Luciferian Gnosis and the Left Hand Path. The music of Oculus Vacui is best to be described as hypnotic due to its repetitive nature.

In ritual practice bringing forth sound vibration is a means for the creation of immaterial, spiritual substance. This sound, which in its pure essence, holds within transcendental qualities and vibrates in the Aether. It is an alchemical process of transmutation and of piercing through the levels of conscious comprehension into a state of altered consciousness hidden in the depths of an unconscious Void-Nothingness realm. The aim of these practices is to dissolve and nullify by unification in the state of Emptiness with the Dark Divine.

The concept of the lyrics and the title 'ALKAHEST' is to embrace that Voidness. 'ALKAHEST' is a hypothetical solvent able to dissolve every other substance, reducing it to Nothing.

Oculus Vacui is hailing from the Netherlands and is founded by "Void" and "Neshamah" who are the sole creators of the music, both guitarist and vocals. The lyrics are written by "Neshamah". The songs for the album 'ALKAHEST' were recorded during the months in mid 2018. "Omega" (of the bands Darvaza & Fides Inversa) joined up to play the drum tracks and Nordvargr (of MZ. 412) provided the ritual ambience tracks.

Album of the year contender: O SAALA SAKRAAL “Etmaal” (111th Cycle). Mind blown. #cycliclaw

Manifesting the next chapters of the journey. #nordvargr #narmattaru

To our knowledge the first Svartmyrkr tattoo - Thank you for the support. (On @sinneskross ) #mz412 #svartmyrkr #tattoo

Drone/winter #sergemodular

Out 8th February on Cold Spring:

MZ.412 'Svartmyrkr' CD / LP / Ltd LP / T-Shirt (CSR257CD/LP/TS)

Swedish behemoths MZ. 412 return with their first full-length album in 12 years, once again asserting their dominion as the true Kings of Black Industrial. "Svartmyrkr" is a massive tour de force that reinvents the classic sound of MZ. 412 whilst retaining their trademark malevolent harshness.
Artwork by @torvenius #mz412 #blackindustrial #coldspringrecords

Alpha Ænigma by ᚾᛟᚢ II // ᚦᛟᚦ ᚷᛁᚷ. Available now from Old Europa Cafe / Bandcamp. #trepaneringsritualen #nordvargr #curses #AlphaÆnigma #ᚾᛟᚢ

This autumn we blur the lines between music, magick and reality. Hail Svartmyrkr. #mz412 #coldspringrecords #svartmyrkr

Pre orders open over at Cyclic Law... Vinyl/CD/tape/shirt... first come, first served. #nordvargr #metempsychosis #cycliclaw

Pre orders open over at Cyclic Law... Vinyl/CD/tape/shirt... first come, first served. #nordvargr #metempsychosis #cycliclaw

Bear witness to the first live performance of Metempsychosis. Feb 8, London. #nordvargr #metempsychosis

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