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🏋🏻my coach: William Grazione  🇭🇺Bikini Competitor 🥇1st Arnold Amateur 2017 classF 🏆3x NPC overall 👙#KHCustoms: Nikoleta10 #OlympiaAmateur2017

How often do you practice mindfulness?
Mindfulness is about training yourself to exist in the present moment by focusing your attention on your body and breath, rather than the thoughts that constantly threaten to pull you into the depths of your own head. Mindfulness is a great tool to stop excessive worrying about the future or to avoid replaying painful experiences in your mind.
tomorrow morning try a single trick, when brushing your teeth in the morning, you could let your mind focus on the sensation of the brush and the flavor of the toothpaste, rather than racing ahead to all the things you have to do at work or just in general that day. By doing so, your mind and body will function as a single entity, which will make things feel more real and less alien.

Reason #199 I use @1stphorm Level-1 protein (besides of it’s high quality and good taste) is that it makes perfect #ProteinWaffles . 😋as you already know I like to finish my day with something sweet. that either means blending up some #ProteinIceCream 🍨or heating up the waffle iron for couple of crispy waffles. but there is always one common key ingredient, Level-1 Whey and Casein protein blend. (a blend of these two types of protein will be always your best friend when it comes to baking your favorite protein goodies.

- 1 scoop @1stphorm Level-1 protein
- 1 whole egg OR 1/4 cup egg beaters
- 1/4 tsp baking powder
- splash of water for batter consistency
- spray oil of your choice on waffle iron
- make sure the griddle gets very hot
- pour the batter on it and bake
- add your favorite toppings and ENJOY 😉
Don’t forget, you can always use the link in my BIO for any of the @1stphorm products and receive free shipping, so you can save some $$ for something else 😉 .
📩also feel free to DM/email me before you would place your order and purchase something that may not benefit you as much as some other supplement would. I’m happy to provide you recommendations and suggestions on both nutrition and supplementation.

1️⃣Leg press with hip circle:
4sets of 12reps + 1 drop set (I love incorporating hip circle for not only warm up movements to activate my glute muscles before lifts, but also to keep constant tension on my glutes while performing a certain exercise. give it a try, guaranteed will feel difference)
2️⃣Barbell hip thrusts:
4sets of 12reps (I like to do a warm up set before I start the working sets to make sure my glutes are “aware of” what’s coming 😉you can also utilize hip circle with this exercise for significantly increased glute activation.)
3️⃣Standing calf raises:
4 sets of ASMAP (As Many As Possible) (didn’t film this exercise bc we all know how boring but necessary is to train calves. don’t skip it, enjoy the burn.🔥😌
4️⃣Single leg leg press:
4 burnout sets (rest one leg while the other one is working. focus on pushing through your heels at all time without locking completely out, constant tension is the secret here. I like to perform this exercise with a slightly angled foot placement, maybe about 45 degrees. I found the best glute hamstring tie in activation the strongest at this angle but you can play around with your foot placement since we know, our body is not working identically ☺️)
5️⃣Laying hamstring curls:
4 sets of 12 reps + 1 drop set (the “secret” of this exercise is before you would do anything, simply push your hips into the bench, squeeze your glutes and don’t let it go until the set is completed. now you will lift the weight up and hold it for 1 sec on the top by squeezing your hamstrings then back down with fully extended legs and repeat.
6️⃣Superset 4 sets of 12 of:
🔹Dumbbell Romanian Deadlift (slightly bend your knees, only go down to mid shin, then drive your hips forward to lock out. same applies at this exercise as above, by squeezing your glutes you will be able to keep the constant tension on your biggest glute muscle, called glute maximus)
🔹Plate Romanian Deadlift (holding a plate will only allow you to perform the top portion of the previously done exercise, which will help you to achieve a better, extra burn🔥☺️)

What is your favorite glute exercise? Which exercise gives you the best 'burn'? 🔥comment below.
These questions are probably the ones I often time get.
Since I have committed to share workout videos with y'all, so why not record a glute-hamstring focused training. 🤗 ---
I used to not like laying hamstring curls because my calves would cramp before my hamstrings would even activate. as of today I'm lovin' it😁

Being #8weeksout, hitting PR's, dealing with emotional meltdown followed by a sudden happiest moment of my life (lol I know🤦🏻‍♀️💁🏻), delaying cardio sessions because weight lifting feels too good to stop, then "crying" after realizing I left majority of my cardio sessions for the weekend, so there is really no way to delay them any longer 😌 dass me and I'm loving it!
Some days I definitely feel the pressure of social media more than I should. I wonder am I doing enough? Is this post will give someone any value? And while helping others through social media and documenting my life/journey is very important to me, so is enjoying this account and making it fun for me and others. I realize I'm not always going to have the the most perfect post or picture with the most perfect caption but there will be always someone benefiting from it. there is a huge platform of people seeking for answers, I aim to share as much as possible in hope of always providing value to others. I want to make a difference in Your life. I want to be the one when you think of a certain thing/topic you smile and say "Because of her ..." . In person, I can only reach out to so many people, and without questions I can't really provide information you may be interested in. often times people are afraid to ask, they don't want to look unknowledgeable. on social media I can share and hope the information will find those who in doubt.
At the end of the day if I'm making difference at least in one person's life, that's all what matters.
👙practice suit by: @kh.customs
#Iam1stphorm #NeverSettle #roadtotheO #roadtoolympia2017 #olympiaamateur #olympiaamateur2017

🔊🔊TURN SOUND ON to listen to @chrisfaildo 's awesome cheering speech.🔊🔊
Coach @wgrazifpapro said it may be smart to do a deload week due to my previously experienced exhaustion.
but how can one cut back on training volume when there are so many reasons to celebrate.. with deadlifts. 💪🏻
•we just hit the #8weeksout mark
•the scale showed a new low weight in this am
•today is high carb day
•I'm feeling energized
•I'm excited for the upcoming 8weeks because let's be real, this is the time where the "magic" happens 😉
▪️WHAT IS A DELOAD WEEK: it is nothing else than a short planned period of recovery. it doesn't mean you will be staying away from the gym, sitting home with your feet up. it is simply taking a step back in order to take two steps forward. the most common method of deloading is to reduce your poundages. as a guideline you will be performing all your sets around 40-60% of your 1RM (=1 Rep Max) without increasing reps in set.
👉🏻Simply put: if you use 80lbs on lat pulldown machine for 3sets of 12 you will change it to 40-50lbs for 3sets of 12.
👉🏻getting weaker, when your lifts are suffering, particularly on your low rep work, it could indicate you’re starting to overreach and your central nervous system is getting a little bummed.
👉🏻Constant pain. You may experience sore joints. You’ll probably need a good dose of foam rolling, stretching and a visit to a sports massage therapist, but combining all of this with a deload, your body will thank you.
#deload #restday #sumodeadlift #deadliftparty #225

Is your morning habit benefiting or making your your day harder?
You can’t name a person being wildly successful in any areas of life who doesn’t plan or have some sort of daily habits that make them more effective and sets them up for a productive day.
Preparation is key, such a cliche, however it is the ONLY way to minimize stress level.
For me, starting off my day with a big cup of ice water mixed in a serving of 🍏 @1stphorm BCAA, 🍎1 tbsp Apple Cider Vinegar, 🍋lime juice and my supplements out is what makes my day flow much better. While this seems simple (or maybe meaningless) it really sets the tone for my day.
If you are constantly feeling scrambled and lacking structure, look at changing a few small habits like your morning routine.
•OMEGA-3's & FISH OIL and Multi Vitamin are the foundation items to my regimen.
There are too many benefits from taking in enough Omega-3 fatty acids, to not add them to your diet. (Reduces inflammation and lower cortisol levels, promote heart health, moderate cholesterol levels, modulating insulin sensitivity just to name a few)
If you find yourself struggling to get enough fish in your diet, I highly recommend a high quality Omega 3 Fish Oil supplement, that provides a high concentration the Omega-3 fatty acids, EPAs and DHAs.🐟🐠🐬
•Regardless your fitness goal, you can and should take a Multi-Vitamin. Your body needs a certain amount of micronutrients each and every day to effectively function. They are like the tools your body uses to do work on itself. If you were to build a house or make home improvements you would need some tools wouldn't you? 🍎🍇🥒🥕🍆🥑🥗
Lacking micro-nutrients can: slow your metabolism down, can cause inability to recover from training, decrease brain function, decrease hormone production, decrease energy levels, and the list goes on.
📧If you have any questions regarding training and nutrition please feel free to DM me or send me an email directly from my BIO.

can't believe how fast time flies. I remember this nugget showing up at @kakaakofitness for cardio at 5am. then she would return in the afternoon to train (like nobody else 🙄😊) then won overall at her second bikini show while also taking classes and graduating with all grade A's 😧🙏🏻
we borrowed @nikafitfoods from her boyfriend, since he left the island and took very good care of this girl. now it's time to give you back baby girl 😭
You are one of the hardest working person I have met, I wish all the best in life and will hug you very soon. LOVE YOU! 💝

I used to not like training abs simply for the reason that I would leave it to the end of the training session. (same applies to stretching 🙄) you know the moment, after you are already exhausted from pushing hard for an hour or 1,5 then you look at the plan and it says ABS. 😑 then you skip the exercise justifying your decision by saying "I'll do it later/tomorrow" and it never gets done. lol yepp, I'm guilty of that too. so instead of scheduling core exercises at the end of your routine, START with them. I find it beneficial for muscle activation prior compound lift such as squats, deadlifts. TIGHT CORE = BETTER STABILITY.
what's your favorite core exercise?
👖pants: @lululemonhnl .
👚 sport bra: @divamodefitness (use code DIVANIKI for 40% OFF)
📸: @bigmont78_finesse

as I promised, I'm sharing with you guys my Back and Shoulders training from yesterday
1️⃣ (not filmed) Seated close grip rows 3 sets of 12 reps + 1 drop set
2️⃣ Single arm DB shoulder press 3 sets of 12 reps + 1 drop set
3️⃣ Side To Front Raises 3 sets of 15 reps (make sure you are controlling the weight used and keeping the tension on your shoulders the entire time, NO SWINGING THE DUMBBELLS)
4️⃣ Underhand wide grip elevated rows 3 sets of 12 reps (this exercise has become one of my favorite one simply because I can feel extremely strong mind muscle connection, give it a try to grow your lower lats)
5️⃣ Single arm cross body front raises 3 sets of 12 reps (first time trying this exercise, idea stolen from one of out trainers Sean at @kakaakofitness )
6️⃣ Close grip supinated pulldowns 3 sets of 12 reps (guest poser @theeincrediblehulksoares 😂)
7️⃣ Rear delt row 3 sets of 15 reps (this exercise idea was stolen from @wgrazifpapro , I felt better contraction than with simple bent over lateral raises)
8️⃣Seated dumbbell front raises 3 sets of 15 reps
▪️what is DROP SET - an additional set, where you reduce the weight used by 40-50% and continue push the reps until you reach failure on that lift.
▪️what is SUPERSET - two exercise performed back to back with no rest in between to cause greater metabolic stress
🎥 Thank you @tjsnika for filming. I really enjoyed having him record my workout. If you'd like to see more comment below. also, any special request or/and simply suggestions are highly appreciated. 🤗
#back #backworkout #shoulders #shoulderworkout #workoutvideos #workoutoftheday @debbiefaildo @chrisfaildo @alanichinose @tokudamichele @liv.fit_ @bigmont78_finesse

Guys I just want to say how extremely grateful I am for all of your support coming in person and through messages. However I had felt stuck for couple of days as I said in my post earlier today, I did not share my status with anyone, but my closest friends. Suddenly, people sent me the cutest messages and emails, saying how much I have been inspiring and motivating them as in life and in this sport.
there is ZERO coincidence in this World. there is only purpose. stay intentional and suck it up buttercup. we, as human beings, can overcome anything life throws our way. we literally can gain strength by overcoming hard moments if we CHOOSE to see it that way. so shift your #focus on the fruit you will be harvesting at the end of no matter what period you are currently going through. 🤜🏻🤛🏻

well, sometimes I just look up, smile and say, “I know that was You, God! Thanks!”

aand my practice suit from @kh.customs has arrived. 🤗 I love the red color, and this fit, however still debating between BLUE or RED. thoughts? 🤔 so hard.. why can't I just have one favorite color 😁
also, we just reached the #9weeksout mark, by that means 61 days left until show day 😲 that freaks the hell out of me lol. to be honest, (and that is exactly why I’m here, to share my raw thoughts and emotions during this prep) I hit a wall 3 days ago. just simply wasn’t feeling it, I questioned myself if entering the #OlympiaAmateur2017 was truly what I wanted to do. and you know what? prepping for a show has its ups and downs, your emotions are a rollercoaster 🎢 and you are totally the grandma 👵🏼 in the front seat, at some point screaming to stop the ride and other time tearing up from joy and enjoyment.
yesterday after sharing my mixed emotions with my highly valuable coach @wgrazifpapro , he asked me to consider what my thought process was when I entered this cut, when I still had all of my sanity lol. he is damn right. I believe whenever we feel “tired”, instead of giving up, we gotta learn to rest. simply make a pit stop and ride on. 🏎💨some days, I forget to apply this theory on myself.
👉🏻so please, next time I’m feeling down, screenshot this caption and send it to me 😅
61 days left to tighten up. #focus #NeverSettle
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