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Morgan  27. NJ. Besotted with my dog. Co-owner of We Leash The Hounds Dog Walking🐶👍

Let's just take a few moments to appreciate how goddamn cute @a5204 is on this, the anniversary of his birth. He's also funny, sweet, thoughtful, generous, devoted and a complete dork. He's my best friend and an awesome business partner. And maybe I'm biased but I also think he's the best husband ever.
Love you forever, Ryan. Happy birthday! 🎉🎂 Here's to 31!

#happybirthday #myfavoriteperson

2019: the year I (really) stop caring if people refer to me as That Crazy Dog Walker Lady™. My ears were freezing and I've accepted that beanies aren't going to stay on my head like I want them to. Bomber hat it is.

#winter #dogwalker #idontcare

2018 was so many things: challenging, exciting, exhausting. I suck at taking pictures apparently but I guess it's better to have been present at the time. My Salem bachelorette, my bridal shower and getting to marry my best friend were some pretty incredible moments. @pretty_biddy and I got to FINALLY see Paul Simon. Ryan and I spent a lot of time with the people we love AND we saw my favorite band twice in a weekend which honestly did so much for my spirits. I have so many things I want to do, change and be in 2019 but it's always good to take a moment to appreciate where I am right now. It's been a hell of a year but I think I'm ready to wrap it up.

🎵I got miles to go till I ever get home but the sound of your laugh and your voice on the phone makes me feel like I am already there🎵 This was very nearly our first dance at our wedding (because I'm a nut) and probably the song I started losing my voice on at @thefrontbottoms show.
#thefrontbottoms #skeleton

We decorated our first Christmas tree as married people! 🎄🌟 We got to put up our special ornament from Hannah and Nox contributed by mauling an ornament (which we hid somewhat within the tree). Merry Christmas from the Yorkes!

This bath is aggressively My Aesthetic™ and smells very good. Too bad there's definitely a ghoul in this bathroom.

#bath #bathbomb #newmoon #dollymoo #ouroborostattoo #issomethinginretrograde

My sweet pup loves her new bed and her sun spot.

#noxthedog #theoriginal #orvis #orvisdogs #orvisdogbed #sleepygirl #dogsofinstagram

There is so much new growth happening over here! 🌱 I sense lots of dividing and repotting in my future.

#nofilter #succulents #newgrowth #echeveria #haworthia #succulentsofinstagram #plantwitch

YOU GUYS. #thechillingadventuresofsabrina just referenced my ancestor, Mary Bradbury, by name. She's like...never talked about when it comes to the Salem witch trials. This is so fucking cool.

#heritagewitch #salemwitchtrials #marybradbury #ihavechills

The view from my office.

#foliage #fall #leaves #dogwalkerlife

Hair and makeup trial complete. This wedding thing is starting to feel real.

#thiswitchisgettinghitched #broomtattoo #newyorke #weddingcountdown

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