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DID YOU VOTE??? If you live in Texas I highly HIGHLY encourage you to vote for @betoorourke!! this election is so important, your voice is so important, if you’re eligible to VOTE, VOTE VOTE!!! #vote (did I say vote? k, vote)

jpan stan

just girly tings @glsen last night 💁‍♀️

this is my dysfunctional family.. pls swipe thru

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I made mini music videos for my favorite songs right now.. link in my bio
The first account I ever made online was “dontwaitlivenow” which is ironic bc at the time I was in the closet and my life felt like it was on pause. I ended up deleting the account bc I thought it might out me to my sorority at the time. A few months later I started coming out to people and even though I was still scared it might out me to everyone before I was ready I felt like sharing my story was worth the risk. So I started fresh with “nowthisisliving” bc it finally felt like I was doing just that! This line of clothing is an ode to that time of my life and a reminder to me and everyone else that there’s never going to be the “right time” we’re not guaranteed tomorrow. Start living your life now. 🤘🏼🤠


quick wut r u kids listening to?

big fan

I still have chills from last night. I was so inspired by the voices that I heard and the people that I met. It is so important to support brands who believe in these four simple things that even in 2018 are not all that simple.
Huge thank you to @marriottintl for listening to voices that not too long ago were voiceless. Mine included. More than that, thank you for using your resources to amplify those voices in order to make this world a better place.
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Check out the projects @danjorree, @nadyaokamoto, @tonyweaverjr, and @irullan are working on 💕🌈

me: gets a full 8 hrs of sleep
me: is still tired

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