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정국 | lys  he reminds me of the night sky

hello love team the first one is my second fav pic of taekook to ever exist now do u see the stars in their eyes


he looks so cute i need these :(

dreamy moonboy i hope youre doing okay

o ohmtgid he looks GOOD

my phones abiut to die and i cant find my charger :(( but i lovebecca shes jeongguks moon princess and wanna givs jer all the love

one month left

i stared at this for a long time and iwant to cry now

hello i lvoe bunny & hamster 😚😚

ely !!! happy birthday to my best friend 😚youre 17 now omghwo. really hope your day is goingti be amazing i loevvev you so much. omgi suddenly remember when we just started talking and we sent each other cute paragroas about jimin and jungkook omg and when you had ataekook acc. so no matter what ur going to do ill be here with you okay !!! i hope we keeptalking because yoi mean alot to me. imso sad i want to get you somany gifts but im ovwe here 293283839283 km away :(( but one day i will okay im still going to sent the jimin keychain one day because itsreally cute and youneed to have it ☺️☺️ im omw bringing u cake now @lustyjimin

may baby !!!! happy birthday tothe cutest star princess !! hope you have a great day bcause you desebr the best😚😚😚😚 im blessed wirh u

hey moonboy im bored someone talk to me

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