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“Join a walking tour,” says the sign. And I have to agree (OBV). They’re a really special way to experience a place and a subject. Instead of SITTING in a classroom learning about the world, the world becomes your classroom! And there’s something about the act of walking in a group (we used to be nomads, right?!) and really paying attention to where you’re going, what you’re passing, and the connection between you and all the people that came before you, that really is magic. Oh, and most people spend the full two hours NOT on their phone. Like I said...magic! ✨ #walkingtour #magic #tourguide #experientiallearning #witchcity #tourism #salem #travel #salemmassachusetts

Real life tour guide hands in motion 👋 captured by @virgietovar (thank you!). #handtalker #bodylanguage #witchcity #tourlife

Empresses rule! And so does the Tarot! Come celebrate BOTH this Friday 7-11 at the Lady Power after-hours party hosted by the @peabodyessex museum. We’ll be heralding in the new Empresses exhibit with female-identified bands, an all-women rap slam, dance hour, and workshops including a very special Tarot Salon from 8-9:30 with @yeswolfspirit and I inspired by, you guessed it, The Empress Major Arcana card. P.S. check out an emoji filled preview of the exhibit in Insta Highlights. #fridaynight #ladypower #tarot #empress #party #salemma #witchcity #salemmassachusetts

Magic = when the coolest group of strangers come together for a Witches tour and can’t stop chatting with each other (even after the tour is technically over). #witchesofinstagram #tour #magic #connection #witchcity #salem #bewitched

Hey, Massachusetts! The time to vote is NOW (and till 8pm tonight). Head on over to your polling place, and don’t let this cycle of persecution be yet another that could have been stopped. Local politics turn into national politics. And to see what’s possible in your town and state, check out @witchthevote born right here in Salem, which as you know, has experienced its fair share of intolerance. 📷 by @hauswitch #2018primaries #vote #salemmassachusetts #witchcity

Love a good transformation story (and group photo)! What started out as the ‘not-so -tolerant’ First Church founded by the Puritans, is today a super-inclusive Unitarian Universalist congregation, which just goes to show that spiritual evolution IS possible. Want to learn more? Join on us this Saturday 11-3 on our Up with Witches! field trip which takes a super fun deep dive into the Puritan’s firmly anti-witch belief systems, and how they’re still playing out today. We’ll visit THREE of my all-time favorite Salem attractions (AND eat ice cream). Reserve your spot on our website and prepare yourself for mannequins galore! #salem #puritans #witchesofinstagram #salemwitchtrials #witchcity #tour

“For pesky ancestors that won’t take ‘no’ for an answer” c/o the magical @sarahmchappell who I have yet to meet, but was kind enough to create me a custom blend of hematite, obsidian, and black tourmaline essence for letting go of all those ancestral energies that, let’s just say, don’t feel so great. Talking about witch history all day, I’ve really started to think about just how much of our ancestors’ traumas we carry around within us, not even realizing how many of THEIR stories we think are OUR stories. And stepping into our fullest selves really does require us to be able to differentiate between the two. Grateful to have so many tools to do so #holistichealing #ancestors #magic #witchesofinstagram #salem

Why is a religion based on talking to the dead (AND the equality of women) considered “weird?” 🤔 Let’s walk and talk about it! TODAY and every Sunday 4-6pm. Reserve your spot online or stop by the @hauswitch store #spiritualism #walkingtour #witchcity #history #salem #occult

When you never thought you would have a wedding, but you found the love of your life in a witch store...Thank you to all of the magical people who made this day (and all of our days!) possible. And thank you to the beautiful @hauswitch for teaching me that magic is real. P.S. it is #witchesinlove

#tbt to a wide-eyed @evolving.light planning her very first crystal-themed walking workshop (before we really knew what walking workshops were). Today, you can catch her teaching our new and even MORE magical Sacred Geology walking workshop, which includes a stop at the largest crystal shop in Salem, bottling your own gem essence, and a crystal Earth healing ceremony by the ocean. Pretty cool, right?! Request a group time via our website. Feel free to DM with questions! #crystals #witchesofinstagram #crystalhealing #tour #salem #geology #holistic #witchcity

Visiting Lily Dale, NY last week (AKA “the town that talk to the dead”) was a gentle reminder of just how transformational travel can be. Even as someone fairly immersed in the spiritual world, I found my belief system completely rocked in terms of what is real and what is possible. Since its beginnings, Spiritualism has challenged both the dogma of the Church, and society’s ideas around what women are capable of doing. In that sense, it mirrors what’s happening today in the feminist witch movement. I’d love to bring a retreat group to Lily Dale in the next year to explore the magic of this special town together. If you’d be interested, I’m a starting a list to keep folks up-to-date as this dream progresses. Feel free to DM me your email address. You can also check out my trip there in the story Highlights on our IG profile. #lilydale #spiritualism #psychic #medium #transformational #travel #witchesofinstagram #retreat

To everyone who cares about the our world and the people (and animals) in it, please share this very important announcement. The @hauswitch community has just launched @witchthevote, a collective intersectional effort to direct our magic towards electing candidates who will push our country and our planet forward into place that supports the spiritual growth of all. Our goals are: getting people registered to vote and then educating them on progressive witch-worthy candidates. We know that the word WITCH contains multitudes that can’t be lumped together with one static world view, but we also believe in the enormous potential power of reclaiming that word in the name of environmental justice, lifting up women, poc, LGBTQIA, the disabled, and creating a more equitable society for everyone. We’re just getting started so we need your participation! Please, follow along and check out the @witchthevote website and share any and all of our content with your covens! Feel like we’re missing something? You’re probably right! Tell us! We want this to be a collaboration with Witches everywhere! Why? Because Witches are the future and witches get shit done. #witchesofinstagram #witches #witchesagainstfascisttotalitarianism #coven #hexthepatriarchy #witchthevote #witchcity #witch

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