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So, not every office space has a witch on the wall (and vulvas, crystals balls, black cats etc), but the @hauswitch Sourcery in downtown Salem sure does. Join me for a very special Wednesday Walk (take-over edition) on @hauswitch Insta stories as we go behind the scenes of all the real life magic! And you thought Santa’s Workshop was all that... #behindthescenes #walkingtour #witchcity #salemma

Look at our cutie little @hauswitch healing space! We birthed it the same time as NowAge (and in the beginning it was one and the same). My third eye was like, “Hey gurl, NowAge needs to be more than just tours. Think holistic!” And I was like, “Okay, third eye. We’ll figure it out.” It’s still in its awkward tween years (who isn’t?), but it’s truly a place of magic. Proud to be holding our first full-day retreat there this month, and more to come! P.S. If you want a personal tour complete with mood lighting 🕺🏻, check out Insta Stories and if it’s not there anymore, check out our profile Highlights! 📷by @savi_photo #holistichealing #thirdeye #magic #salem #retreat #witchcity

Hey good news: 1) it’s not actually snowing and 2) we’re having our FIRST Winter Solstice retreat for when it does! Finding Your Light in Dark Days 12/22: a full day of hands-on metaphysical workshops focused on cultivating, protecting, and directing your inner light so that you can shine it back into the world. Topics include: psychic boundaries, herbs for emotional wellness, tarot for soul purpose, protection spell sprays and reiki energy healing. All at the cozy @hauswitch healing space in downtown Salem. Only 10 spots! Reserve your’s today via the link in our profile. Feel free to DM with questions! #wintersolstice #retreat #salem #salemma #witchcity #holistichealing #witchesofinstagram

The final (and seriously adorable) Herb Witch walking workshop group of the season showing off their custom herbal tea blends made with local herbalist @katelaurelart. If you can’t wait for them to start again in the Spring, we’ll be offering winter-friendly (AKA indoor) versions of our walking workshops at the super cozy @hauswitch healing space right in the heart of downtown Salem! Super fun for private groups🌿🎉 #herb #party #salem #witchesofinstagram #witchcity #winterfun

It’s the last day to early vote in Massachusetts before the election on November 6th and it feels more important than ever to take advantage of this right that was once entirely denied to pretty much everyone except white, land-owning men and continues to be denied to so many. This really may be our last chance to break this cycle that we’ve seen so many times in human history and continues to spread across the globe today. The people in power do not want us to vote, which is all the more reason to go out and do it. #vote #historyrepeatsitself

I call this pic “Cuties on a Tarot Journey.” If you want to catch one of our metaphysical walking workshops before winter becomes real ❄️ 😱, you still have a few more chances. The last Tarot Journey of the season is this Mon, October 29. And there’s two Herb Witch groups going out on Wed, October 31 (Halloween-style 🎃) + Sat, November 10. Don’t miss out! Reserve your spots on our website. #metaphysical #learning #witch #walkingtour #witchesofinstagram #witchcity #salemmassachusetts

I spend a lot of my time walking and talking about cycles of persecution with people that come to Salem. They come here thinking they want to learn about history, but whether they realize it or not, they’re really here to learn about our PRESENT. Because the story is always the same: white greedy men in power using scapegoating to create fear and chaos amongst the population in order to maintain control. The “dangerous” group may change, but the motivation is always the same: divide and conquer. We will not let people be erased: whether its trans/ non-binary/ gender non-conforming people, immigrants, people of color, non-Christians, indigenous peoples, survivors of abuse, those labeled as disabled and mentally ill, and every single person who struggles under a capitalist system that’s made to keep them repressed. How do we break this cycle that history has continually tried to teach us is NOT working?! #historyrepeatsitsself

I call this photo, “Comfrey Shoes”...because the plant is a comfrey and those are my shoes 😉. If you love plants and want to learn about harnessing their healing properties (WHILE exploring the beautiful gardens of Salem), we have two amazing hands-on walking workshops coming up this week. Friday 3-6pm: Flower Magic with @flowersandstars_. Saturday 10-1pm: Herb Witch with @katelaurelarts. Follow the link on our profile to reserve your spots! #herbalmedicine #witchesofinstagram #holistichealing #gardentour #salemma #witchcity

It’s here...🙀 #hauntedhappenings

What do YOU fear? Ghosts? Spiders? Being referred to only as “Christian Wife” on your gravestone?? All are valid. If you’re interested in fear, you can join me on IG Stories (or Highlights later) for a sneak peak into a new Field Trip style tour called WHAT WE FEAR debuting this Sunday and through October that uses Salem’s historic sites and present-day attractions to explore the topic of fear in all of its forms. Includes admission to a haunted house, monster museum AND a recreated witch dungeon, oh my! #fear #fieldtrip #tour #halloween #travel #horror #death #spooky #witchcity #salem #salemma

Who knew death could be so funny?! Seriously, though, I had such an amazing time teaming up with the brilliant @sarah_calavera for the Death Witch event @hauswitch last night and meeting folks from this weekend’s Boston @deathsalon. It’s so inspiring to dive into culturally shunned topics like death, the occult, witches and, yes, feminist history! The more openly we can reflect on the parts of our reality that have been labeled “weird” or “morbid” the closer we come to finding own truth. #death #history #occult #walkingtour #witchcity #deathsalonboston #salem

And so it begins...October in Witch City, oh my! 🎃#hauntedhappenings #halloween #october #witch #tourism #witchcity #salemma #salem

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