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NOW Age Travel + Healing  "Experience the Real Magic of Witch City" Walking Tours | Reiki | Tarot | Astrology

Last night's monthly Tarot Salon at the @hauswitch store was the jam (as always)! We explored spreads inspired by the Wheel of Fortune. Check out our 4-card community read below. And if want to learn about the Tarot real-world-style (AND visit awesome historical sites around Salem), join us for our Tarot Journey walking workshop now EVERY Sunday 10-1. Each journey is different (based on the cards we pull at the beginning). And its 6 people max, so you get tons of personal attention! #tarotcards #salem #witchesofinstagram -----------------------
1. what pattern in your life are you conscious of?
2. what is the effect?
3. what pattern in your life are you unconscious of?
4. what is the effect?

Baby's first trip to the Witch Dungeon Museum! Not every city has one, which is probably a good thing. The actual history is WAY scarier than any of the theatrics! If you want to see more, check out a very DARK (who knew dungeons were a bad place to take video?) IG story. Oh, and come visit me and @owlwomanlwo TONIGHT for our monthly Tarot Salon at the @hauswitch store 7-9. We're exploring spreads related to the Wheel of Fortune card. All levels welcome! #witchcity #witchesofinstagram #tourist #salemmassachusetts

As someone who loves to write and receive mail, I'm excited to now offer a line of Salem postcards I created, collage-style, at the @hauswitch store! Made from vintage images and printed locally with love, they all include cute animals + historically accurate descriptions. Just another reason to come visit! #witchcity #collage #postcardsfromtheworld #travel

My favorite kind of research! ☀️Excited to be rolling out our very first night walking tour! Every Fri + Sat 7-9pm meeting at the @hauswitch store. All about the Spiritualist movement in Victorian Era Salem! Seances, psychic mediums, and progressive politics. Booking link in profile! #witchcity #spiritualism #victorian #tour

Jungle doorway 🌿🚪Hint: find it on Essex Street about one block from the Salem Public Library and on the same side. Historic mansions abound! #salem #historichousecrush #door

It's hot out there! Come cool down with Reiki + A/C TODAY till 4pm with @evolving.light, who is basically an ocean breeze in human form (seriously!). 20 Min chair boosts + 60 Min full sessions. Also, 2-6pm, @spiritsandsawdust will be at the @hauswitch store for walk-in 15 + 30 Min Tarot readings. So many ways to stay cool AND high vibe! 😎 #airconditioning #heatwave #highvibes

Ever dreamed of going to Fairy Camp??? Well, if you're 5-12 years old (sorry, adults!), you're in luck. Two of our fab healers @mm.luna + @evolving.light have joined forces with @12oakgr to create a dreamy week of learning about nature spirits and the fairy realm, as well as other magical themes like crystals, herbs, and animal spirits. Includes set of wings and flower crown 😉. July 31-Aug 4th 9-3pm. If you know of any interested fairies in the area, hit up @mm.luna on IG. And if you're over 12 but still want magic, Madeline is offering Reiki + Animal Spirit Readings till 7pm today. Booking link in profile! 📷 by @mm.luna #fairy #camp #beverlyma

Sound healing heaven! So grateful to have @lmkawski at our space last night for a truly wonderful singing bowl chakra sound bath. People went pretty deep (think pyramids and owls!). If you're ever in town and want to lie on the floor while the room fills with magical sounds, just hit us up #soundhealingforthesoul #soundbath #singingbowls #community

We've got some serious Grandma energy going on at the healing space, and I'm not talking doilies. This book from our shelves belonged to my late grandmother, Sylvia. I found it amongst her stuff after she passed, not knowing that she ever had an interest in yoga. But the book is full of underlines, and notes, and now ragged tabs, like the good student that she was. And unbeknownst to me, the Dreamweaver that @evolving.light made special for the space was given the name "Grandmother," with its giant geod eye watching over all the sessions. More Grandma coincidences abound (ask us about the twin fishes! 😉), but it's clear our matriarchs from another generation are very present and supportive of a space run solely by powerful women, and created to empower others. Come soak up some of that Grandma/ Mother energy today with Jess - Reiki till 4pm. And then have your Tarot cards read with @spiritsandsawdust 4-8 (one of those twin fishes belonged to HER late grandmother BTW). Booking link in profile #grandma #femaleowned #witchcity

"Mother Essence" anyone? Yes, that's our flower essence guru + astrologist, Grace, drinking out of a big bowl of Pink Yarrow on our last Flower Magic walking workshop (shhhh, we ALL did...don't tell anyone 😉). You can get a private Flower Essence Consultation and/or Astrology Reading (20 + 45 Min) with her today btw 1-4. And Madeline has space 5-7 for Reiki + Animal Readings. Booking link in profile! #floweressence #flowermagic #pinkyarrow

A beautiful mixture of dried herbs, flowers, and quartz crystal from the sweet lil ceremony we had just before NOW Age's official launch on April Fool's Day. We're still just babies on this Fool's Journey - learning, growing, and changing so much every day. Come visit us to support wherever you're at on YOUR journey! @mm.luna is offering Reiki + Animal Spirit Reading till 4pm. And @spiritsandsawdust Tarot Readings 4-8pm. Booking link in profile. Start where you are! #newbusiness #foolsjourney #reiki #tarot

What's better than reading Tarot on a picnic blanket in a secret park with friends? Um.....🤷‍♀️. Love this pic of the Emperor spread from our last birthday Tarot Journey. It's all about how you take up space in different parts of your life: 1) home 2)work 3)personal. Every person pulls a Major Arcana card at the start of the journey and that's what determines our route. A super fun way to celebrate, well, anything! Always feel free to get in touch if you have a special date in mind! And if you want an amazing professional Tarot Reading, we have the magical @spiritsandsawdust at our healing space Tues + Fri 4-8. Booking link in profile! 📷 by @jstegelmann #tarot #tarotcards #witchesofinstagram

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