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Buildings have a way of revealing what they once were, if you just look up πŸ‘€β˜οΈ! One of my favorite things to do around Salem is scan the landscape for old signs πŸ€“. Now a restaurant, this three-story brick building (1826) once housed the famous Daniel Lowe & Company, which produced the very first souvenir "Witch Spoon" starting in 1891. It not only brought many a tourist to Witch City, but it's credited for launching the entire souvenir spoon movement in the U.S. (so, tell your grandma!). #souvenir #tourism #buildings #witches #architecture #historynerd #historicsalem #salemmassachusetts

Today, I ran over in my pajamas to catch one last glimpse of the five enormous bird-nest-like structures that have towered over the corner of Essex and Hawthorne Street for the past two years. Designed by artist Patrick Dougherty, and aptly titled "What Birds Know," they were lovingly crafted by 50 local volunteers over three weeks, and have since had 5.7 zillion billion trillion (roughly πŸ˜‰) tourists take pictures inside of them. Thanks to the @peabodyessex for being cool enough to commission them. Their weirdness will be missed! #goodbye #art #publicart #artinstallation #witchcity #salemma #peabodyessexmuseum #stickworks

This 19th century ballroom (1807) has seen many a wild party πŸŽ‰! With some pretty impressive guest lists (think ten former presidents including one of my faves: FDR). It has a spring board floor AND musicians balcony, so....definitely built for fun (by the famous Salem architect Samuel McIntire no less). Today, I got to pop in for a visit for the very first time as part of the awesome @essexheritage Trails and Sails weekend full of free tours and lectures all over a Essex County. You can follow along on IG stories. Note: the first video is sound free (because I got too excited to check, oops) πŸ™Š#partytime #historynerd #historicsalem #salemma #hamiltonhall #tour #lecture #essexcounty #trailsandsails

Yesterday's cutie little History of Spiritualism tour posed in front of the still operating (since 1894) First Spiritualist Church in Salem. I love watching people come together from all over the country (and the world!) to learn about a different side of Witch City. There's so many stories that have been purposely left out of our collective history, because they challenge the mainstream paradigm. And it's an honor to be able to share some of those. One cutie little tour at a time! #spiritualism #salem #stories #history #education #walkingtour #tourism #witchcity #group #learning #fun

Want to be transported back to 1970s Salem AND 1692 at the same time?? It's possible! And also pretty awesome! The Salem Witch Museum opened in 1972 and has since earned the title of "Salem's Most Visited Museum." Its kitschy in all the best ways (think 13 life-size dioramas plus dramatic lighting). And it really is a perfect portal/ vortex into some of the older popular theories explaining the Salem Witch Trials that haven't all necessarily stood the test of time, but are worth experiencing for yourself. And if you're up for some modern day analysis (circa now), it's also one of my favorite stops on our new Witches: 1692-Today tour. #history #witchcity #oldschool #salemwitchtrials #museum #tourism #walkingtour #tourist #witch #tourlife

Excited to wake-up this morning and find that @girlboss had posted this vintage pic with the line: "Inspo for your next girls trip." I couldn't agree more! Witch City is the perfect place to (re)connect with all your powerful, witchy friends. And If you're wondering how to get the most magic out of your trip, check out the perfect Coven Weekend itinerary just posted on our new Salem Vacay blog! Link in IG profile. And always feel free to reach out for suggestions or stop by the @hauswitch store when you're here! #witchesofinstagram #girlboss #coven #vacation #weekend #tourism #salem #travel #tour #feminist #magic #historicalplace #history #education

With SO much going on in the world right now, happening upon this wall behind the Old Town Hall felt like a mini-miracle. If you've been troubled by the current hateful state of affairs and are local to Salem, please feel free to stop by tonight's Witching Hour at the @hauswitch store 7-8pm. It's a free community action hour organized by the amazing @witcheryl that happens twice a month before each moon meditation. Tonight, the focus will be on how to stand up for DACA and also supporting fellow local business owner, Ana Campos of @circlestitches, in her campaign for Ward 4 Councilor. Power in community is real! πŸ’ͺπŸ’₯πŸŒ•#noplaceforhate #activism #community #salemmassachusetts

Flashback to last Monday's research session in the park! It's ALWAYS the right time to read about witch history, as far as I'm concerned. Excited to debut a new walking tour this week, just in time for October! "Witches: 1692-Today." Think feminist retelling of the Salem Witch Trials + social history of The Witch. More to come soon! #witches #witchcity #salemma #witchesofinstagram #witchlife #witch #witchythings #witchy #walkingtour #feminism #tourlife #historynerd

What's the perfect thing to do on a gloomy afternoon in Salem? Go to a cemetery, of course! Today, I visited the Broad Street Cemetery, which is the second oldest cemetery in Salem (1655) after the Old Burying Point. It's often missed by visitors even though it's only a 5 minute walk from downtown! It's beautiful, though, and has the grave of the much-hated George Corwin (the sheriff during the Witch Trials...and a Pisces apparently). Check out IG stories for an adventure to find him! #salemwitchtrials #graveyard #cemetary #grave #witchhunt #salemmassachusetts

We have a very special opportunity at the healing space for a local healer to offer their services on Saturdays, while our earth mama, @evolving.light , pauses to give birth. It's the coziest, highest vibe of spaces on the third floor of a historic building in the heart of downtown Salem complete with massage table, water cooler, table for card readings, crystals, new age books galore, and referrals through the @hauswitch store which is only one block away! Please pass along! And if you're feeling some healing vibes for yourself today (and every Sun/ Mon/ Wed), come see @mm.luna for Reiki + Animal Spirit Readings till 5! Booking link in profile #healer #reiki #massage #energyhealing #lightworker #salem #newbeginnings

We walk by this gorgeous First Colonial but very Gothic-looking house (circa 1660) on the History of Spiritualism Tour, and I always dream of going in. Well, today I got to! When my intuition told me to go over and take a picture of it and the door was OPEN for a party, and the former curator was there in his pink jacket just starting a tour. And I got to hear stories from the 10 generations of Pickerings that lived there, and ogle all the interesting wallpaper choices (more pink!) and walk through what used to be a chimney. So, basically history nerd heaven! The moral of the story: trust your intuition (and all your dreams could come true) πŸ˜‰! #historichousecrush #dreams #historicsalem #pickering #intuition #salemma #historynerd

99% of the attractions in Salem are focused on the events of one year: 1692. That's why most tourists come and that's what sells (the more easily digestible, the better!). And its awesome to tell THAT story, especially for people that may otherwise miss out on it completely. But it goes SO much deeper, and the more I study its complexities, the more I realize how much most people are missing! The Witch History Museum on Essex Street is a prime example - a great entry point into that ONE story (plus moving mannequins, fake woods, and lightening sounds!). But maybe lacking in actual "witch history." I visited there today for the first time and you can check it out on IG stories. P.S. Yes, those are "savage" Native Americans on that stage...πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ#witch #salemwitchtrials #witchcity #museum #tourism #history #tourist #tour #puritan

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