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Zane F. ♍  He/Him |18 | Artist | California . . ✦Highschool Senior✦ ----

Sorry I haven't been on here that much or at all?? I had hoped to keep my art account updated frequently, but I'm just to busy for that tbh.
Heres a keychain I made of Byakuya Togami that was a gift

but yeah I play DR now lmao. I'm on the last game.

#byakuyatogami #danganronpa #thhdanganronpa #togami #togamibyakuya #triggerhappyhavoc #hopepeaksacademy

doodled the unknown boy
tagging his name in tags so heads up for spoilers:
#mysticmessenger #searanchoi #searanmysticmessenger #raymysticmessenger #choibrothers #unknownmysticmessenger

we fucked around at lunch but i attempted my best to draw my and @limasolpec's babies on paint

I wish I was a bit more active this year with posting, but I do love an appreciate all the support from you guys. I'm constantly on instagram on a private account so I can spam there and keep this one clean, but with the upcoming of the end of my high school experience and begin of college, I'm very excited to share my experience with you through my art and hopefully sometime in the future an animation chanel.
I've always wanted to connect to you guys more and if possible I think starting one up would be a nice thing to try.
Heres to 2018. stay safe, and Happy New Year!

I've been busy and forgot to post art of the Miraculous ladybug au.

Hey guys, I'm going to be changing the way I draw ever so slightly, and test a few new things within the next few months for practice.
I will be off to college very soon and this account will go though a massive clean up, and a possible name change.
if i find myself being to nostalgic and unable to delete anything, this will become an archive, and I will move to a new and fresher account.
I'm very excited to say I will be heading into my dream of animation very soon.

first of all, I love fall sm honestly. second, my friend @limasolpec is making a comic!!! and our friend group at school is in it. My boi is a deer named Z and I've been doodling him a lot.
but I'm about to buy a pair of overalls for the colder days and you 100% know I'm going to wear sweaters under them.
bring on the cozy weather and clothes

My fish passed away just this morning. I knew he was sick for about a week, but it's hard to keep small pets and watch them get sick.
you can only do so much for them and hope for them to get better or pass peacefully.

He's in a good place with all my passed pets and no longer suffering from whatever disease effected him.

I really love this movie after only watching it once tbh. would 100% recommend watching it if you're into GTA type things.

full sketch ref of my chainsaw boy

I think I'm going to take a break from Goretober and just post some Halloween doodles and drawings instead. I already have gotten busy and unmotivated, but this won't stop me from doing some other sketches!
Also, here's me and my boyfriend's sonas Halloween themed. Mine is a half dead chainsaw murder and my boyfriend's is a vampire.

Goretober day 6
(i can't even attempt to spell the name of the disease) but,
i forgot to post this yesterday

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