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It's not the face, but the expressions on it. It's not the voice, but what you say. It's not how you look in that body, but the thing you do with it. You are beautiful (Stephenie Meyer) ❀
MC-ing Pelatihan Paralegal Mahasiswa Hukum dan Kewarganegaraan 2018 (Day II)

MC-ing Pelatihan Paralegal jurusan HKn day 1
Harvey Diamond said, β€œIf you don’t know what you want to achieve in your presentation your audience never will.”. So, make sure your goal, then do it.

My deepest condolences to all of victims in Surabaya's tragedy. Let's fight against terrorism. Save Surabaya, Save Indonesia !

Pict :

Itu dibelakang namanya Museum IKIP Malang yang isinya perjalanan Universitas Negeri Malang dari PTPG sampe jadi Universitas. Jadi Kampusnya bernama Universitas Negeri Malang bukan IKIP Malang lagi
πŸ“· : @batuta.criuk

MC-ing Musabaqah Tilawatil Qur'an Mahasiswa FIS 2018 ❀

Friend is your effort to reach happiness and home when you feel tired πŸ’ž

Girl power is about loving yourself and having confidence and strength from within, so even if you're not wearing a sexy outfit, you feel sexy πŸ’…πŸ’… - Nicole Scherzinger

After MC-ing Peringatan Hari Ibu presented by Dharma Wanita Persatuan Universitas Negeri Malang

Be a girl with mind, woman with attitude, and lady with class πŸ’…πŸ‘‘πŸ‘§ MC-ing seminar nasional dan call for paper 2017

I bleed pink πŸ’žπŸŽ€

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