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↞ M i s s N o v a S k y e ↠  ▫️18 month old intact female ▫️6th Gen Pedigree Akita ▫️AKC Registered ↠ 90 lbs. ▫️🛒Geopetric 20% OFF “NOVASKYE20” ▫️ Intussusception 👨🏻‍⚕️🏩 3/20/2017

My second heat. 😣 #womanhood #americanakita

Our daddy is home!!! @kaluakayabear

Just hanging out in my dog house... 💆‍♀️ #prettyeyes

I’m 18 months old today! 🐒

Pwease play with me? #cutepuppy #puppyeyes #americanakita

@kaluakayabear was spayed at 2 MONTHS OLD because being a shelter pup they wouldn’t allow her to be adopted out without getting sterilized. At 8 weeks old. 😒 Now she has all kinds of health problems, including the worst one - bad knees. Spaying too early also increases the risk of getting cancer. I just unfollowed a dog account because they spayed at 5 months. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but science doesn’t lie. The facts aren’t hidden. And, if you need more evidence that it’s a bad idea, were your reproductive organs removed at 2, 5 months old? I think not. Because the hormones from those organs are needed during puberty to grow properly. So, I really don’t understand why so many have normalized early spay/neuter. It’s one of the worst things you can do to your pet. We do not support early spay/neuter. - @charlinjanene #unapologetic

Forgot to post my #tongueouttuesday 👅 #americanakita

My new house! Mommy is pretty handy 💪🏽 #fluffbutt #americanakita

“You can’t beat me in a staring contest...”

Playtime! 🤪 #HappyFriday!!

Mama tricked me into taking more pics today. 🤔😂

Smiling because it’s the weekend! #americanakita

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