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The second season of @ThisASLife Live! is right around the corner. Here’s a look at #painsomnia related to #ankylosingspondylitis featuring #Spooniechat’s Dawn Gibson.

Last year more than 24,500 Novartis associates joined together to give back to their communities. Volunteerism and giving back to communities where we live and work are more than just tradition: they’re core values. #proudmoments #NovartisCPD2018

We spoke to Africans to find out the impact malaria has on their lives. They told us personal stories – and imagined how much better a malaria-free world would be. #MalariaFuture

It’s preventable, treatable and curable – yet the sad fact is that #malaria still takes a devastating toll on families, especially in Africa. The hard truth about malaria. #MalariaFuture

The goal of CAR-T cell therapy is to use a patient’s own immune system to fight cancer. Watch to find out more about how it works. #ReimagineMedicine #AACR18

Libraries of compounds with barcodes made of DNA provide a fast and accurate way for scientists to find compounds that bind to cancer targets. These DNA-encoded libraries allow our chemists to create staggeringly large libraries. The Novartis chemistry archive, compiled over decades, contains about 1.5 million compounds. And our DNA-encoded libraries, started in 2015, contain approximately a billion compounds collectively – these expand the range of chemicals we can explore as possible drug candidates by 1000%. The contents of an entire DNA encoded library can be placed into a single test tube. #AACR18

Last year we launched @thisaslife Live!, the first talk show by and for people with #ankylosingspondylitis, hosted by rock star @danreynolds. Season 2 is coming soon with new guests, inspiring stories and practical disease management tips. Here’s a first look.

The liver disease called NASH (nonalcoholic steatohepatitis) is stealthy. Patients don’t have symptoms until the latest stages of the disease, when it almost immediately becomes life-threatening. Like four diseases in one, it typically starts with the buildup of fat in the liver, but also involves inflammation, liver cell death and scarring, which interferes with the liver’s ability to function. Because the disease is so complex, Novartis researchers are developing experimental combination therapies for NASH before there is even a single drug approved for the disease.

A new wave of therapies is unleashing the body’s immune system on #cancer, significantly extending lives. These agents, however, don’t work for everyone, so scientists are exploring new approaches that will enable immunotherapies to more effectively combat tumors. One idea, born of a bioengineer, involves loading baby-aspirin-sized scaffolds with immunotherapy agents and inserting them near tumors. These biodegradable scaffolds can potentially serve as “boot camps” for immune cells, recruiting and training them to recognize tumors and launch an attack. Although tumors often release signals that trick the immune system into thinking that everything is okay, the scaffolds could keep such signals at bay, allowing immune cells to devote their full attention to the compounds in their immediate vicinity. Since the scaffolds are porous, once immune cells enter, researchers have control over the microenvironment and can provide them with the right cues while shielding them from systemic signaling. Novartis recently entered a licensing agreement and collaboration with the @WyssInstitute (at @Harvard University) and the @DanaFarber explore the potential applications of this technology. #AACR18

Today we’re celebrating #WorldHealthDay and the many efforts to advance universal health coverage. The Novartis Foundation is working to leverage simple #DigitalHealth tools to improve access to healthcare. #AccessInAction

It’s absolutely critical that quality healthcare is available to everyone, not just a few. Our Healthy Family programs help provide affordable products to improve healthcare for the very poorest populations. It’s a social business approach that has paid off both for us and millions of people in rural India, Kenya and Vietnam. #WorldHealthDay #HealthForAll #AccessInAction

In the spirit of the American Association for Cancer Research annual meeting, a gathering for the global cancer community, we’re sharing the story of Project Drive - a massive screening effort carried out by 100+ of our researchers. The year-long project exposes the genes that cancer cells depend on for their growth & survival. And we’re sharing this data with scientists around the 🌎 to advance research and to #reimaginemedicine for cancer patients. #AACR18

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