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Nova Reid  Founder of @Nu_Bride. Well-being Mentor. Writer. Speaker. Diversity Ambassador. Inspiring meaningful change | A little piece of me.

There is so much beauty in our everyday. We get so distracted we just miss it sometimes #mindfulmoments #blossom #grow #peace

@tobymulliganart strikes again. Beautiful collection. Thank you for having me . #art #artistsoninstagram #allthecolours #womanhood #vulnerability

I’ve shared this before on here, but given the recent upsetting news regarding Caribbean Brits - my lineage- being deported. It felt pertinent to reshare it. These leaflets were placed in people’s homes in the U.K. in the 70’s. Similar repatriation initiatives took place in 1919 to encourage Caribbean migrants who were called to serve Britain in war and to help rebuild Britain post war - were ordered to go back to their “own countries” Sound familiar? The problem is when we are not taught the full extent of our history in Britain - we become ignorant. “If we do not know our history, we are doomed to repeat it” #learn #windrush #dobetterbritain

Be inspired to light up others.

Here I am at @londonbridalfw giving a talk about diversity. I am joined with some former and current brides giving me honest feedback about the very real impact of lack of diversity, from race, disability, body positivity, feminism, culture to personal style, in the Bridal world . In 2018 it makes no economic or business sense to cater to only one type of woman. I look forward to continuing the conversation and moreso consistently seeing different types of women in mainstream wedding spaces. #diversify 📸 Luca Lacrofa

I defy you not tyou smile!
Happy weekend. Pure joy bought to you by the @dreamcatchersda #joy #dance #dreamcatchersda #dancelikenooneswatching

Nothing more to be said. #greatness #achieve #yourtribe

With a little help from my friends, I got to be part of the live finals of @thevoiceuk last night. Such amazing talent from all of the acts. The confidence- the joy, the happiness and the sense of pride from each acts families was infectious. Many highlights for me, but one was getting to meet Donel’s dancing gran. Her joy for life is utterly inspiring. Great show. Huge congrats to the production team for the hard work I know goes on behind the scenes to nurture these awesome singers and get them out of their comfort zones. Joy to witness. Congrats to Ruti, Donel, Belle Voci and Lauren. You should all be immensely proud. #thevoicefinals #thevoiceuk #elstreestudios #sing

Procrastination is the thief of time, the thief of happiness and the king of self-sabotage.

I was given a great lesson from my cousin Jermaine when we lost him to cancer two years ago. We would have been the same age. What I learned from him was the power of living and doing NOW. His cancer diagnosis taught him to do what matters, to travel and experience life in a way he hadn’t before. To stop putting things off. To live a life with purpose. He was one of the reasons I chose to quit my job and spend my energy and time nurturing my own business and doing something that makes a difference to others.
There will always be a million reasons why you can’t. Sometimes we simply have to step outside of our exhausting internal debate and just do it. To go with our gut, to live in the moment. To seek what we need, want and what we deserve.
We put off to next time so frequently, we outsource our happiness to the future to next year. What if that time doesn’t come? What Jermaine’s premature death taught me is that WE have to start living; Right now, in the present moment.
Take risks, do things outside of our comfort zone and stop outsourcing our happiness for the future. Stop procrastinating. I have 2 last spots on my Marrakech wellness retreat for those who are ready to stop outsourcing their happiness and health to the future. Link in profile 👆🏾#livenow

Stop hiding! Be a peacock! I had a great conversation with designer about the colours we choose to wear when we dress and how many of us use our clothing to hide or to blend in. Why do we try to blend in when we were born to stand out? Beautiful capture by @ilaria_petrucciphoto seen on @nu_bride #peacock #feathers #standout #bebold #youmatter #achieve

Do more of it. #purpose #stopsettling

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