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N O V ▲  A new-age Cleopatra who elevates collective consciousness as an unconventional rebellious content creatress. 🌽⭐️#TeamUdoU *BTS*SNAPCHAT👻: novapatra

I don't believe in dogma. I believe in doing what's right 80%, 95%, 99% of the time. I find dogma attracts lying, cheating, bingeing, dis-ease, and walls.

the disparities of life. everyone who is connected to the internet should be blessed. you have every possibility to learn anything and break out.

freedom + happiness are becoming more and more synonymous.

"You should recognize your pain and cradle it like a baby. You should embrace your suffering in order to soothe it, calm it, and transform it" - Thich Nhat Hanh (You Are Here) was one of those books that gave me a paradigm shift in my life. It gave me the real tools to understand my low-vibrational emotions and how to transform them when they arise. The secret is nurturing them with acceptance and love - and not trying to disregard them with "positivity".
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If you wanna be @forever21 eat plant-based or shop there. 😂

deconstruction of 愛 (love) ❤️⚒
"Love can only grow in a climate of respect for the other's freedom. If we become too attached, our emotions will not allow the other person to be free, and in this way we may slowly strangle the love that is there." - Frank Vilaasa (What is Love? The Spiritual Purpose of Relationships)
Many people get into a long-term relationship or marriage just to want to have a peace of mind that "I locked her/him down." I don't have to try anymore. He/she is mine no matter what I do. I can be lazy. I can go on autopilot. And they end up creating a version of themselves that they don't even like - and hope their significant others will unconditionally.
That's when the attachment and fear-based mentality kick in. The relationship begins to thrive on fear and on how to control the other person, so I feel safe - rather than thriving on love to make one another happy. But if you're honest with your own self-growth and you're creating a version of yourself that you're a fan of, there's really nothing to be afraid of. In fact, you'll have the means to love your significant other even more deeply by respecting each other's freedom and happiness.

me at my most natural state spraying all-natural bug spray from bali. bug spray anyone? 📸: @mandylyn #behindthescenesphotoshoot

i wanna be more like me and be less like you. ⛽️👙🕶#behindthescenesphotoshoot #chevynova #chevynova69 #beyou💯 #beyourself❤️

Hey there Delilah. You're my favourite kind of flower.

she had me at "good bad but not evil." what an honour to have talented babe-licious photographer @mandylyn popping my first ever 35mm photoshoot cherry. 🍒 🖤

all about the easter eggs

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