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asleep ppl are always offended. woke ppl can never be offended.
im no near woke but im not asleep🧞‍♂️
📸: @lakeokane

remember the saying: “you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with”? i actually don’t think that is as true anymore.
the new version is: you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time tuning into. (and that could be anyone from irl to digital life)
here are the 5 people who i don’t know in real life yet i’ve spent so much time listening to them in the last 2-3 years to rewire my thinking while im cooking, doing my makeup or driving:
💚Matt Kahn (DivineTrueNature)
💜Timothy Halloran (RasaLilaHealing)
pls share your favorites with me in the comments 🎧🙈


perspective collector 🌿🌺🌲⛰🏌️‍♂️

“I get my inner strength from always experiencing beauty in life. Beauty is what you love 💛” - #yokoono

I’m thrilled to drop my greatest creation to-date: REJECTS FROM THE MOTHERLAND - directed and narrated by Lake Okane. It’s on YouTube, in my link bio, or go to [dur. 29m09s]. 📼⚡️🙈
It was in my blood to create a film which takes a good hard look at what is now happening in our society as we transition out of the TV era and into the digital media era. This film uses an anecdotal approach following Frank and my content lifespan over the years. It showcases how we don’t follow our Hong Kong and Taiwan media narratives - yet we seem to be able to find purpose and passion in what we create. This film takes the viewer into a digestible modern-day piece of spirituality meets pop culture hack music video exposé. 📺💥
Thank you @being_frank_yang for being a part of this film. You played a very critical role in this documentary. You have the gift of expressing very taboo or philosophical concepts with ease and charisma. You are a self-proclaimed ‘troll’ - but I honestly think you’re just nailing internet culture in the ass. Thank you for being Frank Yang. 🐙🙏
Thank you @lakeokane for turning another wild imagination of mine into a reality. You always give life to what I can imagine. You are a genius in your filmmaking craft. Thank you for directing, editing, writing your own narration and even narrating it like a boss! Proud to call you my husband, best friend and partner-in-life-hacks! ♥️⚓️
Special thanks to @thealexdelaflor @sleepy_chew @kevin_the_refugee @merekdaves for being a part of our LA memories and the film.
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farmer’s market season got me rad(ish)😍

The more you define your niche the more you realize you are incomparable.💓⚡️

We are now more exposed to the wider collection of human narratives due to our interconnectivity in the digital age. We can tap into a different voice via technology and listen to an ecosystem that we never had the opportunity to. Or read the consciousness of other human beings who have lived very differently than our mothers and fathers.
As a result we are fast-tracking the growth and expansion of the collective consciousness.
🎞: #35mmfilm #filmphotography for @penthouse

i have so much gratitude for my twitch mods. they are so understanding when it comes to me being in my flow - but always show up when i show up. dope trait. thank u eagle 🦅+ inari🍘.

i have nothing to hide and everything to share. im just trailblazing the shit out of culture, spirituality and technology in the #informationage.
📡there’s Creator in content creator🙏
📷: @lakeokane #rainroom

Happy Mother’s Day! Hope you find something beautiful of your Mom to think about today. And express it somehow. Whatever that may be for you!

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