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N O V ▲  A new-age Cleopatra who elevates collective consciousness as an unconventional rebellious content creatress. #lightworker SNAP⚗: novapatra

proud vancouverite. happy 420! 💚

There's never a day I wake up and not like the life I've created. Every moment is a chance for me to make any type of content. Sometimes live, sometimes evergreen but almost always weird, fun, and uplifting.

In the Mood for 90s. Inspired by my favourite Hong Kong filmmaker: #WongKarWai. #墮落天使#inthemoodforlove#wongkarwaiexpress#wongkarwaistyle#王家衛 | 📸: @lanashu

Choose to consume content that inspires than content that generates fear.

There's more perversion in the unexpressed than the expressed. I express my sexuality freely yet it does not consume me because I allow the energy to naturally flow through me. 📸: @thephotographer

Before Sunrise

Anyone with a passion can become an influencer in the social networking era. What a treat to collaborate with talented Rey Trajano @thephotographer this past weekend in LA - a passionate influencer in photography.

You know you have the best girlfriends when they bring you to the coolest places in their city, take cute pictures of you and tell you how much they love your highlighter glow. Living the dream. 📸: @sleepy_chew

I take selfies for a living and street photography for pleasure.

Currently on a magical adventure in California. Follow me on Snapchat for a dose of my daily raw life. See what it is like for a liberated being to live on her own terms. Content is suitable for silly and mature audiences only. Snapchat ID: novapatra 🦄🍬

She's a dream to travel with. 🥜✈️💖

Loving the grounding energy I get from my beautiful hometown Vancouver.

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