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g i n a  Grad Student 🧠 Clinical Mental Health I just want people to see the m a g i c in them ✨ NEDA Ambassador 💙💚

Recently I’ve been thinking back on where I was 4 years ago, 6 years ago, how many times I’ve felt lost and how many more times I’ve picked myself up again.
Becoming a #NEDAambassador reminds me of those things.

I think about the girl I was before my eating disorder took root. How I never felt at home in my body, how out of place, unworthy and unwanted I felt, and how I never realized there was another way to feel. I think about how I could have been if I’d had influences in my life like ones I have now.

I think about who I became when I was buried deep in my anorexia - trying to ignore it, push it down, how what I thought was the light was only the glint of my disorder’s teeth. I think about the damage done to my body and my mind, and I remember to forgive myself. I remember that I am worthy of forgiveness. •

I think about the night I chose recovery. I think about the brightness of my computer screen in the dark, taking NEDA’s online quiz about my risk, knowing full well the answer. I think about the email I wrote to the therapist I found on that website, and how my hands were shaking after I hit ‘send.’ I think about how I wished I’d known someone who’d been through it, who could tell me things were about to get better. That I didn’t have to live like this.

Being named a NEDA Ambassador is more than just a title to me. It’s more than having my photo on a website. Being a NEDA Ambassador is the hug I needed as that little girl. It’s the lantern and the shovel and the ladder. It’s the voice telling me that everything is going to be okay. It’s throwing out the rulers and the scales and the expectations and the judgements and comparisons.

That’s what matters to me. Recovery isn’t about perfection. It’s not linear. It’s not a race. It’s not about the shape size color of your body. And you should never, ever be alone.
If you’re struggling right now, reach out. Even if you feel like no one else knows, or no one else cares, I promise you that I do. I care. And I want you to get help because you deserve it.

If this hits you, please know: you are worthy of help. Txt NEDA to 741741 for anonymous crisis support & start talking with someone who gets it. 💚💙

I’m going to be talking more about this in my next post, BUT I can finally announce that I’ve been made the newest @neda Ambassador 😭🙏🏼💚💙 It means more to me than I know how to express right now, I’m having a lot of feelings, and I want to take the time to express them properly with all of you. •
But for now let me just say: I’m honored. I don’t take this responsibility lightly. And I want more than anything else to remind all of you out there that recovery IS possible. 😭
#recoveryispossible #neda #nedaambassador

Something that spoke to me, courtesy of @stephsstone 💗 who you were has brought you to who you are becoming — it’s okay to release that old self in order to make room for new healing.
happy tuesday my squishies.

#leavewhatdoesntserveyou #evolving #healing #recovery #copingmechanism

If you’re not sure what to say, take one (or many) 💗💔 tag someone who needs one, or someone who always knows what to say ⭐️
thank you for this, @bymariandrew
#support #whattosay #mentalhealth #iloveyou

4 years in recovery today 💗
No matter what your milestone, if it’s a day, a week, a month, 47 and a half days and 3 hours, WHATEVER it is, that’s big. You did that.
You deserve to celebrate that because it’s worth celebrating. YOU are worth celebrating.
Whether you’ve rocked recovery from the very get-go, or wanted to give up every other day, fallen backwards more times than you’ve stepped forward, or simply tried making the right choice one choice at a time,
You did that. You haven’t given up because you’re still here. You’re still fighting.
I’m so proud of you.

I want to celebrate with you — comment below with how many days you’ve been in recovery. Let’s lift each other up 💗💗💗 #recoveryisworthit

It’s time for another #WhatDoISayWednesday 🤷🏻‍♀️✨ •

And this week we’re talking about Bipolar Disorder — a common but complex mood disorder that affects close to 6 million adults in the US alone. ⭐️ Someone who lives with bipolar disorder often will have extreme changes in mood, thoughts, energy, and behavior, and it can be difficult to know how to support someone when they’re in a state or episode caused by their disorder. •
It can be easy to be fearful of bipolar disorder, as many people stereotype those who are diagnosed as unpredictable, “manic,” or “having two personalities,” but the reality is that bipolar disorder is treatable and manageable with the right support system — and doing your research is critical to understanding how best to love and support those people in your life who live with it. •

#mentalhealth #bipolar #bipolarsupport #mentalhealthawareness #therapy #bipolardisorder #recoveryisworthit #recovery #supportsystem

Sometimes I find old selfies on my phone and its like a journey through a little time capsule. My mind bops along those rememberances of self doubt and over-compensation and posing for the camera with just the right lighting ➡️ into the “YAS GIRL, WERK” confidence that only comes with hindsight ➡️ then the slow and steady sadness for the girl in that photo who, at the time didn’t feel good enough, and who the me NOW would never have been so hard on. 💭✨
If you’ve looked through old photos recently, let me be one to say: 💗you are good enough right now. 💗 who you were then brought you to who you are now. Honor them for the role they played — whether good or bad — and let them be. 💗 it’s okay to get rid of old photos or evidence of memories if they compromise your safety or your mental health. 💗 IT IS OKAY TO NOT KEEP MEMORIES OF YOUR CHILDHOOD if they are unpleasant or traumatic memories. •

If you find yourself in a spiral of old photos comparisons, just know i love you, my beautiful squishies, take care of yourselves tonight 💗

It’s a rare thing when you meet someone and you effortlessly connect. Like you’ve known each other forever. I think it’s one of those things that we often take for granted, that kind of connection in our lives, the way we hold people in our hearts.
With this girl, I am lucky enough to be able to do just that. I am blessed to be able to hold her in my heart, and to celebrate her on this day — her birthday. She is one of the bravest people I have ever known, someone who leads with vulnerability, an imperfect warrior who taught me that talking about the things we struggle with takes away so much of their power. Who opens herself to the process of healing in a way that inspires me beyond measure.
I grew up an only child, so I never had sisters. But Ohana means family. And friends are the family we choose; the people we pick — whose insides match our own — that we see and say to ourselves “That one. That’s a good one.” Happy birthday @ddlovato, you’re a good one. I’m so grateful we found each other, and so proud of who you are now, and who you’re becoming. I love you. ❤️ (ps I know we never take photos but I think it’s time for some new ones, this one’s pretty old 😂)

Soft bellied sun baby 🌞🌻 Stress and worry over the last few months have taken a toll on my body, and instead of dwelling on the changes I see or punishing myself for them, I’m just enjoying the feeling of the hot summer sun shining through my windows. .
It’s like the universe is setting it’s gentle hand down across my stomach in calming reassurance, saying “however this body, however now, is good enough.”

If nature could tell you one thing today, what would it be? ⤵️ •

#embracethesquish #recoveryisworthit #mentalhealth #summerselfworth

INTRODUCING something I’m really excited about: #WhatDoISayWednesday !!! 🎉🎉🎉 where once a week we take a look at a DO and DON’T SAY in various aspects of mental health.
Navigating this life is hard, and sometimes it’s even harder to know what to say when our friends or loved ones are struggling.

Swipe 👉🏼 to see how to lift up people in their eating disorder recovery, and lets all get better at being the best support humans we can be.

Wearing one of my favorite random t-shirt finds 💗❤️ What word (or words) best describes you and your journey?

I woke up yesterday to find something strange and surprising and completely WTF here on instagram — a tiny little blue checkmark next to my name. .


Does Instagram not realize I’m actually just a homebody dog lady who wears leggings 6 days a week and only has 5 pairs of shoes and sweats an unusual amount and doesn’t know how to navigate the public transit system?
Whatever the reason, if for some reason the Powers That Be at Instagram don’t change their minds, i just want to say:
that little blue tick mark doesn’t mean ANYTHING without all YOU wonderful souls sharing your journeys with me.
You all SHOW UP and fight and open yourselves to growth and learn to love expansion and change and uncomfortableness
and I LOVE ALL OF YOU SO MUCH for letting me be a part of that.
You all inspire me to the moon and back. Thank you for being who you are. Even though it’s hard, even though sometimes you believe who you are isn’t good enough.
I know the truth: you are more than enough, you are light and warm feelings and smiles you can’t stop from spreading. You are magic.
Thank you for sharing your magic with me.

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