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Nour  Feminist 👑 All is vanity 💚 sc👻: nourassaad112

Eza ba3ed fi 7ada ma 3erif, lyom 3id Elodie/Dodie/The Boss/The délégué/Yorguo's Bae/Farid/Eyebrows & Photoshop Queen/Make up artist...
Chou ba3ed fi ??
Happy Birthday to you hbb❤❤❤ Wish you all the best😘😘
3a2bel el 100😀😀
B7ebbik more than you know💕💕💕
Bla bla bla😂😂
Thx le2annik 3atoul 7adde be reunions l delegue w be kel competitions bfout fya (w 3atoul ente li bterba7e😧😆)w be kel el ossas li bet jarris...
Bss badde ellik enno ente w Yorguo l bf/gf goals 💑
Bss ne7na el Bff goals👭💕
W kmn enno a3adet se3ten nabbich 3al souwar bss se2abit kellon bahdale😂😂
I hope mn dalna ref2a ta dalne 3aydik every year😍
BTW awwal soura betzakkar wa2ta kent 7atteta pp whtsp elte 3n 7alik "min hal 7elwe" w ma 7atta kente 3erfe enno ha ente bel soura...😬😂😂
5ls lbe2e bta3rfi😂😜
Bhebbik @elodie.o ❤❤❤❤

Dear, dear Josee, on this very special day I wanted to wish you one of the happiest birthdays ever cz you deserve it habibi ❤❤
You're a loyal friend even in the hardest times 💕
(BTW hal sene kenit ktiiiir sa2ile -you know-) 😑😆
I am more than grateful cz in such a big world🌎we just had to be best friends nop sorry we're wayyyy more than that you're my sister,my twiny👭❤
My queen👑
My world🌏
My everything💜
You're perfect just the way you are don't ever change cz without you I am ... who am I kidding there is no world without you😉😀
And the most important thing is that we'll always be together forever no matter what 💛
Then👶 Now👧 Forever👵
BTW sta3malet nafs el soura cz ktiiir 7abayta 💚
Happy Birthday Hayete JTM mn kel albe Enjoy ou 3a2bel el 100 😘💙 #13 #BirthdayGirl #Enjoy #Twiny #MyLife

My Squad is better than yours💞

I am not rude I am just brutally honest all the time
Happy Easter 💗

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