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We had the most fun on the weekend getting pampered by @thenailandchampagnebar - it made for the perfect mother-daughter date and we didn’t even have to leave home! We often get so busy with life that we can start to feel disconnected from ourselves and sometimes our little ones too. That’s why it’s so important to commit to QT with your cutie! Harper loves getting her nails done, so a big thanks to @thenailandchampagnebar for bringing the spa to us! On the blog you can catch more pics of all the behind-the-scenes action. I also shared some other mother-mini date ideas that you can do here in Toronto! 📷: @memorable_treasures

I’m beyond excited about continuing my partnership with @Pampersus and even more thrilled that I can be an official ambassador for their new Pure Collection!
These diapers and wipes include plant derived, dermatologically tested and other thoughtfully selected materials made to care for a baby’s delicate skin. Noa can go an entire night with a full diaper and I don’t have to worry about leaks or irritations. Plus, waking her up for a diaper change means trying to avoid eye contact at 3 a.m. because otherwise she smiles and wants to play peek-a-boo for an hour! Mamas, you know what I’m talking about, right? The Pampers Pure Collection is now available at Loblaws and Real Canadian Superstore! #PureMoments #Sponsored 📷: @jeremiedupont

When your baby carrier matches the entire fam’s weekend attire, then you know it’s gonna be a good day!
Special shout out to @juniorfoxes for this beautiful ring sling handmade here in Toronto. I don’t wear pink often, but this flamingo print stole my heart ... now can you please make something for 5-year-olds because I’m sensing a little bit of jealousy over here! 📷: @jeremiedupont

Strolling through the final weeks of summer with no stress ... who am I kidding? I blinked and it was August. Now people already have me stressing about back-to-school lunches! Speaking of stress, on the blog I'm talking about the infamous stress hormone, cortisol, and how it and other hormones can impact our body and its ability to lose weight or build muscle! Ahhhh HORMONES!! Hormonal imbalances, especially postpartum, can simply get the best of us. I kept it light touching on a few of the hormonal culprits to be weary of, as well as sharing some tips to help you manage through this hormonal roller coaster and get you well on your way to achieving your postpartum fitness goals. Click the link and have a happy and healthy Friday, mamas!
📷: @leonchaiphotography

Baby Noa is 5 months old today! She’s sweet, quiet and 100% perfect. Our family is complete! 📷: @jeremiedupont

“Your greatest contribution to the Universe may not be something you do, but someone you raise.” I used to stress myself out thinking about what mark I would leave on this planet and then I became a mother. I’m not so stressed anymore ... except when trying to come up with creative ideas to keep them busy all summer. Outdoor workouts aren’t so fun with the heat wave happening right now ... Time to hit the splash pad! 📷: @leonchaiphotography

#ad Just like everyone said it would be… Things are definitely different going from one to two kids. For so long it was just the Harper show, and since little Noa came along I’ve been doing my best to split my time and energy as equally as possible. I love finding ways to save time on day-to-day tasks, because ultimately any moment saved I get to share with my fave people! @realcdnss allows me to do just that! On a recent grocery trip, I discovered The Real Canadian Superstore’s beauty department, which just so happens to be lined floor-to-ceiling, wall-to-wall with all my favourite brands. From mascara, to foundation and nail polish, to makeup brushes, The Real Canadian Superstore has become my go-to one-stop shop. And as luck would have it, the beauty department has managed to inspire some extra mommy + Harper time! #TrulySuper #SuperstoreBeauty #ad 📹: @_gizzyg

Eat your greens, people! 🥦🥒🥗This week we just started baby Noa on cereal and so far she’s loving it. I’m hearing a lot about the baby led weaning method, but unsure if it’s the route we will go. With Harper, we started only with puréed food. Gosh, I feel like a first time mom here at this stage and honestly, I just want her to be a good eater! Feel free to share your experience with your baby’s food journey. Thanks guys!!

Tracking your progress is such an important part of one’s fitness journey. Knowing how far you have come can be so motivating!
I’ve been easing my way back to a regular fitness routine since baby #2 and my #FitbitVersa has been instrumental in helping me set short-term goals and track my progress. I can also see all my stats in my personal @Fitbit dashboard. Even if you just want to monitor a simple thing like how much water you’re drinking, you can do that too!
Mamas, you even get reminders to move … not that any of us need one since being a mom rarely means sitting still! Am I right?! #Sponsored #FitbitFriend #FitbitForAll 📷: @leonchaiphotography

Take a little glimpse into our morning. Okay I confess ... it’s rarely this calm in our new home, but I can dream right? This is what I hope most mornings could look like, because today Harper argued with me to wear something else and cried about going to a half day of camp. Noa was up at 5 a.m., I haven’t had a coffee and I missed my morning workout. Life is good, but I still wouldn’t say it’s calm. Happy Monday, my friends! 📹: @_gizzyg

Today, Harper, Noa and I are cooking up a storm in the kitchen, thanks to @HelloFreshCa! We are trying out easy, healthy AND yummy meals for our next backyard family dinner. I love it! Harper is making a mess. And we are making memories. To get cooking with your kiddies this summer use my code NOTUMMY for $40 off your next box! #hellofreshpartner 📷: @jeremiedupont

There’s so much talk about self-love but what does it mean to you? Yesterday I did a workout at the new @boloinc studio and at night meet up with some IG mamas. I had some well-deserved “ME” time! Whether it’s a spa date, a workout or meeting up with friends, take the time to recharge and give yourself permission to be good to YOU.
Today I’m back to Camp Mommy and feeling pretty great! I only had to reheat my coffee once this morning 💁🏻‍♀️. I’m talking more about self-love on the blog. If you need some light reading to go with your mommy juice this weekend, click the link! Happy Friday, my friends! 📷: @jeremiedupont

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