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Kate Harris  If you're looking for someone who has got their shit together, you've come to the wrong place. All opinions are my own... but I am also always right

I am so circa 1996 RN it isn't even funny. Complete with Birkenstocks and a huge chin spot.



I am really enjoying watching this kid learn how to bake. She is following instructions and throwing in her own flair. I am hanging back and not interfering unless I am asked to help.

Returning to normal after the most incredible visit with @sarahpiehl. Something about friends who have known you for ever and seen you at your worst and still hang around. I feel excited and recharged. It also helps that my cupboard is FULL of tastes of home! #lifeisgood #blamesarah

Gonna miss that awesome mermaid. Thanks for making me feel 17 again!! And for being an amazing houseguest. ❤❤❤ @sarahpiehl

I'm so British

When you're at the bingo with @sarahpiehl and discover you're penniless. #oops #blamesarah

My tea has kittens on it!!

Shark tank selfie!!!

They keep trying to sell people insurance!!

Touristing with @theawesomeseb @rainypuppy and @sarahpiehl

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