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Kate Harris  If you're looking for someone who has got their shit together, you've come to the wrong place. All opinions are my own... but I am also always right

I blame @iappreciatewit for my lingering obsession with Goldfish.

Oh, Kel, you know me so well!

My parcel from @keletubbie has s'mores tape on it!

This stunning creature was stuck in the bathroom. Only got a few blurry pictures before we let it go.

Oops! I did it again.
Almost followed the recipe properly this time. And improvised a Dutch oven using my cast iron skillet, a metal bowl and a baking tray full of water.
If I want one for tomorrow, I need to start it in a few hours.



Hello, friend! Found by the ever-observant @rainypuppy

Made a sourdough loaf and it tastes amazing and I am fucking magic, people

I forgot to take photos of dinner (because I forgot rental baby was coming and I took an epic nap and my day just went sideways (in a nice way)). So here is the leftover plain baked tofu I made for the rental baby. I actually noticed a difference in the texture. And it got bubbles. And a lovely crisp outside (these are cut in half but are itherwise completely plain). The texture is somewhere between egg and fresh cheese.
10/10 would do again.

Added a bit more weight... for Science!!

Damn you, Gravity!

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