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Dani  “nsynclopedia” - Ivy • Lucy made me do it

I haven't posted anything on Instagram in almost a year but THIS is important

This album is my favorite thing in existence @nickjonas it's currently #1 on US iTunes and I couldn't be more grateful or prouder. Nick put so much emotion into this record and I could literally feel what he felt listening to it. I felt weak, vulnerable, sad, UNHINGED but also happy and free... As I was listening to the songs each by each I was like "DAMN I can't believe how far Nick has come". I honestly cannot pick a favorite... I was touched the most by Unhinged // Unhinged was the original album title // I was literally breaking down in tears listening to it. Nick's always written about personal experiences but never in this depth. This album is excellent... a masterpiece... I'm so proud of it. I'm so honored to call myself Nick's fan. I've been with Nick for 10+ years and I always knew the day when he would release a flawless album would come. I knew I was gonna be blown away by LYWC but I didn't know how listening to it would feel like ~ I was not ready ~ I never thought I would ever say that one of Nick's albums is better than the others but this is genuinely his best work to date and he deserves all the success. Also thankful to everyone who helped making this record and all the amazing collaborators.
Last Year Was Complicated
But this year is awesome.
#NickJonas #philymack #LastYearWasComplicated #LYWC


I can't believe this is happening 😭 congrats @kevinjonas and @daniellejonas I honestly wasn't expecting this!!!! #babyjonas2 💗


Oh man oh man I am not really known for ever being speechless


The only feature I need is DNCE ft. JoJo or JoJo ft. DNCE

I woke up today and all I could say is "no not David Bowie" before I started to cry. This is more than "he's a legend I'll just type RIP like everyone else" if you knew me well you'd know that David Bowie means a lot to me. But it's his time to go. He died peacefully surrounded by his family 💓💓💓💓💓 #RIPDavidBowie I love you

#prayforparis and peace everywhere 🙏🏻

10 - 11 - 12 💕✨ #JonasBrothers #RadioCityMusicHall

Happy birthday to this kid 🎈🎈 it's crazy to think that he was 13 when I became his fan and now he's turning 23... It's been quite a journey and I loved every minute of supporting this guy because he's a wonderful human being. I'm all kinds of emotional right now. Nick Jonas taught me the importance of giving back, he taught to live at the bottom even when I'm at the top. When he was diagnosed with diabetes he said he "won't let it slow him down" and he didn't... His strength and determination are admirable. I am who I am today because of him. He's an inspiration to many. I've never known anyone more talented and hardworking than him. I'm so proud of him and everything he's achieved, here's to more success. I love you @nickjonas thank you for never letting me down 💖 #NickJonas #happybirthdaynickjonas

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