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W.S.S.S. Productions  Video production company.Comic reviews,interviews,cosplay community. Click on link to watch our latest episode. #cosplayculture #cosplay #comicbook

@dollietrashcosplay is a very talented artist, check her out on her page art by @jimdexstar

This was a strange one, felt more like an introduction to a more complicated world which kinda reflects the one we are living in but if things just got worse. The approach on the way it read was very different from what I'm used to from the writer #geoffjohns and artwork by #garyfrank didn't pop out of the pages like I'd like for it to. I look forward to reading more but can't say any new reader will be satisfied with a story that leaves you lost if you didn't watch the movie Watchmen or read the comic before this one.

As some of you know I'm (@jimdexstar ) a big Green Lantern fan. I decided to pick this one up for a read and gotta say disappointed with this whole rebirth vol 1. To start off I know what happened before this issue but even knowing that there was no value built on any story that was put on here. There was too much going on before any reader could begin to care and some of the dialogue was pointless. Can't recommend this one at all.

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