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Happy National Puppy Day! Bella Notte may be 9 {!!} but she's just as much a puppy as ever. Who are you celebrating with on the year's most adorable holiday? I want to see your pups!! Send a pic my way or tag me in a photo of them so we can celebrate our fur babies together. 🐶💕

This week is super busy, so I’m taking some shortcuts to get everything done - especially in the kitchen! This delicious @bearcreekfoods Chicken Noodle soup is ready in 20 minutes and tastes like homemade! It’s doing double duty as a feel-better food, too, since three of us have had the sniffles! What shortcuts do you take when your schedule is jam-packed? #BearCreekSoups AD

I am so so excited that Beauty and the Beast is the top movie at the box office this weekend! Don't miss all the exclusive interviews with the cast and all the other fun things we did at the #BeOurGuestEvent- live on the blog now! Have you seen Beauty and the Beast yet? 🥀

Who else loves a good Chicago Hot Dog? I'm from the Windy City so these messy, loaded hot dogs always remind me of home. They're packed full of delicious ingredients! How to Make Them: ⭐️Bar-S Hot Dog
⭐️Poppyseed Bun
⭐️Yellow Mustard
⭐️Sweet Green Pickle Relish
⭐️Chopped Onion
⭐️Tomato Wedges
⭐️Dill pickle spear
⭐️Celery salt

Add your @BarSFoods hot dog to your poppyseed bun and top with the remaining ingredients in order. Traditional Chicago Hot Dogs use Sport Peppers instead of Pepperocinis, but stores around here don't carry Sport Peppers so this is a great alternative!!! 🏀Now through April 3rd you can enter the Bar-S Bracket Challenge for a chance to win $5,000! To enter & submit your vote, go to​ {clickable link in profile}. Winner will be notified on April 6th. Term & Conditions: #BarSBracket #ad

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Today we are all wearing green and I picked up some special cupcakes to enjoy when Justin gets home from work. How are you celebrating? It's not too late to make this yummy parfait from the archives! 🌈🍀💕

Yesterday on the blog I shared all the details about the #MyWilliamsSonoma Beauty and the Beast event I attended during the #BeOurGuestEvent ! We ate food inspired by the movie, made paper roses, and checked out the beautiful @lecreuset Beauty and the Beast Soup Pot. For all the details head to the blog now! 🥀💕

This day went so quickly I almost missed Pi Day! We didn't have a chance to celebrate with pie but we will be having lots of birthday cake this weekend because 3.14 also happens to be my Father-in-Law's birthday!
If you're craving pie, try this Blueberry Pie Smoothie from the archives! It's delicious and perfect for spring days ahead- find it on the blog now!

Did you celebrate Pi Day? 💕

Today on the blog I'm sharing my interview with my favorite actress, @emmawatson! We had the chance to interview her and @ThatDanStevens about all things Beauty and the Beast. Come check it out for all the inside scoop! #BeOurGuestEvent 🥀

I can't believe it's been less than a week since I was at the Disney animation building learning about Moana at the #BeOurGuestEvent ! This is where so much Disney magic happens- movies like Frozen, Tangled, Big Hero 6, Zootopia, Wreck-It Ralph and more have come from this building. Fun fact: that hat has an office inside of it! I actually got to do an interview in there once and it was a dream come true. What's your favorite animated Disney movie? ✨

The #BeOurGuestEvent may be over but I'm just getting started with celebrating Beauty and the Beast! This DIY Falling Rose Petal decor is SO easy to make and the petal never falls! You can get the DIY today on the blog- be sure to check it out before the movie comes out Friday! 🥀

We are back on the Disney lot for a #MoanaBluray presentation! 🐚 #BeOurGuestEvent #Moana #YoureWelcome

How cute are these cupcakes? We just had a baby shower themed lunch with @ChelseaKane, @DerekTheler and @Tahj_Mowry from #BabyDaddy ! Can't wait for season 6 to start next Monday, March 13th! 🍼

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