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Eva Jaunzemis  Dancer • Choreographer • Actor • Costume Designer . 🕺🏼⚡️Multi-Hyphenate Queer Artist ✨🧚🏼‍♂️

Bless this human and the beautiful life she’s making 💜 Happiest Birthday to @kbart728

Getting ready to leave New York after eight years. Getting ready to release the accessibility of my family. Getting ready embrace only being responsible to myself, my focus, and my work. I have been preparing for months, and acknowledge it’s realistically even more than that. I have never witnessed myself in these poses, seen the potential of my strength and realized efforts in my practice. A lot of my physical practice lately has been heart opening, where my therapeutic/mental work has been acknowledging what I’ll refer to as windows painted open in the heart. Healing while remaining open and ever expanding. Also learning to see my own potential and respect that as much as I do in others-which is why I am posting these photos when I never really do this kind of thing. I am enough. So are you. There is so much more. This body will continue to grow and surprise me. .
This is way more than I intended to say, so if you don’t like reading just insert a Björk song here and you’ll get the gist. And if that doesn’t work for you then you are at the wrong party 🐍🧝🏻‍♀️✨

My referee sailor look last night to match my #BroadwayBares Battleship babes. 💙🏁♦️⛴🚨⚓️❤️ #costumedesign #dancer #multihyphenate #queerartist #nonbinaryartist #pridekickoff #pridemonth2018 #lgbtq

I am overwhelmed with the love surrounding @bcefa and the #BroadwayBares show last night. I have never worked a show this large, and I have never worked with an enormous team that has been kind, generous, genuine, and inspiring at every moment. This show raised over $1.8 million dollars for Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS and I am so happy and grateful my stitching and rhinestoning helped to make that happen. Thank you @matthewc.hampton for having me by your side ❤️ cheers to the whole crew of badass beauties 🥂 including our leading men @robertwalters89 @juanzapata_07 and every dancer and designer who worked so hard for this event

You ask for sexy punk elf, you get sexy punk elf. My Legolas x Bowie x Siouxsie fantasy has come true and I am o v e r w h e l m e d 🌿🧝🏻‍♂️🧚🏽‍♂️🔮🌈🔥⚡️ COLOR @renee.valerie 4ever 💜 CUT @philipdowning7 ⚔️ MAKEUP @juliepope 🦂 #tigiacademy #nonbinarymodel #mullet #purplehair #freshcut #validation

Ashes to ashes, funk to funky 🧡⚡️🌪📸 @remages

⚡️Panic attack but make it fashion🦂
The straight jacket look, designed and made by Me for the one and only, our glitter-crusted neighborhood demon king, @god.drag 👹🖤🥀 making art with @biblicalheroin until 6am with champagne and lord of the rings to see them do magic like this on stage is the greatest joy. I sewed these “sleeves” by hand while walking down the street in the dark en route to bizarre bar last night. Let me help you make your drag dreams come true- I make garments for all bodies and all people, or monsters, and all performative needs ❤️ I need more magic ✨✨✨✨✨✨

I always love this part

⚡️Happy dancin’ today because I GOT IN! ✨ I am over-the-moon-thrilled to say that I am the newest student in the Norwegian Theatre Academy’s inaugural Performance MA program. Today is just the best day. I have not felt so good in years. New York, you’ve got three months to write beautiful love letters with me. I am more excited for my future than I have ever been. I am so happy to be alive and so lucky to live it with the amazing people I do, and will. Thank you endlessly @biblicalheroin @jaunzii @itsmikespence and @dansafer for celebrating and sharing in this joy with me today. 🧡⚡️🍑⭐️🍋🌞💛

I have hesitated to widely share this information for a while because of a few fears, including jinxing this still in-process-life-event. But, I would like to learn to celebrate myself and achievements more, and share them with others. So. Here goes. Tonight starts a crazy moment for me, as I sit in JFK awaiting my red eye flight to Oslo, Norway. A few months ago, after a lot of self-doubting, I applied to grad school. Tonight, I packed up my beaded pants, Bowie shirts, and pots of glitter to go to my interview for the performance MA program on Friday morning, at the Norwegian Theater Academy. I know I don’t have a place yet in the program, I’m not celebrating that right now. My motivation to tell you this comes from an exhaustion from diminishing my own light. Hopefully, I will learn to translate that into making and sharing more of my own work. This is the wildest thing I think I have done yet! I arrive in Norway tomorrow, and fly back on Saturday to continue rehearsals for the show I am currently working on. Just taking this moment to note how crazy super fun this is, and how lucky I feel to have even made it to this sticky seat in JFK for this three day trip across the ocean. Wish (me, but also everyone) luck, send ___ love, remind ___ of their value and importance as an artists, support. Thank you to those who have entered my life in these 25 years, and helped me realize who I am; there are so many, yes you-I love you. Bowie said something about how you only know you’re on the right track and on the verge of something great when you feel terrified, like you’re out of your depth and your toes won’t reach the bottom. That is when it gets exciting. Here’s to literally taking the ground out from under my own feet and jumping towards something new and exciting- even if it’s not this program. I’m fucking terrified AND happy about it! I’ve made a lot of changes this year, and I just wanted to invite you into this one with me. Thanks for listening, chickens 💛🐣
📸 @photo_by_baranova

Just a damn queer 🍒 #puff #bitch

At a loss for words. Thank you, Bowie, endlessly, for saving my life and giving me the strength to be a constantly transitioning, growing, reinvented person. Simply put, I would be lost without you. 🧡⚡️to @biblicalheroin ~ the Ziggy to my Queen Bitch/Jareth/Diamond Dog soul 🌏💙

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