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Eva Jaunzemis  • "Top-Notch Gallivanter" • Multi-Hyphenate • Practitioner of Assorted Madness

These future theater makers, performers, and artists look fear in the eye every day and say, “Not today, Satan” - for many reasons. Watching them walk out of school today into Lincoln Center, I was hit with overwhelming awe. These kids know their power. These kids know they are self-defined and that anyone who tries to dull their sparkle is wrong, and have a wealth of discourse to say “and here’s why.” These kids know oppression and injustice when they see and feel it, and speak up. These kids are punk as hell. This country is full of whack adults with twisted values, but it’s also full of blindingly bright, stunningly determined, incredibly talented youth. They have my support, admiration, and voice in their choir. I am lucky I get to walk into this building with them, make art, and support their lives and dreams. Enough is enough. Not one more. One child is more precious than all the guns in the world. If I can instill into these kids that they matter, they are valued by the adults they look up to who are supposed to protect them, that feels like a lot- and it should be baseline for any adult that enters a child’s life.

Happy Opening to “Locked Up Bitches” @thefleatheater 🐾🌈🧚🏽‍♂️🐶😻!!! I scream the entire time watching this show, it is- THE 👏🏼 MOST 👏🏼 FUN 👏🏼 - if you don’t come, you’re gay! If you do come, you’re also GAY! COME BE SUPER GAY AND HAVE FUN! Lit-er-a-lly it’s the best thing you could do! Honored to have had the opportunity to design these bitchin’ costumes @mccatya @michaelrainerules #thefleatheater #lockedupbitches #queerartists #gaytheatre #bitch #pussy

@spotify gave me a birthday present and put @packdrawn ‘s video of my choreography up with @aarontaos song, bbs! Listen to “Amazing” in the app and see my work with @trevvibes and @okkathleen !! 🌈🍰🧡✨🔥💋💖🌹📀🦄 UGH! LOOK HOW CHIC! #birthdaysurprise #choreographer #aarontaos #nycmusic #madeinnyc #queerartist

🌸⚡️🔥Beautiful movement stills from collaboration with @clairefleurynyc 💓and @alesiaexumfotografie 💛for “Future Memory” video. Makeup by @whatitbeabbyp 🧡 #queerartist #danceartist #clairefleurynyc #alesiaexum #queerdance #dancenyc

Latest video I choreographed, “Amazing” by @aarontaos, shot by @packdrawn out now! Featuring @okkathleen and @trevvibes 🔥🧡🥡 produced by @gigiro93 🌈 link in bio bbs #choreographer #musicvideo #amazing #aarontaos #chinatown #nycdance #cinematography

In one of my natural habitats, finishing 40+ costumes and finding my light. Come see “Locked Up Bitches” at @thefleatheater !! I have hand stitched too many cat ears and hot glued too many rhinestones for you to miss it. Imagine Missy Elliot was a cat-loving drag queen obsessed with orange is the new black, and welcome to this raunchy, queer, hilarious show. Are you a Pussy or a Bitch?! Come find out, you queer! 😻🐾✨🌈 .
P.S. I’m so freaking tired.

Meet “Lil’ Sweetie,” my first packer in a line of many for @god.drag and many queers to come. If you want one for life, let me know. If you want one for stage, let me know. Here to terrorize gender, won’t you join me 🧡🔥
Hell-sent by God herself: “When the ice angel to ur filthy devil moonlights as ur personal costume designer. 👹🔥🙌🏼💎🧚🏼‍♀️
THANK U @nothings_precious_ for #godcomplex ‘s first dick (her name is Lil Sweetie and she is anything but lil). Eva is incredible and WILL do custom drag costuming work for u (esp for kings and gender fluid drag) and also makes packers for trans folks. Hit her up! U will see me in so much of her stuff in the coming months 🔥🦇🔥”
Getting ready for QUEER AS IN FUCK YOU • TONIGHT! • 11pm! at @ottosnyc #punkdrag #dragthey #dragking #godcomplex #lilsweetie #godthedragking #ottosshrunkenhead #drag #queer #🌈🌈🌈 #genderfluiddrag #nonbinary #nonbinarydrag #binaryfashion #packer #ftm #transwear #fluidwear

My thoughts at the Gyno today being asked about my *partners* #obgyn #youregay

“Imagine a future and be in it
Feel this incredible nurture, soak it in
Your past is on loop, turn it off
See this possible future and be in it... Trust your head around
Guide your stare elsewhere
Your love is already waiting
You’re already in it... Watch me form new nests
Weave a matriarchal dome
Builds musical scaffolding
Between sleep and awake
Day and night
Between night and day” ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ 📸 @vida.tayebati
From performance of “Danger Signals” this summer with @built4collapse at the @newohiotheatre (Future Forever, Björk)
#björk #futureforever #thefutureisfluid #builtforcollapse #newohiotheatre #dancernyc

This spot on stage of @animalwisdomshow held me in love, safety, strength, and forgiveness night after night at the @bushwickstarr 🕊🐊🐺🌱 returning in my 🧠 and 🧡 to the salve that is @hcarbornauts ‘s music for some resilience tonight. Each night in the dark I would feel with my feet the edges of these carpets to find my mark, trust I was in the right place, and settle in. Imagining myself back in this spot helps me trust my place now that the lights are back on. Still feeling incredibly grateful to every person who entered this world and let me be a part of it @sashabrownmusic @missmayabee @perm_bots @symmetric_fred @herrthrr @lsajackson @emkow77 @cttirb @sarahfrancisca


Makeup for THE FUTURE IS OPEN by Tori Wrånes @closest_relatives at @prototypefest on the wonderful @erykadellenbach 📸 by Eryka #thefutureisopen #genderisover #prototypefestival #womynpower

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