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jason  you can't unfry things

painting of my former workplace on fire very cathartic

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Saying goodbye to my car tomorrow. In five years together we lived in four different states, took bands to gigs, had guns pointed at us, and got into my first car accident while traipsing over every inch of this prolapsed anus of a country. My cargo van, oftentimes my bed, my dining room, my Rocinante--you were born with a bad heart and could not have been cursed with a worse owner, but you always gave it your all. I''ll never forget you.

My shirt matches this painting by my all time favorite painter Robert mommywell


Hello people of instagram. More specifically Asian people of Instagram.
As I’ve started to write about race more often, whether in the context of the Fast and Furious zines or blog posts about my personal experiences and feelings, it’s become readily apparent that there are not only many people who, in a general sense, feel the way I feel, but also that it is much more complicated and variegated than that–that the same people who appreciate what I have to say also have a lot to add. In other words, the response has been “YES! AND NOT TO MENTION!” I want all your “not to mentions.” I'm working on a book/zine of writing and art related to my own experiences, as someone who lived within miles of Koreatown during the LA riots and nearly got stabbed by someone who called him a chink and so on and so on, but I also want to compile a zine and blog dedicated to the various expressions and endurances of Asian-American life, so that I can both learn about this stuff for myself and present these things in one place for people to see, read, and share. Because I think there's strength in this, but only insofar as it's presented in all its nuances.

So--do you have a comic page about microaggressions? A piece about why the Fast and Furious means so much to you? An essay about the ways Southeast Asians are left out of the conversation altogether? Do you just want to relate a story about the time someone called you a gook and you told your friend about how mad it made you and he said “I think you’re reading too much into it”? Send it to me. I want all your art and writing about this.

EMAIL: laurapallmall(AT)gmail(DOT)com.
Or share this with someone who think might want to contribute.

Got off work early and went for a ride

Found him

Caught a shirt out of a tshirt cannon now seeing Flo rida on a baseball field.

Wrote a long thing about boxing for nobody to read. On blog:

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