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Oakley + Welles + Family  Celebrating "Up syndrome" since 2013!

Guys! If you’re local, please come celebrate World Down Syndrome Day with us this weds (3/21)! @vivintgivesback wanted to help us host a party celebrating all individuals with Down syndrome and we could not be more excited about it. All are welcome! Swipe left and see the flyer, which you can show at the door for some free jump time at @airborne_draper with us. See my highlighted stories to RSVP and sign the waiver to jump. Can’t wait to see everyone!! And can’t wait to celebrate this beautiful diagnosis that has brought so much joy and beauty to our world. ♥️🌎 #worlddownsyndromeday #celebrate #nothingdownaboutit

#sundayselfies (does this count as a selfie?) are for #weekhighlights. This weeks highlight was opening my front door Tuesday morning to a baby ditched on my doorstep! Don’t worry.... it was followed by my sister and other nieces and nephew popping out from around the porch corner surprising me from Arizona. If you’ve followed along with us for a while, you know that my sisters are EVERYTHING to me. 👭👭 And those cousins of my kiddos are as well. So every single day this week has had my house filled with a minimum of 9 kids running, screaming, giggling and redecorating the house. It’s been the most beautiful kind of chaos. ♥️♥️♥️♥️ #happysunday #nothingdownaboutit

My sneaky little leprechauns double as my pot of gold. 🌈🍀 #happystpatricksday

Laying in bed thinking about how I need to get up and get moving. Scarlett climbed in our bed early this morning and has been squirming and kicking me for over an hour. Instead of feeling annoyed that I was woken up by Ames and Welles at 3am and haven’t been able to sleep since Scarlett climbed in with us, I’m feeling happy for these long days and nights. Usually I feel annoyed at nights like this, so don’t go thinking I’m some amazing mom. 😜 Just a little tender mercy this morning that will carry me through my day. Sometimes divine intervention strikes me with thoughts of gratitude and helps me choose the better attitude. 🙌🏼 Because you know... #MOMLIFE #agoodlife #nothingdownaboutit #exceptsometimes #whenyoureexhausted 😉

He gives #lucky a whole new meaning. ♥️ #myluckycharm🍀 #nothingdownabouthim
(Fave shirt from @nestboutique)

Run don’t walk! Tomorrow is the last day to get guaranteed shipping by World Down Syndrome Day on these Nothing Down About It shirts! You’ll also get your colorful socks to wear on WDSD. 💙 We are so grateful that so many of you are getting these to wear proudly and advocate with us. You guys are the best cheerleaders a guy like Welles could ask for! Thanks for always supporting. 😭♥️ #thiskid #nothingdownabouthim (link for shirts in highlighted stories or in profile) @centsofstyle

Welles and Peder (@shelbyosmond). My favorite thing to watch is Welles loving on babies. I think Welles and babies are still so connected with heaven and their sweet love shines so bright to remind us what’s important in life. Watch to the end. So tender. ♥️ #babylover #sliceofheaven #nothingdownaboutit

Felt so “in the moment” this weekend. I’m happiest when I put all the distractions on the back burner and give my people, my all. We spent our time in southern Utah with some of our favorite families... the kind of people that leave me feeling uplifted and inspired. Scarlett braved the getaway with 8 boys and rocked it as the only girl. Welles smothered @shelbyosmonds baby and made best friends with the dads. Ames claimed his spot as boss baby and Mr. Independent, as usual. Scott and I felt more relaxed on this trip than we have on any trip with kids since Ames was born. Welles only managed to clog one toilet with trash, Ames only stripped and peed on the floor once and Scarlett got along so well with all of the boys. We call this a perfect weekend! Driving home to do mounds of laundry and feeling good about the week ahead. #happysunday #nothingdownaboutotit

Ditching the snow for some red rock and sun. ☀️ For those who know the area... where are your favorite spots to eat and take kids in the St. George?? Here for a couple of days and looking for some great trails to “hike” with the kids. Also, Scarlett was fine after this slip. (warning: don’t try to jump on the tramp with snow stuck to your boots) 😆✌🏼out cold! Happy weekend, friends. #nothingdownaboutit

Just in time for World Down Syndrome Day 🙌🏼 They’re here! (kids and women’s sizes)! Our new shirts with @centsofstyle are ready to order so you can wear them, with pride and love, in support of the DS community. ☺️ Be sure to tag us in your pics, we love seeing you sport these special words. ♥️ Also, when you order you’ll also get a free pair of funky of socks to wear on World Down Syndrome Day! If you haven’t heard of the #rockyoursockscampaign, look into it! Everyone is supposed to rock their unique socks in support of being unique on WDSD... because our kids uniqueness is AWESOME! Get your shirts (and fun socks) through the link in my profile (bottom link)! Or through our highlighted stories! #wdsd #advocate #nothingdownaboutit

Out for a date with my “Girl Power” fanatic for international women’s day! #girlsruntheworld 👩🏻‍⚕️👩🏼‍🌾👩🏼‍🚒👩🏽‍🍳👩🏽‍🎨👩🏼‍🎓🤰🏾👩🏾‍💼👩🏼‍🏭👩🏿‍💻

Sometimes we color inside the lines. But not usually. 🤷🏼‍♀️♥️ This has to be the most physically exhausting phase of life. I feel like I’m burning a million calories a day (but apparently I’m not 🤔)! These turkeys wake me up through the night, they make huge messes all day, they’re completely dependent on me for most simple tasks, they play lots of little mind games (ahem, scarlett), they go through about 5 diapers a day (or need help wiping) AND they force me to constantly put myself on the back burner. But someday, when we are through this phase, and on to another.... I’m really going to miss this kind of chaos. I’ll miss these mornings that we have together to color on the floor. I’ll hate it when we’re in such a morning rush that we don’t have time for morning dance parties while getting jam all over the couch. I love these exhausting days of babies climbing all over me and ruining my clothes. I love how safe and cozy it feels having all of these kids under one roof for a good chunk of the day. ♥️♥️♥️ Now...... I’m off for a power nap! 😴 #mybabies #nothingdownaboutit

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