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These boys do everything together. Even get sick. 🤒 Fevers within an hour of each other. #sickies #besties #lovies

We’re an Instagram family. So we’re all happy. All the time. Every last one of us. 😝 #sarcasm #naptime #kidlife #sundayselfie

Found these gems for #TBT. 💛 He’s always adored that big sister. Since she started school he yells “Caryett!” (Scarlett) the moment she walks through the front door. Is it strange how much I picture him being the worlds best uncle to her babies someday? He’s so tender with her and baby dolls so it seems like a fitting thought. 🤷🏼‍♀️ Gosh I love old treasure pictures like these. 💛 #thatbondtho #nothingdownaboutit

This is one of my favorite things to do before bed. Ames always falls asleep before Welles and when I go in to kiss Welles he puts of a little show for mommy. #mrjoyful #nothingdownabouthim

#ad Sometimes, even when I know it might be a bigger mess than it’s worth, letting them have that independence can be so fun to watch. ♥️ Until someone knocks over a brand new bottle of salad dressing to shatter onto the floor... then it’s less cute. 😆
Does anyone else love water that’s been sitting in the fridge for hours? ❄️🙋🏼‍♀️ I especially love that chilled water when I know that the yucky lead has been filtered out. 🙅🏼‍♀️ I’ve quit soda drinking and stopped buying water bottles. #pattingmyselfontheback We love this 18 Cup @pur.water Ultimate Dispenser with Lead Reduction and how it's going to keep us all hydrated through the school year! It's really easy for the kids to use so I think I'll continue to let Scarlett be Ms. Independent since I super love watching her take care of her little brothers. Waters all around! 💦

Lazy summer days are over for that girl on the end! School starts tomorrow. How am I going to get my night owl to be a morning person?! We’ve gone to bed earlier the last few nights but she sleeps like in like a teenager. 😆 Other than getting her out the door, I think she’ll have a great first week. 🤞🏼Wish us luck! #mamasgotthejitters #fisrtgrade

Last night he surprised us by saying his first prayer. ♥️ We had family over for dinner and everyone was standing in a circle to bless the food when Welles folded his arms, bowed his head and loudly started spouting off a prayer. It wasn’t clear and I was only able to pick up words here and there but he ended it with a loud “MAMEN” (amen)! It was so beautiful watching him observe and then DO something very special to our family, as prayer grounds and connects us very deeply. He’s growing so fast these days... doing all the big boy things. Every single day I wonder how we got so lucky with this kid... he’s an answer to all the prayers. ♥️ #myboy #nothingdownabouthim

Mamas, I need your help. 🙏🏻 This spunky little firecracker doesn’t even know what’s coming this week. Last year she did half-day KG and I’ve got all the nerves for full-day 1st grade. She’s my feeler and loudly expresses all the emotions... I’m a little worried about the heaviness of a new schedule for my creative and playful little girl. What are some things you’ve done to help your kids adjust to full-day school? I feel like I could have been preparing her in some way but the summer ending has completely snuck up on me! Any advice would be fab. 😘 #mygirl

Are you having a fun Saturday? Or a project Saturday? Projects in our 🏡 ! And maybe some kisses from our helpers in between ☝🏼! I hate wasting a weekend on work, but..... #adulting 🙄 We have had so many play weekends, so today we’ll get to work and then play with the puppies in the evening. Tell me about your weekend so maybe I can live through your fun... 😉

Scott and I both have all sisters. I prayed and longed for little boys... don’t know why since I had such little experience with them. Looking back, there was always a part of me that felt their presence looming around me throughout my life. I think that we were deeply bonded from a time before earth. ☺️ They bring me an immense amount of JOY! Their playfulness is my happiness. Tonight I watched as they playfully tackled Scarlett and her eyes sparkled. I think she feels that same eternal bond. ✨ I love having different kinds of relationships with my different kids. Scarlett gives me a whole different kind of joy. What is your favorite part of having boys? (If you have them)

When he’s at work... we really miss him. These kids are so lucky. This mama is feels pretty lucky too. ♥️

Breakfast is my meal where I know I can win! The kids wake up hungry... they’ll eat what I put in front of them (most of the time 😆). Then... if we’re on the go and they eat junk... or if they get some at school or at a friends... I feel okay knowing they got the right stuff in the morning and we did our best throughout the day. I call this realistic parenting. 😜 Welles gets a giant shake first thing and I use the Vanilla @kidzshake as the base (then I add frozen berries a banana and loads of spinach). Scarlett and Ames like the chocolate flavor with a banana (and secret spinach 😉) added to it. Breakfast is defiantly our healthiest meal... I pack my kids with the fuel and vitamins they need for the day! One of the most frequent questions in our DM’s is what we use for Welles smoothies... @kidzshake as the base is amazing... complete multivitamin, daily probiotic, no added sugar and GMO free. Here’s to starting the school year off with good health!!

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