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Brittany Brown  NPC bikini Competitor 👙 Inspired by health & competition 💪🏽

Meet Nalah. #simplynalah. She makes my life more enjoyable especially in time of stress... and boy have I been stressed. #brindleboxer

In 4 weeks I’ll be stepping on spectrum fitness productions stage in Sacramento CA. I have been excited to compete in front of this panel of judges, and looking forward to receiving and implementing their feedback. My motivation is ... the desire for continued growth and improvement. I want to develop into the best version of myself athletically and personally.
What motivates you?
#Ilovebeinganathlete #npcbikini #fitnesscompetetor

Please ignore the orange face and harsh make up. This post is really about the importance of the support of a coach. @ingridromero1 @joediscuillo I definitely would not have been able to complete this prep without you two. Life is hard it throws you curve balls and these last 5 weeks of prep I was playing dodge ball! Thank you for the encouragement and ability to understand what stepping on the stage meant to me ... love you guys #teamedge #npcbikini #nevergiveup

There’s nothing like homemade #chickensoup when you’re sick and trying to stay focused on prep. #npcbikini #eatyourveggies

Woohooo! Super excited about this past Saturday’s placing ( 1st Novice B and Open bikini C). Thank you @joediscuillo & @ingridromero1... l’m so grateful for your guidance and dedication. Can’t wait to continue this journey with you. #npcbikini #edgebooty #justkeepswimming

Peak Week here we come!Stage Photo was 4 weeks ago. The other photo was this Friday!...One more week before I hit the Iron Games stage! So excited to be in the condition i am for this show and to end the season on this ☝️. #npcbikini #edgebooty #hangery

My nightly night cap. 1 teaspoon of turmeric 2 teaspoons of magnesium by CALM ( unflavored) add pepper corns to help with turmeric absorption. Then hot water to allow all ingredients to dissolve. Squeeze 1 full lemon. Then tea of your choice. I've been using lemon ginger. This helps me sleep, adds a nice amount of vitamin C, and works against inflammation. Try it 😘 ps. Magnesium powder can help with regularity so start off with 1 teaspoon first and monitor how you tummy handles 😜
#sleepingbeauty #npcbikini

Edge girls definitely took home some hard earned hardware tonight. Congratulations to my teammates @rjhoxfit @swedefit . Thank you @joediscuillo @ingridromero1 for you support we all love you and appreciate your dedication in helping us achieve our goals... and @annadaltro you are an angel thank you for claiming my nerves prior to pre judging 😘😘 #edgebooty #justkeepswimming

Just reflecting on the past 9-10 weeks...Remembering where I was physically and mentally and how much hard work I've put in to be where I am now. Getting pumped before I hit the stage again tomorrow. Thanks @kmmproductions for the beautiful photo❤️ #npcbikini #edgebooty #keepongrinding

Excited to be stepping on stage again in 2.5 weeks! #npcbikini #edgebooty

This past Thursday I had the privilege of working with @kmmproductions for my FIRST EVER shoot! I was always skeptical and nervous to put myself out there in, what I felt was, a vulnerable way. But as @kmmproductions put it its memories of your journey and hard work. Thank you for making me feel comfortable, beautiful, and sexy. 😜. #npcbikiniathlete #teamedgefam #kmmproductions

Every step you take and every improvement made matters. Had an amazing weekend with the #teamedgefam in Las Vegas at the #patriotschallenge . I was extremely inspired by the IFBB bikini competitors who were flighting for the opportunity to compete at the Olympia. This is a tough sport and I love it. Thank you @ingridromero1 and @joediscuillo you 2 are amazing coaches and wonderful humans. #npcbikiniathlete

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