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Brittany Brown  NPC bikini Competitor 👙 Inspired by health & competition 💪🏽

Good morning! How do you drink your coffee in the morning? For me I prefer drip or an americano. I loved a little splash of cream or at times heavy cream... until I discovered Oat-LY. OMG I’m in LOVE! Seriously. It has the same consistency as milk but obviously non dairy and Vegan friendly... and it’s delicious. Great substitute especially when on prep. ❤️
#bikinicompetitor #preplife #veganfriendly

This past weekend went amazing. I made first call outs in a super competitive show. But most importantly I have noticed changes in my physique within the past year that excite me more than anything. Thank you @joediscuillo and @ingridromero1 My coaches are amazing❤️ I think it is important post show to reflect on what you have accomplished through prep and improvement season both mentally and physically because it are those accomplishments that are long lasting and keeps you striving and pushing forward. #npcbikini #bodybuilding #athlete

Love this quote. It couldn’t be more true. Your mind is powerful. In vision what you want... make daily positive actions to achieve what you in Vision... opportunities will arise, and soon what you had In visioned, becomes your reality ❤️ Thank you @travelinfoolv for reminding me of this 😘

For WCW I would like to take it back to KWU soccer days and send my love to my soccer ladies. I love you all miss you 😘
#collegesoccer #athlete #WCW

I love this cartoon picture. It make me laugh 🤭. It’s PEAK WEEK! Which means more running/ cardio for me. Time to kick the weeks 🍑 s. #npcbikini #peakweek #fortheloveofcompeting
Make Monday your best day 😘

I still have a long way to go in my fitness journey but I will remember where I came from and be happy at where I’m at now. Results that last take TIME and CONSISTENCY. If you keep grinding eventually it will all come together.
#npcbikini #competetor #fitnessjourney

Make a mental note of something beautiful in or around your surroundings today. Maybe this will cure the Monday blues
#caseoftheMondays #npcbikini #fastedcardio

Just over here feeling hungry tired and depleted... and I ❤️ it. Seriously I LOVE IT. It’s uncomfortable at times but thats life. It takes strength, determination, and a dash of stubbornness to keep pushing through. You are in control of your actions. Make it a great weekend and keep working towards your goals. 2 weeks out!!@spectrumfitnessproductions #npcbikini #goals #justkeepswimming

It’s hump day! Stay focused, keep going, keep pushing, keep your goals in sight, and remember how to eat an elephant.
When I was trying to balance nursing school and college soccer there were days I felt completely and totally overwhelmed. Which honestly seems inconsequential now; however My dad would attempted to calm me down by saying “Brittany how do you eat an elephant.” The answer is: One bite at a time.
So no matter what stressors are fired your way, continue to dream big, take important steps towards conquering your goals, while remembering how to eat and elephant.
#conquer #dream #npcbikini

Meet Nalah. #simplynalah. She makes my life more enjoyable especially in time of stress... and boy have I been stressed. #brindleboxer

In 4 weeks I’ll be stepping on spectrum fitness productions stage in Sacramento CA. I have been excited to compete in front of this panel of judges, and looking forward to receiving and implementing their feedback. My motivation is ... the desire for continued growth and improvement. I want to develop into the best version of myself athletically and personally.
What motivates you?
#Ilovebeinganathlete #npcbikini #fitnesscompetetor

Please ignore the orange face and harsh make up. This post is really about the importance of the support of a coach. @ingridromero1 @joediscuillo I definitely would not have been able to complete this prep without you two. Life is hard it throws you curve balls and these last 5 weeks of prep I was playing dodge ball! Thank you for the encouragement and ability to understand what stepping on the stage meant to me ... love you guys #teamedge #npcbikini #nevergiveup

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