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@ thanksgiving dinner

i won -Cj

whos gna make the best gingerbread housešŸ¤“

big d*cks>>

Reminiscing on this crispy seaweed sprinkled octopus dish I got every single lunch break over summeršŸ˜¦

ok word bout to go in.
with me is the rad operations manager Jason Carter && and my dope videographer Ian

battle of the beasts. #emersonchannel

Halloween cook-off. #emersonchannel

picture taken by an old lver

happy bday to my lil niece// she's so presh :')

grandma's famous tofu crabmeat soupā„¢: the broth is thickened with flour and butter. the crabmeat tender & sweet. and the yellowness from the crab yolks kneaded into the broth. also that trademark sign makes me look like a tool, yo