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Milk. Just🍼  the Destroyer of Worlds, or at least Dad's things when he's not looking fav food: rib-eye, Icelandic yogurt, hats fav movie: Up homeschooled in NYC

Temperature is ⬆️ again. I'm trying to stay zen and cool down. You must be shapeless, formless, like Milk. Become like Milk, my furriends.

Coming soon to a theater near you. #milkyway #summernightsseries (our first video. Should we post more?)

Dad: "When you depart from me, sorrow abides, and happiness takes his leave. " Me: 🙄

Dad: "Do you want to go to Central Park, Milk?" Me: "I'm gonna stick with central air today."

I interrupt the sunset photo streak to bring you this very very important message. Love you, Dad. Love your Dads.

We only take sunset shots now. There can only be one sun in the photo.

Dad: "Everything the light touches..." Me: 🙄

I'm Dad's sunshine, his only sunshine. I make him happy when skies are gray. I do know how much he loves me. For I'm the sunshine that will never go away. (corrected lyrics) #chasinglight #sunlitmilk

Dad was trying to rush me to pose so we could go back inside; it's 100 degrees here today if you round up. But I was like, chill. (P.S. bandana yay or nay? I don't dislike it as much as shirts tho 🤣)

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