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The Norwegian Lifting Goddess  Non-competitor Loves to eat Does not sell fit teas or waist trainers 💁🏼‍♀️ Farm girl, dreamer, writer, EDM Wannabe strongwoman-bodybuilder. 🚫DMs

Was feeling thick. Might stretch later 🤣

I haven’t been posting much lately because I feel like I’m posting everything on repeat. It gets old 😅 I don’t take a lot of training videos because it interrupts with my training intensity also. ⁣

I generally keep my rest periods 45-60 seconds with frequent use of supersets, since I prefer intensity over long breaks. That doesn’t give me a lot of time to set up a camera and go. ⁣

Ideas are always welcome 📝⁣

My physique varies incredibly from day to day, depending on what and how much I eat. Some days I have vascularity and other days puffy and love handles. So I’m just enjoying each form from day to day. I was feeling the pump the other day, so here ya go! #flexoff #pump #workout #posing #bodybuilderpose #sidechest #veins #biceps #strongwomen #ladieswholift #tiddies #tittiepump #anglesandlightingbro

Yes! I still deadlift sometimes 🤣

185lb deficit deadlift. I was originally only going to do 5 reps but whatever 😂 I could have done more reps but I didn’t want to push it too far.
Still some work to do. I think my hips come up before my shoulders, instead of one fluid movement.
Always work to be done ☺️☺️#deadlift #powerlifting #powerlifter #fitness #lifting #workingout #legday #sometiemesisquat

Happy early Mother’s Day to mama bear ❤️⁣

💜Not only did she beat cancer TWICE, but she did so while raising 4 bratty children by herself! ⁣

💛She also battles chronic illness and pain on a daily basis and still finds it in her to keep smiling. ⁣

Love you, mom❤️❤️⁣ #motherday #mom #family #mommabear

This was after a good arm day a while back. Nothing beats a good pump 🤣 #arms #flex #biceps #workout #flexoff #fitchick #womenwholift #strongwomen #strongissexy #ladieswholift

Oh.... Haiiii 😏😏 this bathing suit is probably for show. I didn’t realize when i lift my arms, my suit pops up and my tiddies show. #selfmadephotoshoot #sofancy #showalittleleg #tiddies #ittybittycommittee #nofilter #baywatch

My lil red dress I bought 😊 and no, I’m not smiling. I forgot. M’Kay?? I’m smiling inside so much my hypothetical cheeks hurt 🤣 #dress #littlereddress #fitwomen #dressup

We had a little too much fun training core @kaylaconquers lmao! My famous line “oh, Lord!” 😂😂 awkward doesn’t even begin to explain how awkward I am at balance and core 😂

I was really tentative to post this. Never in a million years would I ever have wanted to post flaunting my bare ass cheeks like so many other social media “influencers.” ⁣
What if my work colleagues judge me? What if people at the gym judge me?⁣

But as I get older, I care less of what people will think of me. I post because I’m proud of my hard work. Not seeking unwanted sexual attention. ❌⁣

I want to thank my sister for setting me up with an amazing glute program. Without her, I’d still be a bro lifter. ❤️⁣

Prior to last year, I was the typical bro lifter with legs. I thought accessory and glute work was senseless and had no place. I always trained in the 8-10 rep range. My booty saw NO gains in almost 9 years from my monotonous 1 day per week all encompassing leg day. Never actually feeling muscles being worked. Just going through the motions. ⁣

✅So I tried something new. 2-3 leg days a week (entire leg day, quads/glutes, and hams/glutes) Changed my rep ranges 12-20 reps. Implementing, hip thrusts, side lunges, banded Romanian deadlifts etc ⁣
And In just over a year I’ve seen tremendous changes. ⁣

My butt went from flat, wide and saggy, to better rounded. Still always more work to do but I’m much better than I was even a month ago. ⁣

✅AND NOTE: Yes, I still have cellulite. MOST WOMEN HAVE CELLULITE. All pictures are candid and not posed. ⁣

P.s. I wish I had better quality photos from 10 years ago. I was so ashamed with my body and butt that I deleted every progress picture I took. Don’t do that 😅 😅 #booty #legday #cellulite #womenempowerment #loveyourself #loveyourbody #change #progress #quads #glutes🍑 #workout #candid #nofilter #rear #bubblebutt #wip #femalelifter #shelifts

Throwback to my leaner days.
This year I’m a little bit wiser and have learned to love my body for every form it takes. Instead of picking apart the things you hate about your body, celebrate its capabilities. If you work against it, it will work against you. #lean #loveyourself #positivity #bodyimage #curves #embraceyourbody #musclesandtattoos #fitgirls (ps. I haven’t been as active lately. Lots going on in my world but I’ll post regularly soon).

Had a gym date with my better half yesterday. 👱🏻‍♀️⁣

She insisted on a pre gym selfie so peaches it is.🍑⁣ ⁣
Video demonstrates a unilateral overhead press. Good for stability and balance. ⁣
I find my left shoulder is much weaker than the left, so implementing unilateral exercises help with my imbalance. ⁣
✅Ensure to keep the core tight and focus on a good eccentric. ⁣
✅keep the shoulder engaged the entire time. Don’t just let it drop to start position once you’ve reached the top of the movement. ⁣

Happy Easter, Folks! Music by Kloudization

#workout #fitness #twins #twinfit #lifting #shoulders #womenwholift #shoulders #press #

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