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My best nine! I know I’ve been a terrible admin this year except for over the summer, but I really want to thank you guys for all your support! I love you all!💕

Got a little message from Cindy for you guys to celebrate my three years here💙 Enjoy!

Finally, here's the progress and before and after of my anniversary edit! I know the vid isn't much because I didn't do much on procreate, but I wanted to show the before and after and I have a theme going😂 lol I know I didn't change much to Anna, we look really alike in my opinion so😂😂😂 I made the face rounder, changed the eye shape, made the nose larger, smoothed out some freckles, changed the lip color to look like the lipstick I wear for her, and changed the eye and skin color a bit! I also brightened the overall edit. Enjoy💕

guys. 3 years. what?!
I created this account one day because I saw a bunch of Disney themed pins on Pinterest and wanted somewhere to post them (any one remember @/disneyetc? Yep, that was me) eventually I started putting text on photos and posting this. A lot of crazy themes, spacers, and usernames later, I started learning how to use editing apps and made a slow transition into some manips. More usernames and followers later, I became @norwaystiara! Now I'm here and this account was the best decision I've ever made. I've made so many amazing friends (@annna.in.arendelle, @jelsa.comicz, @helsatrash, @chocolatiey, @bigsix_comicstrip, the list goes on) and have been introduced to so many amazing things. I began really wanting to cosplay through Instagram, and that dream was fulfilled this summer! (Hence the edit, that's supposed to be me in my Anna cosplay. Doesn't look like I did anything to it but I'll post a before and after) I am so grateful for all 3.6k+ of you. The fact that you guys clicked that follow button still has me dumbfounded. Thank you so much for all of your support, it means the world to me. I love you all to the moon and back💕 Here's to another year of magic!

Here's the progress video of (most of) my latest edit💙 Some got cut off but it's not that big of a deal. Enjoy!

« Birthday Cuddles »🐯
#dtms9_finaltask -
Hey guys! How are you all?
I think this edit turned out really cute! I hope I made Rajah look CGI enough. I'm not super proud of how Jasmine herself looks, but I do really like the outfit! It was based on historically accurate artwork of her. I really like how the top turned out, so sparkly 😍
This was such a fun competition and a way for me to edit more this summer! Good luck to all the finalists💕
« #disney #alladin #disneyalladin #jasmine #disneyjasmine #disneyprincess #disneyprincesses #rajahdisney #dtms9_finaltask »

» scroll for a before & after! »
Here's the progress video of the edit I posted (late) last night! I had to cut off a few seconds but the majority of the process is there. I used Anna's eyes to create her and did some reshaping on FaceTune which isn't shown here. Enjoy!
Apps: Leonardo, FaceTune, Procreate, and Splice(to edit the video)
OC Credit: @waltsdiary

« the red carpet❤️ »
#DTMS9_Task7 -
(Yet another late night post, sorry guys!)
Hi everyone, how are you all?
Here's my CGI version of @waltsdiary's OC Clarissa Abernathy for this task of @disneystopmodel ! I think she turned out cute💕 I think this is the sparkliest outfit I've ever created😂✨ But I think it turned out super pretty and very fit for a movie premiere! Enjoy💜
« #movies #moviepremiere #redcarpet #oc #originalchatacter #clarissaabernathy #waltsdiary #disneyoc #disneyedit #disneyedits #designer #designerfashion #designerdress #purpledress #sparklygown #eveninggown #DTMS9_Task7 »

» scroll for part two and a before and after! »
A couple of you guys guessed right on who I used as Tiana's base, good job! I had so much fun making this edit😍 Enjoy!
(Excuse the fact that the photo in the beginning of the first vid is there for a really long time, i added it for the thumbnail and am too lazy to make it shorter😂)

« Dreams do come true in New Orleans💚 »
#DTMS9_task6 -
Another super late night edit sorry guys😬 But I am so proud of this! I'm in love with how my CGI Tiana turned out(I'll be impressed if you guess who I used as the base). I'm not super hyped about her outfit, but it's still cute. The accessory is the brooch on her dress. Also, I used a photo of the @/fairytalewigs Tiana wig as the base for her hair but I drew over most of it. The Princess and the Frog is honestly one of my favorite Disney movies, so I was so excited to edit Tiana!
Anyway, I hope you like this, I love you all! Comment below who you think I used as the base for Tiana, and I'll reveal her with my progress video of the edit tomorrow 🐸
#disney #disneytheprincessandthefrog #theprincessandthefrog #disneytiana #tiana #disneyprincess #disneyedit #dtms9_task6

Here's the video of the edit I posted last night💕 I'm proud of the little details I added, like the velvet texture on Punzie's dress, removing the satchel from the boat(the part where I draw lanterns over it got cut off 😢), and tucking Eugene's bangs back! Enjoy!💕 (Also, I think I'm going to make a tutorial soon on how I make textured dresses, so stay tuned!)

"Now that I see you"🏮✨
#dtms9_task5 -
Yes, I'm aware of how late it is😂 I procrastinated this edit all week yikes.
I thought this would be a cute edit to do for a date night, and Eupunzel has been very neglected on my page! I was going to edit Punzie's short hair but I'm too tired. I think it turned out nice though! And the dress is red btw, it's just the warm lighting that makes it look a bit orange.
Anyway, enjoy! I love you all 💕
#disney #tangled #rapunzel #eugenefitzherbert #flynnrider #eupunzel #lanterns #atlastiseethelight #dtms9_task5

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