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princesses throughout the ages!
Hi guys! I’m so excited to finally present this collab with so many amazing editors! We started this way back in August and it’s so amazing to have seen it come together 😍 I hope you guys love it as much as we do!❤️

here's the progress video for my latest edit! the beginning and the end of the video are trimmed off, sorry about that😭

"do you, anna, take kristoff to be your trollfully wedded..."
woah! I'm back! crazy, right? i've missed editing and you guys so much😭 this is a simple edit I started forever ago; my concept was that anna and kristoff are getting married with the trolls, but for real this time😂💕 I changed their facial expressions and drew anna's hair! I hope you guys like it, and I hope to post at least one more edit in the next week because I'm on break! I love you guys!💕


very late in the year on this, but here's a theme divider because I'm about to post a new edit! (crazy, huh?)


My best nine! I know I’ve been a terrible admin this year except for over the summer, but I really want to thank you guys for all your support! I love you all!💕

Finally, here's the progress and before and after of my anniversary edit! I know the vid isn't much because I didn't do much on procreate, but I wanted to show the before and after and I have a theme going😂 lol I know I didn't change much to Anna, we look really alike in my opinion so😂😂😂 I made the face rounder, changed the eye shape, made the nose larger, smoothed out some freckles, changed the lip color to look like the lipstick I wear for her, and changed the eye and skin color a bit! I also brightened the overall edit. Enjoy💕

guys. 3 years. what?!
I created this account one day because I saw a bunch of Disney themed pins on Pinterest and wanted somewhere to post them (any one remember @/disneyetc? Yep, that was me) eventually I started putting text on photos and posting this. A lot of crazy themes, spacers, and usernames later, I started learning how to use editing apps and made a slow transition into some manips. More usernames and followers later, I became @norwaystiara! Now I'm here and this account was the best decision I've ever made. I've made so many amazing friends (, @jelsa.comicz, @helsatrash, @chocolatiey, @bigsix_comicstrip, the list goes on) and have been introduced to so many amazing things. I began really wanting to cosplay through Instagram, and that dream was fulfilled this summer! (Hence the edit, that's supposed to be me in my Anna cosplay. Doesn't look like I did anything to it but I'll post a before and after) I am so grateful for all 3.6k+ of you. The fact that you guys clicked that follow button still has me dumbfounded. Thank you so much for all of your support, it means the world to me. I love you all to the moon and back💕 Here's to another year of magic!

Here's the progress video of (most of) my latest edit💙 Some got cut off but it's not that big of a deal. Enjoy!

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Hey guys! How are you all?
I think this edit turned out really cute! I hope I made Rajah look CGI enough. I'm not super proud of how Jasmine herself looks, but I do really like the outfit! It was based on historically accurate artwork of her. I really like how the top turned out, so sparkly 😍
This was such a fun competition and a way for me to edit more this summer! Good luck to all the finalists💕
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Here's the progress video of the edit I posted (late) last night! I had to cut off a few seconds but the majority of the process is there. I used Anna's eyes to create her and did some reshaping on FaceTune which isn't shown here. Enjoy!
Apps: Leonardo, FaceTune, Procreate, and Splice(to edit the video)
OC Credit: @waltsdiary

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