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North West Barber Co.  19-21 Wellgate Clitheroe, BB7 2DP 01200425666 Established 2013 💈🇬🇧 Uppercut Deluxe Ambassador Appointments: (click below)

Being a barber isn’t about haircuts. It’s about meeting people, getting to know them. It’s about a dedication to a community that means your door is open always for them. Don’t get me wrong, we love our craft, but without the people in the chair there is no hair on the floor. (Photo by Cristofer Morante)

NWBC “SELF MADE” - by @whitenosugartv - head to for the full version.
I first met Tim when he was filming for @greatrock back in the day. We have worked on various project together for @uppercutdeluxe and always said one day we would do something independently. This winter Tim came and created the above film, a short story about what NWBC stands for, what it means to us and what it means to our community. If you are one of our clients, we fucking love you. Enjoy!! (ft. @joshuarse_ & @s_jenno)

The short NWBC film by @whitenosugartv will be released on Friday!!

We will be releasing a short film about NWBC by @whitenosugartv next week - shot back in February when it was dark and rainy. Can’t wait to see the finished article 🙌🏻

I cut my dad (big D)’s hair in the barbershop today. This is a big deal because it’s the first time in this barbershop, second haircut I’ve done on him in my chair in 5 years. He’s always cut his own hair at home, when I lived there I used to finish the neck line for him (or sometimes @jamesbrownless had a bash) but he’s always insisted on doing it himself as he doesn’t want to “waste one of my appointment slots” as he used to put it. He’s converted to coming to the barbershop since his working hours are a little less since he retired from the police and he can get across for regular trims. I don’t even care if nobody reads this or thinks “oh wow that’s a cool haircut” because it’s the most important haircut I’ve done this year and I’m just buzzing!!

Josh Clarke - @joshuarse_

I’d very much like to do more creative haircuts, preferably mid-length/long hair. Male/Female. If you’ll give me free reign I’ll cut your hair for free. Message me if you’re feeling adventurous ✌🏻#uppercutdeluxe

Uppercut Deluxe Easy Hold - my favourite product at the moment and the product I’m using the most in the shop, especially with it’s light weight finish in this hot weather, perfect combination 👌🏻

I’ve been cutting Dan’s hair for a few years now. He works off shore and usually makes haircut top of his list of things to do when he gets home. This time he took a helicopter from the rig to mainland Scotland straight after a shift, then a flight, a train to Manchester, then a lift from Manchester to the barbershop for his appointment. If THAT doesn’t make you feel good when someone makes that much effort to sit in your chair for a service then I don’t know what will. Thanks for being a fun client Dan!


Restyle on my man @richardlazenby today!! There is some before shots on our story if you want to see how much came off ✂️✂️✂️

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