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Peter Blackhand  7 years of Nordic tattoos and a lifetime of being a northern nerd. This account is focused on my nordic tattoos, and teaching nordic history and art.


Did this sleeve over the week, so i thought i should tell a bit about it - info about choice of gods and such will come in the next post though. So, basically this is another of my Valkyrian Armour-sleeves. My client is French, but lives in Sweden and to me she has a really good tie to the earth and the north, so i naturally drifted towards this style and build-up. When you look at it from afar, it is like branches or roots, but up close it is a highly detailed set of interwoven godmask and wolves, all forming a protective armour. The style is very based on the Bamberg and Cammin-chests. You could argue that they fall within the confines of other styles, but they possess a certain magic in their construction, as each panel is confined to itself, yet is part of a greater whole. I tried to implement the same feel in this project. It will have more details and a few finishing touches done the coming summer in Sweden.

The Mimir hoodie, as it now is starting to shape up. This is a graphic test so far. Huginn and Muninn on the hood, Geri and Freki on the sleeves and Mimir the Wise on the front. With a bit of luck, there will also be a Sleipnir on the back :). Go support our kickstarter and get yourself one of these (link in the @blackhandnomad bio). :) #dotwork #dotworktattoo #nordic #nordicart #nordicblack #nordicdesign #viking #vikings #vikingink #vikingtattoo #vikingclothing #mimir #huginn #muninn #geri #freki #odin #wotan

Island of Skye. Need to visit there someday.

"Wolves of Winter", the second T-shirt on my Kickstarter. The design is not completed yet, but this is a good start :). To get one at an earlybird rate, jump to @blackhandnomad and press the link in my bio. It helps us continue doing more nordic clothing :). #viking #vikings #vikingtattoo #nordic #nordictattoo #nordicart #nordicclothing

Summer of 2018, we will go through the North. If you are interested in ink while we are there, email us and let us know. We will be on the road and aim to visit strange places, so if a project is interesting, we might be up for coming your way :). Blackmantra.ink@gmail.com

Hati and Skoll. This was an amazing task. Based on the Mammen style, each sleeve is freehand-drawn. More will come for this New Zealand brave next year, where his back will be the canvas for the King of the Jotunn. #dotworktattoo #dotwork #nordic #nordictattoo #viking #vikingtattoo #historicaltattoo #wolftattoo #wolf #nordicmythology

Second arm in progress.

Tshirts coming soon. What size would you go for? We need info before we go to print :). And a bit of nerdery on the design - Based on the mammen-masks, i focused this design to fit the tshirt shape. The eyes are based on a pin/brooch and the weavings of tendrils is a mix of the Aros-mask and the mask i use for my profile-pic, one of my favourites from Russia.

Getting there. Urnes-style dragon-sleeves with scales to match the church-roof. Mammen based Yggdrasil on the front, Mammen-style godmask on the back, Mammen/Borre based ravens on the ribs and bindrunes on hands and legs+feet. Thank you David for being adequately insane :). #historicaltattoo #viking #nordic #vikings #mammen #borre #urnes #vikingtattoo #runes #futhark #nordicink #nordictattoo #geometry #blackworktattoo #blackworkerssubmission

Video-shot of Raven Number 1. I will do a full video of David spinning around when we are done this week i think. #dotwork #dotworktattoo #nordic #nordictattoo #viking #vikingtattoo #raven #odin #huginn #muninn #historicaltattoo #vikings

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