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Amanda Foster  Chasing creativity & Lovin’ this beautifully imperfect life ❤️ Momma of 3 🇨🇦 Browse patterns ⬇️ Next crochet wear update TBD

Humble beginnings...
So far I’m really digging the contrast and hoping this works out as planned! ☺️💙🖤

Orders all packed up and for delivery today. ☺️
I was being a bit lazy and didn’t want to photograph and post everything on Etsy this week. 🙈 So I’ve put up an informal post with all my items for sale on my Facebook page. So, if you’d like to grab some items before I post them to Etsy, head to my NorthernKnots Facebook page. All my items are in the latest posts. I ship worldwide and can easily get you a shipping quote if you’d like. I’m almost sold out of the slouch hats I posted, but I have a bunch more almost ready, so let me know if you’d like me to send you pics. ☺️

And just like that, I blinked and he’s 2!!! Happy Birthday Little Man! 🎉🎁🎈🎉🎁🎈
Let’s all pray that I survive the terrible twos with my sanity intact?? 😂

I’m thinking I should frog the collar, and put in a shorter grey collar? Maybe with a bit of a “V” to it? What do you think?
This is the Blurred Lines sweater by @addydae_designs . I’m honestly really loving the pattern and how it’s fitting so far. I modified the pattern a bit, making it so that I could easily frog and change the neckline if I wanted. I know how indecisive I can be and planned ahead. 😂😂🤷‍♀️🙈

Crocheting my very first sweater and feeling all kinds of excited and nervous! I’ve made a couple of tank tops, but this is a whole new ball game with sleeves, shaping, etc.
I have a few questions for those of you that are sweater experts...
Where do you usually like your sweaters to hit? I’m thinking I’d like this one a bit longer, maybe mid-hip???
And what sort of sleeves do you prefer? I love the thumb holes on this pattern, but I’m also tempted to do a 3/4 sleeve???
(This is the Blurred Lines sweater by @addydae_designs and the yarn was dyed by me. ☺️)

I wanted to show you my fav part of this top. I really love the little shoulder accent. And because I’m a fairly short human, I feel like a lot of people would actually notice it. (Since people naturally have to look down to see me anyhow... )😂
And also... Holy cow! Thank you so much to everyone that voted on my stripes or solids post from yesterday! I’m totally humbled by how many of you took the time to comment! And I’m especially humbled by how many of you liked the design!
I’d love to write this top up as a pattern once I sort out a few issues. But no promises, because clothing pattern designing = terrifying!

Left... or ...Right?
Stripes... or ...No Stripes?
The striped version on the left is my finished shirt. The right side (thanks to the power of Photoshop) shows how a solid body would look.
I’m going to crochet another version of this shirt, fixing a few issues and making it a bit looser fitting. Which version do you like better for my next attempt? The left or right?
Check out my new wooden earrings from @knitbrooks made by @thelivingnorth ☺️❤️

Showing off my “new” jeans and soon to be completed scarf/shawl. ☺️
You might have seen in my stories last week that I was refashioning an old pair of jeans... well they are done and I’m in love!
I had an old pair of jeans that were too small but they were so perfectly worn in and soft. So I decided to make them work again! I ripped them apart and;
• Added in denim to the sides to make them fit plus extra fabric at the bottom creating a wide flared leg
• Removed the waist band and added a nice wide flattering band
• Fixed the damaged/frayed bottoms
• And most importantly I nipped and tucked where needed, creating a custom fitted pair of jeans!
I now want to start custom fitting all my clothes, I can’t believe the difference it makes! So flippin’ comfortable!

Taking measurements before I finally get this top blocked. I’m so excited to wear it! And I want to start ASAP on another one but this time I think I’ll skip the stripes and do some sort of fade? .
(No pattern yet, but hopefully soon! ☺️)

A little peek at my work space today. I’m sewing buttons on slouchy hats while Mr Hank perfects his imitation of a giant dog who doesn’t give a sh**. But as long as he lets me bury my cold toes in his fur while I work... I’ll allow it. 😉

So I was selling my crochet goods at a market today... and there was pop (soda) for us to drink with our lunch. I never drink pop but I thought, “Sure! Why not?!”
After drinking some, it felt like I had a big bubble stuck in my throat that I couldn’t get rid of. So I assumed the solution was to drink a bunch of water to wash it away.
I was wrong...
So terribly wrong...
As I was drinking the water I did a weird cough gasp snort thing.... and all of a sudden the water was shooting out of my nose like a ridiculous water fountain!!!
(Oh how I wish I was exaggerating... 🙈)
As I was looking around horrified and thinking “What in the actual F____ just happened?!?!” .... I realized no one actually witnessed my newly acquired nose fountain abilities... and I’m not sure if I’m happy about this, or disappointed no one else saw my new talent? 😂🤷‍♀️
(Luckily, no crochet goodies were harmed by this. 🙌 And just in case you were thinking before this post that I actually have my act together... nope. Just nope. 😂😂😂)

I just finished putting this cutie together and I’m totally in love with how fun the pom turned out! ☺️❤️
I’m getting items and what not ready for the Southampton Gift and Vendor show tomorrow. If you’re in Grey or Bruce county, make sure you stop by and say “Hi”! ❤️
Oh! And for those of you who’ve messaged me and are patiently waiting for my items to be posted on Etsy... I hope to start photographing and listing items next week. 😘

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