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New post! Finally πŸ˜‰
I'm so sorry for the delay, first I had a lot of anxiety personally, and then i would try but fail at all attempts, also busy with a calculus class for summer school and work. But im trying my best! I thank @hiddengemblog for encouraging words to get me back on my feet 😊
Any who..
Eye shadow and highlight - all @morphebrushes 35P palette (highlight was the 35F). This palette is stunning, i love playing around with purples!
Eyebrows - As always @anastasiabeverlyhills dipbrow, finally got my hands on a new one.. Makes my life 10x easier.
Mascara and Lashes - @benefitcosmetics roller lash and @ardell_lashes
Liner (waterline) - it's a liner I have by @makeupforeverofficial can't remember the name though.. Its a dark purple

Please let me know your thoughts, it's always pleasant to see and encourages me to keep going 😊

#featuremuas #wakeupandmakeup

**-- Not my post, but keep reading! --** Next up for my favourites is @make_upbydani! Dani is one of my more recent follows being in the last month or so, but has quickly become one of my favourites. Plus, she's very kind! As you can see in the picture, she post many creative and absolutely astonishing looks. My favourite thus far being the bottom right photo. Lately she's been getting quite a lot of well deserved attention and well id also like you to join in on that. If you could give her a follow or let her know how talented she is, that would be great 😊! As I have to get ready for work now, this will be my last one for the next few hours. But i think I will either post more when I get home, or just make this a regular weekend thing for the next few weeks. I have a lot of favourites that deserve to know just how amazing they are. I know I love hearing feedback so I'm sure they do too! 😊

**-- Not my work, but please keep reading! --**
So, today I work practically the entire day and won't have time to do makeup with day light (I don't have any other source for lighting). Rather than not posting at all I've decided that instead im going to post a few pages that have really been inspiring me lately and have been my favourites.
First up, @ditteschaal. Ditte was one of the very first accounts that I followed on here for her talent. She has some of the most beautiful post I've seen. What's funny is that Ditte says sometimes that she's running out of ideas, but then BAM she posts another incredible look shortly after. She is practically the queen of blending and being very precise with her looks πŸ˜‰. She's also been noticed by numerous big brands such as @katvond! That's incredible and if that doesnt show just how talent she is, I'm not sure what else will!
Give her and all the accounts im about to post a follow/shout. I promise you won't regret it!

A little halo eye for today πŸ‘Ό
Brows - @anastasiabeverlyhills dip brow in medium brown
Eye Shadow - @starcrushedminerals loose matte pigment in amber glow, @makeupgeekcosmetics peach smoothie, barcelona beach, corrupt and shimma shimma @colourpopcosmetics ultra satin lip in point zero and @jeffreestarcosmetics liquid lipstick in weirdo mixed for a base for the makeup geek shadows
Lashes / Mascara - @ardell_lashes faux mink and @benefitcosmetics roller lash

Details in previous post.
Please let me know your thoughts, I'd love to hear them! πŸ’•
Also, I've never been great at making friends as I'm quite awkward.. But i would love to make friends in this community so please feel free to DM me.

Inspiration :
I had inspiration from an artist but I can't remember for the life of me who it was.. I lost the profile :( I will edit this when I find them. I'm sorry! ** FOUND HER! @angela_cuneo I was inspired from her look back from March! She has a lot of talent πŸ’•πŸ˜ --------------------------------------------
Brows - @anastasiabeverlyhills dip brow
Eye Shadow - @starcrushedminerals loose matte pigments. Guys I love these pigments.. Beware it takes a while to get the order but im beginning to think it's worth it as I love them so much.
Highlight - @sephora highlighter palette (incredible)
Liner - @colourpopcosmetics gel liner
Lashes / Mascara - @ardell_lashes faux mink lashes and @benefitcosmetics roller lash

The first time I uploaded this was shadow banned.. So let's try again. Tried switching off business profile.
Heavily inspired by @robertrmakeup. Rather than pink and orange though i changed it to blue. -------------------------------------------------
Brows - As always @anastasiabeverlyhills dip brow in medium brown, except this time set with @meltcosmetics brown eyeshadow from gun metal stack can't remember the name.
Eyes - @starcrushedminerals matte loose pigment
Wing /Shaped Liner - @colouredraine speechless and royal liquid lipstick
Highlight - @beccacosmetics pearl and matte white shadow from @smashboxcosmetics palette
Lashes /Mascara - @ardell_lashes faux mink lashes and @benefitcosmetics roller lash mascara

Set your life on fire and seek those who fan your flames. - Rumi
This look reminds me of fire πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
Brows - @anastasiabeverlyhills Dip brow in medium brown
Eyes - @starcrushedminerals Matte loose pigment in amber glow and sun glow also @katvondbeauty metal matte palette.
Liner - @nyxcosmetics vivid liners.
Highlight - @beccacosmetics champagne pop mixed with pearl.
Lashes - @ardell_lashes faux mink lashes.
Mascara - @benefitcosmetics roller lash
#featuremuas #wakeupandmakeup

Sorry for the late post. I was contemplating even posting today. It's a sad day. My mom's father died so I've been by her side. I won't be posting for the next few days, I hope you all understand and don't unfollow due to this.
Product details to come later.
Inspired by @janeenersss

Hi friends 😊! At first this was just the red/orange/yellow smokey eye and i thought i would like that best.. But it didn't seem enough. What can I say I don't do simple. Not for Instagram at least. Any who.. Let me know what you think! πŸ”₯
.......................... Products Used: ..........................
Brows: @anastasiabeverlyhills dip brow in medium brown, as always
Eyeshadow: @starcrushedminerals loose matte pigments in juicy, solar dust, each side babe, harvest dance, anarchy, maroon matte, crimson rose.
Lemme tell you, these eyeshadows are incredible! It was a pain to get them, but the product may be worth it!
Liner: @jeffreestarcosmetics weirdo liquid lipstick
Dots/ Coloured Liner: @nyxcosmetics vivid liner in vivid delight, halo and fire.
Lashes and Mascara: @ardell_lashes faux mink (these are incredible and look so so real!) and @benefitcosmetics roller lash

I know this one isn't very exciting but I still think it's interesting. My first look in mind wasn't working out so i just played around.
Used @starcrushedminerals loose matte pigments in juicy and solar dust as well as @jeffreestarcosmetics liquid lipstick in weirdo for dots and eyebrows. @benefitcosmetics roller lash

Hi everyone!
So I know I've lost quite a few followers due to being inactive. This was because I was in exam season, and studying mathematics isn't easy. So, I was trying to make sure I was completely prepared. Well, now I'm finally finished with exams! (woo) Tomorrow I will start uploading frequently and will try my best to make up for the time I wasn't active. Thank you to those who stuck around. I promise you won't regret it! 😊

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