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NORTHCORE  Strength Training gym

Our resident volleyball player @caseykispert getting after it. #Collegebound #athlete #training

Start your day out with a healthy balanced meal. Don't know how to cook? LEARN. It's actually pretty easy. Turn on oven, cut up stuff. Put in pan or dish, stir. Take out and eat. -Uncured bacon
-Veggie scramble
-Gluten Free pumpkin pancakes.

Now it's go time 💪🏼🔥

Don't have time to workout?? Sneak exercise into your day. Pull-ups at the park with my girl.
Push-ups and BW squats at your desk, walk on lunch break. Walk with your wife/ husband, leave cell phone at home tho. Play with your kids. Me and sid had a few foot races today at park too. #noexcuses #getfit #fitat40

Father Daughter Run 🏃🏽💪🏼❤️. Set the example. People (kids) follow what you DO, not what you SAY. Lead from the front.
I have one life to live. 2 years ago I decided to stop telling myself stories and excuses about why I wasn't in shape. Get real with yourself and get healthy. My life has blossomed now that my body and mind are in prime form.
Don't talk about it, Be about it.

On that grind. Consistency and accountability are what Keep those result coming. #workout #athlete #training #igfitness #fitness #edmonds #shoreline

Was fun meeting and working with @siljadanielsen today. You are in great shape and an awesome person. Best of luck to you. Come back anytime. #model #fitness #workout

@taylorbearadams getting ready for college softball #sdsu #softball #deadlift athlete #training #workout

💥💥Boom💥💥 42 Day Women's Challenge getting results. 24 & 12 pounds lost by these 2 clients. A lot of hard work, but the payoff is worth it. Starting a new challenge late next week. Stay posted for Info.

Shirt of the day!! Haha

Great having @alexkiel1 back for the summer. Now is the time to prepare. You must consistently do the work. You can't take long periods of time off, or you will lose your gains. In summer season? We can modify the workouts, so you can maintain and wont lose all the strength you worked on.

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