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PASTRY & TRAVEL - Milana  Stockholm based, Russian pastry enthusiast #sthlmcafeswithnorrskenet Food nominee 2018 @influencerawardsmonaco 💌

Going to the beach in Monaco in October was a real delight. The water is lukewarm and the beaches are empty. I wouldn’t recommend you to come here for summer; it’s absolutely crammed. In the summer I’d recommend to swim from the cliffs in Cap d’Ail (just a 20 minutes walk from Monaco to France) where it’s less crowded and much more picturesque.
// В октябре в Монако море ещё тёплое и уютное, пляж совсем пустой и очень хорошо можно отдохнуть если погода позволяет. А летом все забита! Летом надо идти и плавать со скал в соседним городе Cap d’Ail - там мало туристов и очень мило.

I’m ok with fall for a week or so, but then I yearn for a limitless view of the sea, for the colours and smells of the French Riviera.

Monte Carlo moments, doesn’t it looks like this photo was taken in the 50s? // будто кадр из пятидесятых

The casino was like a glamorous palace built in the joyous era of the Belle Époque, it was immensely popular for the Parisian bourgeoisie. The French public's nostalgia for the Belle Époque period was based largely on the peace and prosperity connected with it in retrospect. #visitmonaco

Many of my favorite movies are set in Monaco / the French Riviera including:
- “Dirty rotten scoundrels” (1989) probably my favorite of all time! Steve Martin and Michael Caine as two very different scoundrels
- “Priceless” (2006) starring Audrey Tautou as a gold digger and a mere servant who falls in love with her, veeeeery funny
- “Monte Carlo” (2011) one of my favorite chickflicks
- “Mr Beans vacation” (2006) i just love the road trip they’re making through France.
- “Magic in the moonlight” (2014) the French Riviera in the 20s, this movie was like made for me! even though there’s quite the age difference between Stone and Firth I still ship them.
- “To catch a thief” (1954) I simply want to copy all of Grace Kelly’s looks in this movie, especially the dress in the kissing scene.
Fill me in with your favorite ones! #visitmonaco #frenchmovies #monaco

Are you cone 1 or 2?
I believe there’s two kinds of people, one who picks chocolate and vanilla or caramel and other heavy flavors, or there’s the ones who eat fruity and tart gelatos.
I’m definitely more into the heavy ones 🍫
The flavors I got to try was:
- tiramisu (I love tiramisu but I miss the pieces of the lady fingers though)
- cherry (I don’t even like cherries but I love this ice cream!)
- chocolate fondant (very creamy!)
- chocolate mint (this one broke my heart, I am forever in love with mint from now on)
- old fashioned vanilla (made with eggs and real vanilla beans)
- raspberry (fresh ones from the nearby market)
I highly recommend this gelateria because the flavors are impeccable and the prices are very low (considering it’s in Monaco!) three scoops is 5,5€.

I love to try new ice cream flavors, whenever I’m at a gelateria be sure that I’ll try EVERY ice cream.
My top ice cream experiences are:
- cinnamon ice cream (I had the best in Austria)
- blueberry and cardamom (by @3vanner)
- mint with chocolate bits (here at Santo Gelato)
The girls at @santogelatomonaco makes regular gelato but also seasonal - one of their most unusual flavors is foie gras gelato; especially made for the royal family who are big fans. Would you give it a try? 🦆
#visitmonaco #santogelato

can you believe that there are countries where there’s pleasant weather ALL year round?? Me neither #visitmonaco #monacolife

Do you see how fluffy and delicious this cheesecake is? The next iPhone XR better have a share and taste feature. // вот бы вам через телефон попробовать этот чискейк, он так воздушный и ароматный

My most important meal of the day: tea and cakes 🍰
There’s many modern and branded patisseries in Monaco, but I personally prefer the small and genuine French ones. Therefore this patisserie lead by @chefalexmonaco was a delight to visit.
He invited me for some of his pastries:
- poppy seed cake with berry marmalade (this is a actually a Russian classic, but works perfectly in a French setting too)
- creamy cheesecake with vanilla topping
- raspberry flavored macaron (macarons always tastes the best in France)
- regional “calissons” (its the ones in the cake stand, they resemble marzipan but they have a hint of melon, this small confiture is a French Riviera specialty). #visitmonaco #patisseriefrancaise

Monaco is really the perfect little big city 🏖
@lemeridienmonaco #visitmonaco #monacolife #influencerawardsmonaco

this is the face of someone who have been swimming in the sea in October @visitmonaco #visitmonaco

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