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Doron Adler 

Anja marinated chicken breasts in Soya, Honey and Garlic. It was very yummy 😋

Portrait by is a very cool selfie App

Sir, I think your homemade mushroom soup smells too loud

The “flower” pattern was generated with an interactive tutorial for Google’s Tensor Flow. The tutorial was about their “Deep Dream” technique, which ends up being a cool GPU accelerated Neural-Network art generator. I then “post edited” the result so the pattern will only be shown on the arm. I then used Facebook messenger to add the painted flower overlay.

Some sort of flower

Folding space and time

If you listen carefully, you can hear Kvaldir calling upon the mist.

Huge eggs, made of rice and corn. Anja is brilliant

Two days ago, the sun was setting in Yellow and Pink.
The first image is with a filter, the second one is the untouched original.

קציפת גלי ים על מצע צדפות

Yesterday’s sky

All the people at the office be like "OMG! 😮That's so yummy 😋" and I'll be like "Ewwww raspberry 🤢"

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