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Nkh ♕ Dinahsty  Here in this house we support Beautiful and Talented women, Normani and Dinah Jane * ∘ ∗ ♀

Dinah is such a child there’s no way she’s about to be 21 🤧

Baby girl a while ago in Bali ✨✨

She’s so goofy 😂💗

Multitalented Queen 😎✨✨✨ #DjTheProducer

MISS LERN JERKY SNAPPED SFDDFFS (swipe) #laurenjauregui #tydollasign #tyren

Why did I think that was a blunt 💀💀

Mani and Jude ✨✨💗

Dinah’s actually going to be 21 in a month 😭. What if she decides to drop something on her birthday sfdsaadfss

@dinahjane97 stoooppppppl asssaddssf she’s turning 12 guys.

My baby girl is working 💗✨✨ I find it cute how she probably uses the notes in her phone to write down song lyrics 🤧

Dinah must really love the word bitch. At first it was “Bish” now it’s “BITCH”

BABY GIRL (Brunette Dinah!?!!?!!??!) 💞✨💗❤️💜💝💞💗💕💚💛💘💖💗💓💞💝💜❤️💚💚💛🧡💞❤️💚💘❣️💗💞💝💜🧡💙💖💗💞❤️💞💟💓💖💚🧡