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dream come true #5HonFallon

legs for days

You've always been my loudest cheerleader. Whenever I need to be reminded of what makes me so special you're there. In times when I'm not so kind to myself you lift my heavy heart. I find myself near you in moments of uncertainty, self doubt and disappointment because with you I'm showered by God's love. He speaks to many through your beautiful soul. You're a proud child of His and you never fail to make that known. You're notable for the role that you play. I really don't think that you're fully able to comprehend just what you mean to us and the influence you've had as our older sister. We are four moving parts and you are the core that continues to strengthen us. The key to a happy home means having a solid foundation and you have always made sure that we had nothing less than that. It will forever be us against the world. I love you girls to no end. It has been a pleasure getting to watch your evolution. You're a masterpiece from above. You are a loving daughter, granddaughter, sister and friend. You make your grandpa proud each day and I'm sure that he continues to smile down on you. You also make me proud and I want you to know that I love you hard girl. Thank you for staying up late with me on tour to watch Full House. Thank you for climbing in my bunk no matter the time and just being there to listen to my million thoughts. Thank you for being the responsible mama bear that you are and blowing up our group threads anytime we're all late (almost everyday). Thank you for making me smile always. Thank you for being YOU. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the light that is able to shine through any darkness 🦋 You ARE my sister.

Issa school day.

when your friend happens to be a photographer and y'all end up in Inglewood

The world needs more of you everyday. Your bravery to fight for all that you believe in and those that are fearful to fight for themselves is admirable. You never fail to speak those brilliant thoughts in that beautiful head of yours. You have always been a leader and you choose to focus on what is important daily. I value any conversation that we have about being proactive and attributing to society. You continue to take a stand and encourage our youth about the importance of being aware, invested and helping them recognize that this isn't a perfect world that we live in. Whether it's you participating in a march, speaking as part of the Beautycon panel or writing an open letter you've never lost hope in what this world can be. You care so so so much and it's solely because your heart says so. I love your selfless soul. You are a superhuman. I'm grateful to claim you as my sister. I'll always stand by you and my heart lets me know that you'll do the same. Thank you for allowing me to be Leo's Godmother and trusting my taste enough to name him. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the queen of being woke. 🌏✌🏾


I just need to make sure that you are aware that you'll always be my baby. I don't care if you're twenty grown and sexy. We have navigated alongside one another through the most significant moments of our young lives. We have lived so much in such minimal time. You have wiped my tears, been there to listen, you convince me that I'm snatched practically everyday and you're the most credible wing woman in the game. It get's hard out here for a pimp. You out of all people know what an awkward mess that I can be. Thank you for helping me through it all. The appreciation that you have for life itself humbles me. You have a heart that radiates love and hopefulness. You have the power to make anyone around you feel a sense of peace and security. God's love for all of us shines through you. I'm grateful that you're a part of my world. The foundation and commitment of this sisterhood that we've built together will forever be one of my most prized possessions. You're a rare, kind and beautiful soul. Never forget that and don't ever allow the world to have you think otherwise. You may be the youngest but you've never failed to carry your big sisters through no matter the circumstances. I am inspired by you and it has been such a blessing for me to see your transformation into the strong woman that you have become. You have much more to offer this world and it puts a smile on my face knowing that I get to witness it everyday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to this angel that walks the earth. You have my heart. One day I'll be able to covey the enormous amount of love that I have for you but for now this is all. My baby isn't a baby anymore. I couldn't be more proud. 🙊

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