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Audrey Normals  "Best URL & IRL Browsing" - City Paper, 2017. "Best Bookstore", Baltimore Magazine, 2017. 28 years of slinging culture in Baltimore.

2 new recommendations! On the right is a two-sided tome, 1 side poems, the other tales, by Baltimore’s #1 performance imp & quick change artist Linda “cutting a Memphis rug with Rufus Thomas” Franklin. It’s packed with insight, wit & evidence of a life lived to its full possibilities. On the left is a new anthology from Thrice Press, I Wagered Deep On The Run of 6 Rats To See Which Would Catch The 1st Fire, Surrealists & Outsiders 2018. Full disclosure, the absurdity-Miserablist outsider writing this is a contributor, but don’t let that stop you savoring this collection with Jake Berry, John M. Bennett, Veronica Cabanillas, Laura Winton, Dan Raphael & many others! A mere $10.

Wherever talented bearded charmer #AaronHenkin of “Out of the Blocks” goes, he draws a crowd. Today he stopped by with Nancy Proctor’s JHU class “From Treasure House to Production House”.

Writer & teacher Nathan with cute giggling Betsy on the occasion of her 1st birthday! What a sweetie.

A visit today from Towson student @shessovalid who’s studying at Towson & interning for #SonyMusicU Her cousin also runs the shop on the corner a few doors down. High energy! She will soon be making & breaking careers!

The host of tonight’s laugh & wonder filled Late Show, Dylan on the right with Kissa companion Alexander & Mother Ariel, who we are thrilled & proud to announce is the 1st to accept our “Name Your Child Normal’sBooks & Records & Receive 20% Off For Life” challenge.

If you missed #EdZahniser doing his great reading tonight you can buy 1 of his latest books here.

Linda on dust, Dylan on harmonica.

Linda always brings it.

‪The talk part of Late Show has commenced.‬

This is performance poet Linda Franklin’s outfit for tonight’s “Late Show” at 7, so you might want to come & see what performance matches the outfit.

Okay, got a little kooky up in here with visit from Gerald the MICA Artlord, an old pal I met in another lifetime working in anxious sweat at Kinko’s & Kim Jong Ev who rules the mid-Atlantic library realm with a tender hand wrapped in barbwire.

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